The Magician Wants Normality – Chapter 07

Chapter 07 – The White Knights Have Arrived

“And therefore, I would like to ask you both to come to the castle just once….”

An extremely beautiful young man with pale blond hair and green eyes informed me and the doctor.

Not an atmosphere a kid who can read between the lines can reject—If I was a lady who wants to raise a love flag, this was a scene I would have struck a triumphant pose in my mind but—

“I don’t want to♪”

Seeing as I would like to destroy this flag, I figured I should be honest instead.

I said that with a smile♪

…As if anyone would go to such a place, that’s just too troublesome.


In the end, the doctor and I ended up staying in Genoa Village for a few days because of the attack.

The doctor’s friend was sent to the castle to inform of the situation but a transfer gate doesn’t exist out in such a remote village.

The other party wrote in a letter:

We’ll be coming to pick you up so please observe the situation until then! Good luck♪” (paraphrased)

And because of that, we had to stay for a bit.

Of course, looking after these guys in the village is unfair.

…For them though, they cried when I decided to stay. What do you mean by good luck??

While I’m at it, I’ll explain the transfer gate.

There seems to be a limited number of gates that can be made depending on how much magic is needed to maintain its transference magic. To be honest, the reason is because its source of power, a magic stone, is extremely valuable.

When it’s needed, it would even say something like “Error, the designated transference point is not functional,” which is troublesome.

Of course, people who guard and manage it are needed so it isn’t abused, and because of that, the country has absolute control over them. Naturally, it’s not open to the public.

Being able to use it requires one to gain permission from the country (most of which are nobles), or merchants hired by the castle. And yet, the procedure is troublesome so its defense is thorough.

Ah, the doctor seemed to have used a simple version of the letter (his own item) of the transference magic position, written on a square paper (?) which was about thirty centimeters each side, and sent that off.

Because it was a simple version, he only put magic needed for the time it takes so the letter exchange is done with just limited capacity to send a correspondence to its designated transference point.

With just that feature, you’d expect it to be expensive but the doctor, a village doctor, has it for some reason.

Huh? I don’t mind, yep. Definitely not.

Flags are my enemies, I can’t just carelessly show interest in other things!

This was the beginning of my current situation.

The ones who came to pick us up were young men wearing white knight uniforms.

Wait, so those with blue uniforms are lower like apprentices??

“Doctor Gordon, it has been a while.”

“As I thought, it was you guys who’d be sent to come.”

“Yes, His Highness personally ordered us to.”

When he said that, his smile deepened and elegantly bowed.

Wow, look here ladies, we have an ideal-looking knight!

If his only redeeming feature was his face, I would have laughed but since he came here to take care of these guys, I could only really say: Thank god!

Oh ho, the village ladies are blushing and glaring!

If a love flag gets raised later on, I’ll watch from the sidelines instead.

“By the way, is this person the esteemed1 sorcerer?”

“Mhmm. Mizuki, this is Argent…. Uhm, he’s my acquaintance and the person-in-charge.”

He looked my way with a smile and slightly bowed.

What’s with calling me esteemed sorcerer? I have a feeling they were informed about a lot of things….


…It’s obvious with the way the doctor introduced this guy, he left out a lot of things.

Isn’t he a noble? Does he have a high position? Can I be wary of him?

I just can’t think of the doctor’s not-so-normal acquaintance as a normal knight.

“My name is Argent. Please call me Ar. Sir Gordon has been of immense help to me when I was an apprentice knight.”

“An apprentice? Immense help??”

“Sir Gordon worked at the castle. He’s well-known as the country’s greatest doctor.”


I see, so he was a royal physician. A promised development!

It’s only natural for that to happen….

“I apologize for the immense trouble we’ve caused you for this. And therefore, I would like to ask you both to come to the castle just once….”

But see here, young man.

“I don’t want to♪”

Don’t you see why I didn’t give you my name nor greeted you?

I won’t kill myself by jumping into a nest of flags that beautiful people attract, you know?

And so—

“Please give up.”

“I. Don’t. Want. To.”

“You’ll be treated very well?”

“I’m plenty satisfied with the village life, peace is the best.”

“Whatever you do, you’ll have interested nobles and knights beside you…. Including me?”

“Please don’t present yourself like a sacrifice like that. That’s just inviting danger to yourself.”

And here we are, in the middle of a seesaw battle.

Are we both smiling? The only thing I can think of this is us having tea while smiling at each other on the surface.

Hehehe…. Hehehehehehe…!

