Since I Became a Saint, I’ll do Whatever I Want with My Second Life – Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – Eugene from his previous life 1

— “I’ll be going to the Haward’s. Don’t worry, I’ll be back very soon.”

Leaving Cecil with those words, Eugene who was guided by the Haward house’s steward could not believe the reality until he stepped into the splendid mansion.

First was due to Eugene living as a commoner all is life and it felt unreal. The second was due to the fact that Eugene doesn’t have a single plan of being the Haward’s successor.

All he wanted to confirm by coming to the Haward house was to look at the face of his father which he have never seen, and to buy a ring to gift to his lover, Cecil.

During that time, even whilst being in the capital, no one will take a commoner for serious if one goes to buy a proper gemstone. Only those in stalls selling imitations would deal with commoners. So, if he stays in a noble’s mansion, a gemstone merchant would definitely come to visit. To use them as a stepping stone, “there is no better plan than this!” Or so he thought.

There is customer in Astoria kingdom to gist a ring to one’s wedding partner, and if the gemstone imbued on the ring matches with the woman’s eye color, it is said that they will be happy for life.

Cecil was a calm, reserved, kind, and a very considerate woman. She said nothing about our poor condition, and always stood beside me with a gentle smile.

Raised in the orphanage in the outskirts, life was not easy towards Eugene who have no parents, but I can bear everything if Cecil is with me.

I thought of how happy I truly am ever since I was born.

That’s why I wanted to gift to her the best ring I could ever offer.

To see Cecil’s face clad in happiness, that was all I asked for.

“So you’re Eugene…”

The first time I see my father, the current head of the Haward house, looked older than his age indicates.

That was to be expected, ever since his wife passed on a year ago, and after being bedridden due to the passing of Eugene’s little brother half a year ago, it’s said that his life might not be long.

“I’m sorry, I can’t do anything except apologizing to you. To think that I could see and talk to you in this grim condition, I could only give my gratitude. I am able to see a good dream in the last days of my life. Thank you”

Tears dripped down his listless face as he made a frail smile.

Eugene was taken aback. This person is a noble, and I was prepared to be dealt with an arrogant attitude.

“It should have been me who should visit you, but I could not take a step away from my bed any longer. I apologize to have to call you here”

“….I have no intention to take over you”

“Aah, I don’t mind”

Given a quick affirmation, I was even more taken aback.

Here I am, thinking of giving him a punch and run away if he was to force on me to take over him, but to think that he says he don’t mind me not doing so.

Father’s face softened upon seeing Eugene who turned puzzled.

“So the steward said something like that to you? But I’m not thinking of such. Speaking the truth, I do hope you will take over me but… I abandoned you eighteen years ago. I couldn’t possibly bend you to my wishes. I plan to adopt Dio, a faraway relative.”

“….Then, why did you call me here?”

“I don’t have much longer. At the very least, I wanted to see you for the last time. I apologize for everything up until now. Miria, you look like your deceased mother. Thank you. I have nothing to regret any longer”

Father who made a smile full of gratitude on his pale face slightly moved Eugene’s heart, but he quickly stayed firm.

The first time Eugene heard about his father from the steward, the only emotion that welled out was anger. Even after abandoning mother and Eugene for the past eighteen years, now he one-sidedly wants Eugene to take over him, what a farce.

So Eugene thought if his father would face him with an arrogant attitude, he will talk back to him.

But all Eugene could do then was look up towards the ceiling. If it comes to this, then where will this anger be vented to?

Suddenly, father started moaning in pain.

“Master!” (*Danna-sama = master of the house)

The head butler swiftly made him drink his medicine, and quickly gave out orders to the maids. Eugene could only stay dumfounded, leaning of the wall, while looking at the doctor who treated his father back to his normal breathing and made him sleep.

“Eugene-sama, if I may?”

Inivited by the butler, Eugene exited the room.

Butler (yes, I think that’s his name), the head butler had served in the house for more than thirty years, where he was saved by Eugene’s father in the past when he was an orphan left to die in the side of the streets.

