The Magician Wants Normality – Chapter 05

Chapter 05 – Premonition of a Battle Encounter Flag

“In life, accidents are inevitable.

This was the second time I thought this after coming to this world.

While I’m at it, I’d like to say that I’ve never wished for any flags to be raised. This isn’t a game, life-threatening things aren’t a joke!

This is important, so I’d like to say it once more. I never wished for it.

Though being able to use magic now allows me to cut down death flags.

…Then would it be okay for me to treat what’s happening in front of me as an accident?


Let’s go back to an hour before the incident happened.

The wagon shook as I accompanied the doctor towards the neighboring village on a house visit.

As he was a doctor that could also use healing magic, he was considerably precious for a remote village and seems to make regular rounds.

The villagers’ knowledge of medicinal plants was inferior to the doctor’s, so they lacked a serious doctor.

“There are many villages in the immediate area of the forest, and they’re pretty much able to deal with it on their own.”

“Then why the regular rounds?”

“Although they’re able to treat themselves, it takes time to heal, right? It’s a dreadful thing for villagers being unable to do farmwork or hunt.”

Unable to work in a situation where one isn’t rich but makes a living = starvation.

Somehow unable to make their living, their daily bread, despite not having money.

Different from a town where it doesn’t have a lot of shops, their lives are self-sufficient so this kind of thing is scary for them.

“Come to think of it, I remember that even in the village, they beat into my head hunting and harvesting…”

The doctor looked at me pitifully as I unconsciously stared into the distance.

Yes, I know what you want to say. That I also have to study up on how to make a living.

To be honest, the one that troubles me the most in this world is hunting.

Killing game isn’t a problem here since magic exists.

The problem is… how to dismantle it after.

“A girl won’t be able to marry if she doesn’t know how to handle meat!”

That’s what Aunty Yuku told me a few days ago as she handled the meat with a bright smile on her face.

Starting from the rabbit to the last task– a pseudo-bear.

The time I screamed when I saw the bloodstained knife has now become good memories.

…I’m really glad I was able to get used to that.

Since I wouldn’t be able to make a living if it became a trauma, and I screamed each time.

When I stole a glance at the inside of the wagon, lying on it was a bear that had been hunted just this morning.

It had come out when I was searching for rabbits, so it’s not my fault when I attacked it with ice magic on reflex.

I went through all that trouble so we’re currently transporting it as a gift1.

Preservation magic exists, so it’s fresh like it was just hunted down! We’ll probably have bear pot2 tonight.

We’ll probably preserve the leftovers by turning them into dried food.

“By the way, is it also normal for women to hunt bears?”

I tried to continue my words, They’re so strong, huh– but the doctor said this to me:

“No, that’s cause she’s special. Women usually only hunt rabbits and birds.”


Doctor, the pitiful gaze you shot me earlier was because you regret who you entrusted me to, right?

And then it happened as we were talking.


“…yo… you bastard…”

Metallic sounds and people’s voices could be heard coming from the direction of movement.

We unconsciously exchanged glances, and stopped the wagon.

From the looks of where things are heading, doesn’t it look like we’ll be caught up in a battle?

But, well, I don’t think anyone wants to get involved with a wagon carrying a bear though.

“What should we do…”

“Hmm, if it’s a traveler getting attacked, we have to save them. But…”


“I’m unfit for battle.”

He stared at me with an apologetic expression on his face.

Which means I have to fight. Well, I was able to defeat a bear, right?

Ugh… is it okay even though I’ve never used magic against people?

“It’s okay, your control is perfect. If they die, I’ll heal them back up.”

“And what if a part of them is torn off?”

“They reap what they sow!”

Doctor, you just said something incredibly cruel instead of just saying I’m bad at it…

For some reason, I’ve gotten used to this kind of scene, haven’t I? With his very divided answers.

Ah, but–

He did save me as well, didn’t he?

“I understand, I’ll be going now.”

The voices were coming from somewhere very close by.

They probably couldn’t shake them off on their horse and continued to escape.

If so, there’s a chance our wagon might get caught up in this.

“Up we go. I’ll counter from here, doctor. I’ll go for the dodgy ones while you take care of the ones that run away, please.”


I said that to the doctor while alighting the wagon.

It’s quite vague, the way I said that, but there’s no helping it in this kind of situation.