Quickly back down, you delicate-looking man.

It’s important for people to back down, you know?

In addition to me and my enemy in the room were the doctor, the knights, and the White Knights but…. no one showed any indication of stopping us.

White Knights, is it okay for your commander to freely use nobles and knights as negotiation pieces?

Doctor, please stop with that resigned expression when you’re focusing on the wrong thing2.

Knights…. Why are you guys openly showing an extremely frightened expression while looking my way?

This is quite depressing, we’re just wasting time.

If he can’t understand when someone tells him no, I can only use force, right?

Should I? I guess I’ll do it?

Since I’ve decided, I gotta put it into practice! Since time is limited!

“No matter what you say, I refuse…. Excuse me.”

“…! Wait, Mizuki…!”

Noticing the movement of my magic powers, the doctor tried to warn him but it was useless.

Since I’ve already prepared everything and just needed to invoke.

I thought I heard the doctor’s voice but I don’t care.

Besides, I’m just removing an obstacle with my ability, doctor. With this skill that I used to knock down the Shady Squad…!

(Target: White Knights, a shockwave produced by compressing air pressure….)

After confirming the targets, I snapped my fingers.



“Shit…. What the….”

The White Knights were in agony over the sudden impact. Despite the pressure on their stomachs, they looked at that area with confusion and pain.

Oh ho, they’re not fainting. These guys don’t look like they possess magic but as expected for elites!

The good-looking guy was still able to look good even with his pained expression, huh…. I’m the reason for that though.

I don’t particularly feel like gently tending to you guys so can you quickly leave? Don’t you know this is your just desserts, Sir knights?


Gordon gazed at the door that Mizuki left through while letting out a deep sigh.

To be honest, Gordon stopped Mizuki for a completely different reason.

He shifted his attention and glanced at the knights that were still crouching.

He knew they wouldn’t faint but the damage to them might be severe.

He stood there for a while.

But then—

“…So this is her ability….”

He unconsciously averted his gaze towards the murmuring he heard.

“Wonderful…. This is perfect…!”

The white knights slightly raised their heads with Argent looking delighted.

If one didn’t know the circumstances, they would see that the young man had obviously fallen in love.

However, if one did know, that wouldn’t be the first thing to come to their mind.

Actually, this young man has a special disposition.

It wasn’t unusual for people to be attracted to those stronger than them and feel joy from fighting but you don’t often see guys that feel pleasure from getting injured with battling those stronger than them.

Instead, it’s something that guarantees others drawing away from you.

Since long ago, it was common for this country of Ilfena to produce powerful people (=weird person) amongst its royal and noble families.

It’s a small country that has lasted a long time because it proved that the difference with words like genius or the like are just paper-thin.

This is still true even for those that work in the castle but the normal civilian isn’t used to this.

Only their merits are imparted so it’s commonly known that being a great person equals being weird.

The White Knights who were powerful weren’t an exception, this concept applying to them, and presuming that would then mean they were all the same.

I wonder if these guys have anything else aside from that…. Gordon who had a faraway look in his eyes returned to reality when someone suddenly grabbed his hand.

The person grasping his hand was Argent, having made a come-back. His sparkling eyes was somewhat scary.

“Please introduce me to her, Sir Gordon!”

“…The person herself might have a problem with that.”

“Thank you very much! I’ll work hard from here on out.”

I didn’t even—I didn’t say yes, you know!?

I’ll gently let him down…. He was about to speak, then stopped.

Just how many women are able to win against elites like them?

To put it bluntly, the only answer was none. Instead, if there was a lot of them, then men wouldn’t be needed.

Even if they were a sorcerer, they would lose as long as they take time to invoke their chant.

Mizuki doesn’t chant so she can boast about her strength even for close combat.

Would these guys who have finally found their dream girl (=sacrifice) give up?

…No way, they would only be happy being rejected through force.

(I’m sorry…. Should I have told her about them from the beginning…?)

Gordon silently apologized to Mizuki. There’s a limit to how pitiful having a weird person interested in you.

Moreover, even though these guys are honest, they would be nothing but trouble to her.

As this was happening, the S-knights had actually been forgotten, fainting from the impact.

It seems that these S-knights were surprisingly raised in a decent family (=ordinary).


  1. I opted to translated dono as esteemed instead cause he’s trying to show respect
  2. Little tidbit: This is more like a phrase that I couldn’t come up with an English equivalent. But it’s basically focusing on the day after tomorrow when you should be thinking of tomorrow, kind of like skipping ahead.

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