The Magician Wants Normality – Chapter 03

Chapter 03 – Let’s Try Using Magic

Magic —For me who originally came from a world without it, this was somewhat an aspiration of mine.

Luckily, I possessed magic (I was told I have a high amount!) so I quickly tried it out!



Nothing happened. Is it impossible for someone who came from a different world??

“Hmm… There’s no problem with your chant, but–“

Dr. Gordon tilted his head to the side. Seems like there was nothing wrong with the process.

By the way, the magic process goes:

Gather magic -> Create a mental image of the magic -> Chant the spell -> Invoke ‘Power-filled Words1

When I first heard this, I thought, How dangerous!, which I think is only natural. I mean, it’s risky, right?

Like how there’s the possibility a person who possesses magic hums while reading a book, accidentally invoking it.

However, the doctor said it’s okay since it only works when speaking ‘Power-filled Words.’

And that one also needs to create a mental image.

“But even when invoking it, your magic powers shouldn’t be so low that it can’t materialize, right?”

That’s true, that was obviously a misfire.

Since we discovered that my magic powers are high.

In fact, this so-called magic is proportional to the magnitude of one’s magic powers at birth.

Because of that, if one’s magic powers are low, there’d be no point no matter how much effort they put into it.

Not because they can’t invoke it, but because the effect just can’t materialize properly.

Well, in that case, they’ll have to dope themselves with magic-infused charms and magic stones if they want to be able to do it.


In that situation, control is hard to maintain and problems may arise, so caution is necessary.

A shortage of magic power can still be taken care of, but doesn’t that mean there’s nothing they could do if they don’t have talent for controlling it?

In other words, use magic that your body can handle.

“The chant was correct, but…”

He once again looked into the open grimoire.

Spells are called anches, and all of them are written in ancient language, so naturally, chants are also written in that language.

Above them was the pronunciation, just like a textbook, so is the problem the pronunciation?

“Hmm… ‘Power doth dwell in thy hands as nourishment, moment of light before mine…’

“What did you just say!?”

Huh? The doctor looked at me with a dreadful face. Was my translation wrong?

“You can read it?”

“Yes, it seems that one of the privileges of being an other worlder is being able to understand all languages.”

I verified this when we had tea earlier. Hurray, cheat ability. At present, all languages are no problem!

Since I could only read but not write, I’d have to memorize them.

My guess is that it’s automatic since I’m able to converse with the doctor normally.

Of course I speak to him in Japanese, but because I hear the doctor’s words in Japanese also.

You’d definitely think that if the letters are different, then the words are different as well.

“Those words just now was the elementary light magic, right?”

“Yes, it seems so. It was Light Orb.

The doctor pondered something.

Huh? This was in the textbook, right? Something a beginner can use, right?

But it seems like that chant was slightly different.

“Actually… Even though we’re able to use that magic, we’re unable to decipher thespell.”


“They’re called anches because it was the language used by the ancient magic nation Anches, but… We’re not even sure if that’s correct. It’s referred to as the language of the world’s creation, interpreting the origin of all human history.”

“But the way to read them has been handed down, right?”

“It was said that after Anches and a country they exchanged with perished, the survivors scattered everywhere, and became rulers of various countries. If it was during then, then deciphering them would have been possible. It seems that even in the ancient city that perished, there remains what appears to be technology from Anches.”

So what the doctor is saying is that, there were many other fields aside from magic where Anches’ traces remain.

To be able to even use them plenty even till now, they were an extremely civilized country, huh? That’s amazing, Anches!

I thought, …I guess the other countries didn’t fully understand how amazing they were, but didn’t say.

Yes, even I’m a kid that’s able to read between the lines.

“In other words, you passed it down without grasping its meaning, unable to understand it because you guys didn’t create it yourselves.”

“That’s because what’s only necessary is one’s magic powers and the correct pronunciation. We didn’t need to go so far as to understand the words’ meaning.”

Surprising fact: established. Wait a minute, is it okay for a magic world to be this careless!?

Just like it was homework, writing down the answer without solving the problem on their own, which is why they don’t understand it.

Despite my shock, I gazed at the book’s contents… I thought up of a certain possibility.

(…Hmm? Is this maybe–)

Let’s try it out for now. If it’s Light Orb, there’d be no problem as long as it’s bright.

Well then, let’s not delay.



A shining orb appeared in front of me at the same time I snapped my fingers. Success!

Ah, I didn’t explain it beforehand to the troubled doctor so he was shocked.

Sorry for surprising you. Should I explain it in the meantime?