We’re unable to judge which side is at fault, and I want to avoid inadvertently getting in the way and allowing the criminals to escape. In other words, it means–

“Capturing the obedient ones after silencing the violent ones.”

Capture = protect. There’s still a difference even though they’re the same thing… Words are such a marvel, aren’t they?

“Then I’ll be starting now.”

I placed a palm on the ground, my knee jabbed into it, and laid out a “trap” about five meters in front of the wagon.

(The trigger conditions of the barrier extended five meters ahead are physical attacks)

Barriers aren’t just for defending; what happens when you incorporate physical attacks into it while in the ground?

The answer is simple: The moment they’re above it, it “repels.”

It’s a pity for the horse, but everybody will be blown into the sky.

If they only step on it, then the most it’ll result in is them falling down.

…As long as they’re not crushed by the horse.

And then, the owners of the voices came closer–




They said as they were repelled. Oh ho, the sense of accomplishment from a prank succeeding!

And then the victims were neatly divided by their clothes.

Two young men with white mantles and blue uniforms(?).

The five remaining ones are —they’re not normal no matter how you look at it— covered in black with their faces also covered.

“Wow, these guys are so obvious! They’re suspicious no matter how you look at it, doctor.”

“They really are… Attacking knights in broad daylight with those conspicuous appearance.”

Overtly composed teacher and student duo: functioning normally today as well.

I’m more impressed with how cliched their clothes are instead of nervous. So the uniformed ones are knights?

I agree with the doctor’s words in my heart, you dumbheads!

“Yeah, yeah, did you know that you guys were in our way? Please be obedient for a minute, okay?”

As I said that, the men stood up after their shock, and began to each mobilize.

The Shady Squad (willfully named) prepared their weapons, and looked our way.

The knights ran towards me, clinging to me–

“Save us!”

–and said in perfect harmony.

It goes without saying that the doctor grimaced.

And then, I–

“Fo…For that to be the first thing you guys say, you useless knighhhhhhhts!”

I unconsciously shouted at them, and hit their heads.

Save us, you say?

To me, a FEMALE CIVILIAN? You do realize I have no weapons on me?

Clinging to me like a shield?

If this was an otome game, what’re you bastards doing at such an important, flag-raising event?!!

What’s with this flag? This isn’t… a death flag, so don’t tell me it’s a love flag?

If you’re expecting a suspension bridge effect, I’ll knock it down with all I’ve got, you know?

Knight… Knight3… Is this even real?

Oh! Games and stories lied about this then, huh…!

Knights properly protect their guild friends, don’t they!? Wai– What should I tell everyone about their beloved knights!?

…Wait, hold up, there’s a possibility that it’s just these two that’re trash.

“We were on a mission.”

“We’ll reward you!”

“Don’t just stop clinging, using a civilian as a shield, and then getting on our wagon!”

“We’ll leave everything to you.”

The doctor coolly looked at the knights as they said this, and murmured.

“Do you not know shame? I have no choice but to relay this to His Highness.”


The knights looked worried for some reason.

Oh my? What did you say just now, doctor? For them to suddenly look worried?

That aside, let’s go do my job, shall we?

“Sorry for ignoring you guys, yeah?”


Oh my, oh my, I’m being glared at by everyone.

Well, it’s only natural for them to be angry~ Since I froze their legs and they can’t move.

They’re inside the barrier, so even if they throw things at it, it’ll only bounce back.

Hahaha, too bad! Now, allow me to take out my anger on you.

“I’ll have you guys faint for now. Might wanna clench your jaws~♪”



I snapped my finger once.

And at the same time, the Shady Squad were punched in the stomach with something they couldn’t see, and fainted.

Compressed air is pretty painful.

Moreover, you can’t really defend against something you don’t know which direction it’s coming from.

They have no concept of air so I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to explain it in the first place.

“Now then, shall we have a talk?”


I turned to them with a smile, and the knights’ faces further paled.

Women and rascals who adore knights, leave the revenge to me.

Big sis here won’t just let them be, okay?

…So that they know from here on out, I have to make them realize how serious a crime it is to destroy someone’s dreams, right?


  1. Something you would bring when visiting someone who’s sick
  2. Like hot pot except bears
  3. This was written in katakana

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