Since I Became a Saint, I’ll do Whatever I Want with My Second Life – Chapter 09

Chapter 09 – The Ring and The Crown Prince

“The bud’s out ey” Envoy Lloyd, happily entering Liz’s room.

“What are you so happy about?”

“That’s cold you. I’m the one who found you and brought you to the castle, you know. So, I’m one way or another your guardian though?”

“That’s not true”

“Really, how cold of a person you are”

Even while saying so, Lloyd showed no signs of being hurt while sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed, laughing happily.

“The maids affiliated with the shrine was talking about how the priestess candidates were unanimously coming to obtain pots that have been thrown away. Even when they said the lower class envoys would provide any amount of new ones, they persist on getting the old ones, that if it’s not cracked and equal to trash there’s no point in it or along the lines”


“And the soil of the potato fields reduced to half, I heard. And they said about why they didn’t take some from the onion field neighboring it.”

To add, the first ones who asked for the pot and soil were the group of three, which fazed me.

(They laughed saying something like ‘aren’t you mistaking it for a potato?’ right?)

Lloyd then stood up, and went to sneak a peek on the pot Liz left by the window side.

“….You planted the seed just yesterday right?”

“Yes, I did”

Lloyd’s hesitation is understandable. The seed that was planted just yesterday had already grew big, growing as high as Liz’s knee and filled with plenty of healthy looking leaves. It’s growth rate is surprisingly quick. No, abnormally quick at that.

Lloyd looked at the bud and Liz comparably, and made a small laugh.

“This is great. Really very amusing”

When I asked what is amusing, a maid’s face was sneaking on us from the left opened door. The maid was usually lively but she wasn’t so right now. Her face was filled with an intense nervousness.

“What’s wrong?” Lloyd sharply asked, where the maid swallowed down her breath and replied.

“Umm, Liz-sama. Prince Keeva called for you…”

I was called out to the hall in front of the stairways as before.

(I don’t want to meet him)

I was melancholic.

And of course, Liz is very angry about it. Her anger was showing in her face, that point is the truth. But deep within Liz, there exists Cecil from her previous life. Meeting with Keeva will recall the old scars which will bewilder her feelings, and Liz will act not like herself. But Keeva, Eugene will not think anything about it while she herself would feel perplexed. She felt overbearingly hateful of herself for that.

But ignoring a call from the prince would make matters worse. And it would trouble the maid who was tasked with the message.

“I’m sure I did not call for you–”

–He was talking about Lloyd who was beside Liz. He persists to come with me because he has something he needs to ask Keeva about.

“I’m fine with later, please finish your talk with Liz first”

After saying so, Lloyd stepped back to the wall.

Liz faced towards Keeva..

(Stay calm. It will all be fine if I stay composed)

While trying to hold back my body from shaking, I withheld it by strongly grasping my hands.

Keeva who was looking at such Liz, looked like he was holding back various feelings which he held back in his throat. His brown eyes looked sad, but a certain light dwelling within his eyes looked straight towards Liz.

“Once more, I hope to properly talk to you about this”

“….There’s nothing to talk about”

“No please, I want you to listen. I repeatedly thought about what happened in our previous life and how you reacted in this present life. But it did not match, something feels wrong. Was I probably, no, were we misunderstanding something?”

Words which she did not expect, Liz unexpectedly looked up towards Keeva. Keeva was taking the matter seriously, biting his lips as if begging for me to listen to him.

That serious tone and attitude, Liz abruptly made a composed look. Thinking to continue listening on.

Looking closer towards Keeva, he was one head taller than Liz, and his face was really neat. Eugene was not particularly good looking, but his eyes were distinctive, making him look like a good person. He is not similar to Keeva in any way, and they do not look alike anyhow.

(How did I.. know it’s him)

That this person is the one who I loved wholeheartedly previously–

Thinking back, we were lovers living together who promised to wed. The sweet words that Eugene spoke to me and time we spent together, his body warmth and the kindness of his touch, I painfully remembered all of them. My memories was vividly playing within my mind, and my thought spontaneously went back to my previous life.

Then, our eyes met.


That moment, I knew. Keeva was thinking about the same thing. We avoided each other’s gaze almost at the same time. It was embarrassing to see his face.

(This is hard…)

This is really hard to bare. What is this?

Our backs facing each other, making sure to not let the other realize that one is agonizing within.

“…What are you guys doing?” or so, Lloyd by the wall doubtly asked.

“What did you want to talk to me about?” (Keeva)

As if to evade his consciousness, to change the atmosphere, Keeva purposely coughed out and asked Lloyd.

“It’s about this but” From within his robe’s pocket, he took out something and showed it to Keeva.

“It was buried in the soil in the space by the walls in the smaller shrine. The head envoy said that this was Prince Keeva’s, that you held it dear during your childhood”

There was a small thing in Lloyd’s palm. Keeva looked surprised and his eyes opened wide, and as if concerned that Liz would sight it, he spontaneously kept it in his pocket.

But before he was able to keep it in his pocket, she saw it.

It was a ring. It was rusty, and although she couldn’t clearly see it, she saw a glimpse of the blue jewel on it.

(I have seen that before…)

Her heartbeat became faster.

The memory from her previous life resuscitated, although she wanted to forget about it, it was engraved deeply in her mind, a memory which would not leave her.

The ring, it looked similar to the ring with the big blue jewel which the Gurd house’s ojou-sama, Eugene’s wife-to-be, was wearing.

Even when Keeva had reincarnated, he still held that so dearly-

The sweet emotion from just now suddenly turned bitter.

What was I doing, it felt as if I was pulled back to reality in that instant.
Liz gritted her teeth and squeezed out words from her mouth, which probably hears like noises.

“…I have nothing to say about this” (this is probably Keeva about the ring)

It was unsightly of me to even to expect something from him for a moment. He did not change a bit from his previous life..

“Please excuse me” (Liz)

I was being myself, but why.. Why am I so easily wavering like this.

While bitting her lips, Liz ran midway to leave that place.

(This is frustrating… I’m frustrated of myself!)

I am frustrated of how naive I am. Hoping that Eugene.. Keeva, still thinks of me somewhere within his heart. So frustrated of myself that it was pitiable.

Keeva did not chase after Liz. As if frozen, he stood still in place.

Lloyd who chased after her stood beside her.

“How unusual of you who is always composed to show such emotions when you are with the Prince. It looked as if you are a different person”

Letting out a small laughter, looking towards her, his face turned astonished.

“…Why.. are you crying?”

Unable to reply, Liz was violently rubbing her face with both her hands. The flustered Lloyd looked within his robe to find a handkerchief, and held it out to her.

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