“Although you may not believe my words as a butler, but the Master truly is a wonderful person. If I was not saved by Master in the past, I would have died the fate of a trash. He is my savior”

(Even if you tell me that… I was abandoned as an orphan myself…)

The repulsive emotion showed on Eugene’s face, which made the butler put up a smile. And while avoiding his gaze and thinking to or not to talk about it, he slowly opened his mouth.

“Eugene-sama’s mother was a maid in this house. And I know of her since we worked together. She left without talking about her pregnancy to anyone. And when she left, she brought along a number of money and jewelry she theft which was kept by the side drawer of the Mistress’ bed”


The butler calmly looked upon Eugene who was shocked and looked upwards.

“The punishment for a theft crime by a servant is none other than death. But the Master did not condemn her. He ordered us to keep silent of the matter, saying ‘that was her palimony’. Hence we, the servants, was asked to forget about her- about Eugene-sama’s mother. For better or worse, it seems she had left the capital. Hence why it took us such a long time to find you, Eugene-sama. My utmost apologies”

Eugene could not rebut against the butler who made a very deep bow. Since he could not prove if it’s the truth after all this time.

And he is now in an unfavorable situation. Since his mother could be a criminal.

Seeing how Eugene’s face turned stuff, the butler bowed even lower.

“I have a favor to ask. The Master does not have long. Even the doctor said so. And ever since the Mistress’ children died one after another, it has been ever since the Master had smiled. To think that we could see him make such a cheerful expression… Eugene-sama, please, would you stay by the Master’s side for just a little while longer? I beg of you, I truly beg of you”

There was no leeway for Eugene to decline.

Whilst guiding Eugene who was walking with a heavy heart around the mansion, the butler continued on.

“My utmost gratitude. Please do not hesitate to tell me if you need anything”

“—I’m looking for a ring. I heard that merchants who sell good gemstones come to a noble’s mansion. Although I didn’t carry too much money, I want to purchase a small but proper ring imbued with a gemstone”

“Would that be a gift for the lady living together with you?”

“Well, yeah”

Eugene who faced away in embarrassment could not see the butler’s facial expression which turned serious for a slight moment. The butler quickly changed into a smile.

“Is that so, congratulations. But recently the gemstone merchant had just visited so it might take some time before their visit again, I believe. I will relay the message for them to visit soon, so please wait in the mansion by then. This particular merchant is popular within the capital as well. I am sure your lover will be delighted”

Eugene then wrote a letter to Cecil, “I’m not going to take over the house but father doesn’t have long. I’m sorry but please wait a little bit longer. I’ll be back with a ring imbued with a blue gem for you, Cecil.” Or so.

Passing the letter to the butler for the steward to send it, he received Cecil’s reply after a while. It surely was Cecil’s writing.

“Alright. You can take your time. I’ll be eagerly waiting for the ring” and so was its contents.

Making a relieved sigh, Eugene then repeatedly read through the letter to feel Cecil’s presence.

The butler continued with “Since it is our selfishness to keep you here, please allow us to offer some money (to Cecil)” Although Eugene politely declined, but thinking about how Eugene is not going to work and the offered money was around three times his pay. Thinking of allowing Cecil live comfortably, I asked for it to be sent to her.

Soon, a letter saying ‘Thank you for the money. I’m fine so please take care of your father instead. I’m looking forward the ring” came.

That’s great. I’m relieved she’s happy.

While father’s condition not turning any better, thirty days had passed ever since I am away from Cecil. The gemstone merchant finally came, and Eugene was excited to pick out a ring for her.

“I’ll have this one”

Although it was not an expensive one, but it matches Cecil’s eye color, a ring with a light blue gemstone as clear as the blue sky in the morning.

Just then, the merchant glanced toward the wall and made a stiff expression.

“-My apologies. It seems this ring is slightly damaged. Would you kindly wait a little longer? I will prepare a ring as beautiful as this in some time”

Behind Eugene who had shrugged his shoulder, was the butler who was by the wall making a sneer.

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