“You see, a spell is just words meant to control magic. When it comes to Light Orb, I guess it would be about the size of a palm.”

I allowed power to gather in my palm. Even though you can’t see it, there should be magic there.

“This is just a guess, but I think that a spell’s chant means the percentage of magic power the magician should use. There is a minimum line, so if the magician’s magic power was below that, then it would result in a misfire.”

Without understanding its meaning, chants are for controlling and adjusting the amount of magic power. If so, then what’s needed is a clear image.

This would explain why I couldn’t use magic.

I mean, that’s cause I’m someone from a world without magic.

It was natural to think I had no magic. Or should I say I was subconsciously rejecting it?

Knowing it’s something I can’t do in my original world, of course, it ended in misfire.

In this case, the reason is that it’s because I couldn’t imagine what was supposed to happen.

…That’s why, even the Light Orb I successfully did just now is a result of my arbitrary guess.

Snapping my fingers was simply just a cue. There’s no meaning to it.

“And power-filled words is just a representation of the magic itself. Which means that when you put together power-filled words, you’re actually materializing an embodiment of the magic, right?”

Magic is something that comes from the magic user’s powers. That means that light and even fire are materialization of one’s magic powers.

If that’s the case, as long as one has a clear image, controlling the amount of magic power as well as power-filled words are unnecessary.

Power-filled words are just to help imagine the strongest image of the phenomenon occurring.

Because I realized that magic is supposed to be invoked with power-filled words.

“I see. This way of thinking is only distinct to you, seeing as you’re able to question the basics of magic, understanding every language! But…”

Having said that, the doctor made a troubled face, and looked at his own hand.

“It’s probably impossible for someone of this world. Even though I was able to understand it, I can’t use magic with that method. The outcome would be my magic powers going on a rampage.”

“Is it difficult?”

“The magicians of this world who rely on chants can’t control it themselves. It’s better to assume that unthinkable things would happen if this method were to carelessly spread.”

“Has no one tried to construct magic on their own?”

“Those guys who construct magic on their own are called sorcerers. I heard they’re people that only follow their own way of doing things, with no interest in status nor fame.”

Sounds like people who construct magic on their own are people who do things at their own pace.

It’s a type of research field, so this is something I know about even in my original world.

“Besides, as long as you have the knowledge that you’ve studied till now, I don’t think your understanding could easily be overturned just like that. You couldn’t use magic before either, right?”

“That’s true…”

“If they get the wrong impression about you, then that’s that, but then you could also say it’s sort of a form of self-defense. Looks like you have no choice but to be a sorcerer.”

The magician rushes off, and suddenly, the more advanced sorcerer appears.

Is it okay for me to get a job change even though my level isn’t high enough?

But if I used magic using my explanation earlier, I might be able to use a lot of them.

Because I had proof that if I use just enough magic power and a steady image in mind, I can use magic as much as I like!

It may be easier to understand the basics if you think of magic as a way to seize power to do something.

Tremendously powering up my self-healing ability with healing magic, decomposition of chemical formulas and its synthesis –I could probably do all of this. If I use fire and water magic while implementing this, it might result in less magic consumption.

…Though if I mess up the amount of power, I might die. Gotta practice, gotta practice.

Woooo! For some reason, I feel like I’ve turned into a sorcerer all of a sudden!

For the most part, it looks like it’s just original magic that only I can use, but with this, I can live my life comfortably…!

I didn’t think that knowledge and science would be helpful in a world of magic. This was unexpected.

“You’re not just an other worlder, but also a nonconformist when it comes to magic. Endeavor to blend in with your surroundings as much as possible.”

The doctor had been watching me who was in high spirits, pleased, but suddenly set his face, and warned me.

It’s probably just my imagination that he’s trying to low-key say, Don’t do anything weird, right?

Well, in a way, I’m a rare animal. Leaving for greener pastures is dangerous. Since even a magic world has its own set of limitations.

I’ll ask him for the full details next time. If it’s the doctor, he’ll give me an answer.

“In the meantime, study the basics at my place. Don’t hesitate to ask me if something happens..”

Thank you so much!!

Doctor, I’ve acknowledged you as my guardian in my head.

I appreciate all that you’ve done for me so far.

“You’re still a teenager, right? It would make me happy if you can depend on me as a substitute parent.”

The words that the doctor dropped cut into me very deeply.

Sorry doctor. I’m in the latter half of my twenties.

I look like a ten-year old with my baby face, so saying this now would be…!


  1. Can’t think of any other way to translate this, but basically words with power.

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