The Magician Wants Normality – Chapter 02

Chapter 02 – Taken Under His Protection

“Wow, it’s unusual to meet an other worlder.”

Having been picked up and taken along to the village, Dr. Gordon — who seems to be this village’s doctor — quickly understood.

That’s right, too quickly.

Oh come on, doubt me a little more. I look suspicious right? No matter how you look at it.

Probably because he doesn’t think anything of my situation or has pretty much guessed it, the doctor offered tea as he dropped a bomb on me.

“It seems that other worlders like you rarely come to this world. Enough that it’s been passed down in this village since long ago.”

What’d you say?! So colleagues of mine have come this far as well?!

“The legend is that a traveler with never-before-seen appearance and clothes appeared from that forest. They bestowed an abundance of knowledge to this world, so they were referred to as Void Travellers.


“It was for certain that they came from another world, and existed in this world. But the only descriptor left of them was just those achievements. Don’t know exactly when, but it’s been theorized that they ‘traveled to a new world,’ hence the name.”

Ah, I see.

What happened to them afterwards is unknown, huh.

It had been wishful thinking, wanting to go back to my previous world safely, but for them to usually go missing is good enough for me.

Since they lived here, there must be at least one gravestone left behind. Just what the hell happened, I wonder.

As I further pondered that, the doctor opened various books as he explained.

“Several of the magic spells may have been created by them, but…”

“Magic? There’s magic here?”

“Yeah, of course it does. You possess magic as well, don’t you?”


Even if unconsciously tilting my head to the side is a conditioned reflex, hmm.

But the doctor was calm, as if to say, ‘You’re asking this now after all this time?’

By magic, it’s that magic right?

The magic skill from online games, except you can use it in real life?

Wai– It’s only my first day in this other world, and it’s already turning out like this!?

“That is… Uhm, I came from a world that has no magic, so…”

The doctor’s expression changed into interest.

Oh ho, you’re brimming with curiosity I see, I understand.

That’s because you want to test it out just as you heard me say that I have no magic, huh?

Magician… It kind of has a nice ring to it!

“Should we test it out?”

“Of course!”


My guess about his purpose was right on the mark.

Doctor, the calmness you’re supposed to have for your age is disappearing, you know. If I’m not mistaken, he’s probably around 50?

His eyes shined like a kid’s, his half-heartedly hidden curiosity was very beautiful.

I only thought such for an instant, but personally, this is nice for me as well, you know?

I’m as happy as can be, meeting someone I can talk to, even if it’s because of my being an other worlder.

Of course, while I’m in this world, I would gladly join you in your quest of intellectual inquiry as much as I can!

But in the meantime, let’s first drink the tea you painstakingly made and served.

…Doctor, I won’t run away so please calm down.

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