Since I Became a Saint, I’ll do Whatever I Want with My Second Life – Chapter 08

Chapter 08 – Planting the seed

On top of the bed provided in a room in the altar, Liz took out the seed she was given and looked at it. Black in color, it looks like any other seeds, but this one was provided by the priestess, a ‘sacred seed’.

(Then now, I wonder what I should do with this)

Rolling on top of the soft bed, Liz started thinking.

Each of the priestess candidates are given their own rooms. The rooms are prepared beforehand by renovating the space neighboring to the 2nd altar for this day, equipped with a big window in the room, a bed, table, sofa and a study table, and etc.

To Liz, the room felt too luxurious but to others, especially the noble daughters with high social statuses, it was not so. Their servants all went to complain to the lower ranked envoys and maids of the altar about how ‘don’t you have bigger rooms for milady?’ or ‘milady isn’t befitted to be in the same rooms as a commoner’.

(What a pain)

I’m fed up with all this. Stop howling over small matters here and there.

–But what was truly obnoxious is the incident that happened the night the seeds were given from the head envoy.

“That seed, where are you going to plant it? How about the soil?”

“I have ordered my family’s servant to obtain the soil from the Aida region’s Great Altar, and its planting place will be decided by the pope as well. I suppose getting a prayer for it would be great as well.”

“I’m calling the magician affiliated with my family. Eh? What did you say about magicians and popes not allowed to enter the altar other than the candidates? And what’s this about returning my affiliated servant back home? …But if I do it secretly”

“This is the altar. If known, one’s candidacy will be disqualified. To begin with, wouldn’t applying other kinds of magic into the seed filled with the priestess’ holy magic cause the seed to turn faulty?”

“The higher classed envoys aren’t allowed to be in contact with us until our seeds bud. And us as the candidates are not allowed to leave the altar. While the head envoy did say to ‘plant the seed as you wish to’, then that would mean to plant it somewhere within the altar, wouldn’t it?”

“Rather than so, in the first place, is it alright to plant it in soil? What does ‘where you wish to plant it’ means? Don’t tell me… it’s not in soil…?”

“Speaking of such…”

Everyone turned doubtful. While the seed given was one per person. There is no leeway to fail.

With an approximate of 30 priestess candidates. While there are some who flusters and discusses with others, there are also some who would isolate herself in her room. There were also some with a serious expression walking around while thinking, and others who are sneakily doing something along the wall by the first altar.

But there is no answer. With a uneasy expression on everyone’s face, they kept on looking on the situation with the other candidates.

Amidst all of that, Liz woke up early morning and went out to find a pot. Loitering around the garden and around the pond, she found an old shed by the nook. By the shadows of the shed, she found that there were abandoned old bricks and broken pots and vases.

(Yup. This one looks good)

Liz made up a conclusion after a night of thinking. That no one would know what’s best to make the seed bud. Then even if the seed is filled with holy magic, it is ultimately a seed.

That if you plant a seed in the soil, it will bud.. or so..

“Excuse me” As I talk to a altar’s maid holding a broom, sweeping fallen leaves.

“Can I have one of these pots?”

“Yes you can, if you are alright with it.”

Who would have thought of planting the seed filled with the priestess’ holy magic in this shabby broken trash-like pot, or so the maid consented with herself and nodded.

After giving her thanks, Liz brought the pot and headed towards the field.

Further deeper in the smaller alter, there is a small field cared by the maids which I previously found.

“Excuse me”

Timingly asking for some soil from the maids who are digging out the potatoes, they gladly shared some of them. After giving my thanks, I filled the soil into the pot.

“What are you planting?”
“Yes well, just the Holy Seed”

“Ahaha. That’s a good joke coming from a priestess candidate.”

In the hands of the maids laughing amusingly are finely ripened potatoes. The soil seems to be of great quality. Excellent.

A satisfied nod from Liz, she then planted the shining in black light Holy Seed into the old pot filled with soil. She then brought it back to her room afterwards and thought of leaving it by the window with sunshine.

Returned to her room while hugging the old pot, the priestess candidates there all screamed in a shocked voice.

“You there! What is that, disgustingly dirty pot! Don’t tell me, you are planning to plant the Holy Seed in that!?”

“That’s right though. If you want the same one it’s by the shed at the garden, there’s plenty of them.”

“That’s unnecessary! And that, that soil! Where did it come from!?”

“The field. For the potatoes. If you want them, there’s plenty enough there.”

“I told you it’s unnecessary! Moreover, potatoes?! The Holy Seed.. using soil for potatoes!? And what about the water!? You are giving it holy water and the kind, right? Right!?”

“Just water from the well though”

Are you serious—!? Or so it seems like from everyone’s expression looking at Liz. Unbelievable, impossible, swallowing down their breaths were some of them while looking through the sides of their eyes. Liz then left the important pot by the window of her own room.

Secretly looking at Liz were one the group of 3 who sneakily bad mouthed about her at the hall during the first time. The group of 3 who wore fine quality looking dresses, who are probably noble daughters or someone with a similar standing such as the daughter of a rich merchant.

This 3 are always together, and the one who commented to the head envoy about how ‘There is no way that Liz with no magic powers is a candidate’, the finest-like looking noble daughter’s figure is not seen.

(Speaking of which, that fine-looking noble daughter is together with this group, and she said about something sneakily. And aren’t these 3 people who looks like followers the ones who bad mouthed me?)

Even today, the group of 3 are talking about something sneakily.

“My my, look at that. That shabby pot. Isn’t she misunderstanding that the Holy Seed is a kind of potato or something, is she?”

“What an absolute absurdity indeed. What is she thinking? Even if the head envoy did say as such, but there is absolutely no way that albino girl is qualified to be a priestess.”

“It would be better for her to quickly return to her country side.”

Liz ignored their talks. After all, they are no right way. Since nobody knows what the correct answer to make the seed bud.

(There, there, grow up healthily)

Looking at Liz who’s watering the plant with water from the well, the group of 3 laughed scornfully. As if the whole thing is an absurdity.

When I was finally irritated to the limit and wanted to fight back, that instant


“”What, are you serious!?””

The group of 3 turned pale altogether, their eyes wide open in bewilderment, dumbfounded.

For, from within Liz’s pot, the pot which was no more than trash, with soil from the potato field and plain well water, grew a bud with bright yellowish green leaves standing strong and healthy.

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