Since I Became a Saint, I’ll do Whatever I Want with My Second Life – Chapter 07

Chapter 07 – Descendant of the Haward’s

Claire, smiling innocently in front of Liz.

(If she is Eugene’s descendant that would mean that she is a child between Eugene and the lady from the Gurd house)

Liz’s chest squeezed tightly and a pain can be felt. Unable to look Claire in the eye, she avoided her gaze.

(Even though I thought that I had gotten over everything from my past life)

The past life as Cecil had past and now here as Liz, a new life should have started.

(How long will my past life chase after me…)

Then what was the purpose of me being reincarnated. All Liz could do was bite her lips, filled by the immense feeling of remorse and wanting to cry.

“What’s wrong? Are you not feeling well?”

The gentle voice encouraged Liz to look up, where she could see Claire’s worried expression. The wavering small black eyes, looking out for her.

A kind girl, and she even told Liz how beautiful her eyes and hair was.

This girl has nothing to do with the matters between Cecil and Eugene from 500 years ago. Liz who avoided her gaze felt ashamed of herself and forced a smile on her face.

“No, I’m fine”

“Really? Then that’s great”

Claire who looked relieved, her small face did not show any traces of being a descendant of Eugene or the Gurd lady’s. 500 years had passed, change would be expected along the generations and Liz felt relieved of the fact. Then she herself turned melancholic.

Then Lloyd arrived with a “I made you wait”, he had changed into a full length blue robe. To begin with, his personality does not match with his refined looks, hence this clothing is more befitting of his status as an envoy.

Lloyd sneaked a peek at Liz with a smile.

“Did you think about how I look like a legit envoy just now?”

“Yes I did”

“…Wouldn’t you have denied that thought at these kind of times?” Lloyd muttering, not consenting of the situation.

Liz ignored him, at that instant she asked out of curiosity.

“Have you found anything at the dig site afterwards?”

Lloyd’s eyes opened wide and let out a small smile.


“Nothing, just felt like it”

As expected, she is sharp, as Lloyd whispered then took out something from his inner pocket, at that time.

“Hey! The albino there! Come here!”

Called by the other envoys, the priestess candidates are called in sequence to confirm their identity and status.

What bad timing. Liz could only reply with “coming” and went away.

In the hands of Lloyd who was left behind was a half-rusted ring which he picked up at the dig site and was staring at.

“My, that is…”

As the surprised Lloyd turned to the source of the voice, one of the priestess candidates had her eyes wide opened. It was Claire, a descendant of the Haward family. Claire eventually turned embarrassed and smiled.

“My, my apologies. Since the ring looks quite similar to mine.”

“Is this yours?”

“Specifically, my family’s. It is a heirloom of us, the Hawards. Even when we sold off everything when we fell from nobility, this ring is the only thing we are not to let go off. That was the words of our ancestor, Dio Haward. Though it was not something that could fetch a high price. But for generations, we had took great care of it. And this ring looks similar to it.”

Claire who finished talking in one breath, realized what she did and came back to her senses and turned red.

“M-my apologies. What nonsense did I just blabber on to an envoy.”

“No, I do not mind… What a coincidence this is.” Lloyd grinned back.

“The head envoy has arrived!”

The head envoy with a caped envoy robe with golden lace then entered the hall along with the retainer envoys.

Liz who was released from the envoys then meet up with Lloyd who was walking towards the head envoy in the center of the hall.

There, Lloyd looked towards Liz, then towards the head envoy and back at Liz. He then burst in a small laughter.

(What should I do about this. I’m feeling irritated here.)

Liz understood what Lloyd is trying to say. Since the priestess candidates all hold magic powers, they all have black hair and eyes. Amidst them, only the aged head envoy has black eyes with pure white hair. So to say, Liz and the head envoy with white hair was sticking out like a sore thumb.

‘Ain’t you guys matching’ as if he was saying that.

Of course there was a difference in the white hair between the head envoy who had aged, to add only had half the amount of hair left in comparison to the albino Liz who has silky white hair. While Liz also has pale white porcelain skin which immediately turns bright red when sunburned which quickly returns back to its original color. Even though small sized, her body is quite tough.

(What a worthless envoy)

Liz thought so from the bottom of her heart.

The head envoy stood in front of all the thirty-something priestess candidates. The retainer envoys stood some distance away, including Lloyd.

The head envoy while a bit nervous, gazed through all the candidates. His eyes then stopped at Liz who was at the edge of a side. Liz thought to herself about how the head envoy isn’t thinking of how they have matching hair color, and put up a slight smile.

Looks like he found an interesting one. The head envoy spoke up.

“The current priestess is already of old age, and if you ask me, it is best to find a replacement for her soon.

All of you in this place has the quality of being a priestess, specifically, has the qualities of wielding the holy power. But are still rough gems left unpolished. Thus those gems are to be polished, to be made to shine brighter and is needed to be comparable to the vast holy power the current priestess has. That is the kind of priestess we are looking for.

Albeit, your personality, wisdom as well as a strong mentality as a priestess wanting to protect the country is needed. Taking those into consideration, we will then decide the next priestess.”

“A moment please, head envoy!”

A sharp female’s voice could be heard echoing through the hall. It was one of the candidates. From her lavish dress and her posture, it was evident she is a noble daughter of nobility status and the center person who was discretely talking about Liz in her back.

“Before that, I have a question. I heard that priestess candidates all have black hair and eyes. However, it seems there is someone who does not meet those requirements. Isn’t this questionable?”

While everyone’s gazes centered on her, her gaze moved towards Liz. Liz slowly looked back to the noble daughter with her red eyes.

The head envoy replied with a gentle voice “There is nothing questionable here. If she is here, even without holding any magic powers, it would mean that she is able to see the key of the priestess. And she was entrusted with the priestess’ precious key, and is carefully selected by the envoy who brought her here as a priestess candidate. All the envoys serving here have vast magic powers themselves and are able to detect what normal people couldn’t, is what I believe. Even as I say so, do you not believe my words?”

“……No, I apologize for have talked too far.”

The noble daughter bowed her head.

Carefully selected? Didn’t Lloyd lose his key?, Liz thought to herself.

“Bring that over here”

An envoy brought along with him a white cloth and opened it within both his palm. Within the cloth was a quantity of something small in size.

“Is this… a seed?”

The candidates blink in surprise.

“Exactly. These are seed. Even so, they are not normal seeds that grow into plants. These are special seeds imbued with the holy power of the priestess. All of you will receive one each. Plant this in a place you wish, and use whatever you wish to grow it.”

“…What will grow out of it?”

“Well, it depends on the person. The seed will bud to suit the person, grow leaves, and eventually flower and bear fruit. Well, but it might not exactly be flowers, whatever grows will depend on yourselves.”

The candidates, bewildered by the small black seed as large as a small finger. All the head envoy did was grin back.

“Although, that is if a bud will grow.”

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