The Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer – Chapter 03

Part 03 – Found Out By My Family

Knock, knock, knock.

There was a knock on the door.

“Ms. Serafiona, it is time for dinner.”

Enrique, the head butler, called me.

He was a faithful servant who probably underwent a difficult examination from my father. Another important servant was the head maid who served as my nanny, Martha. There were also cooks and gardeners, but I think that everything in the mansion was managed by these two people.

“I will come soon.”

I replied and called Lu who was sleeping on my knees.

“Lu, what are you going to do? I’m going to eat. Do you want to come with me? Or do you still want to sleep?”

“I want to go with Sera!”

After he said that, Lu climbed onto my head. Now I feel like As*, a servant of Pik*chu. Well, it’s fine since I don’t feel his weight for some reason.


The meal for our family of three was not a typical dinner for nobles. The food was placed on a round table and was within arm’s reach. Papa’s small effort made me feel like crying.

“Father, Brother, I’m sorry that I kept you waiting.”

I sat down like I usually would. There was something on my head, but I tried to act like normal.

There was no response to my greetings, so I was like ‘Huh?’ Then, when I raised my head, both Papa and Larousa’s mouths were hanging open and they were staring at the top of my head.

Hmm? The holy beast… it was said that aside from the master and main people themselves, ordinary people couldn’t see them. In the novel anyway.

“Se-Serafiona, uhm, on the top of your head, there is something fluffy, isn’t there?”

So they can see… It’s better not to lie here. It’s not like I feel guilty about him.

“Father, this little one is Lu. He was injured in the garden. He is my friend now.”

“Serafi- but…that wave, that thing, isn’t that the holy beast?”

Hmm, so the term, Holy Beast, can be understood in this world too. I turned my eyes to the top of my head.

“Lu? Can I talk about you to my father and brother?

“I don’t feel anything particularly malicious, so I don’t mind. But only to Sera’s family. My father said that I shouldn’t appear in front of people. I will be used. Oh, right! I shouldn’t share my full name with anyone other than Sera!”

Oh come on, not that special treatment.

I turned back to Papa again.

“Lu is ‘one of the four beasts’. He said he wants to be by my side and be my friend. But this has to be a secret of the Granzeus only. That is the rule.”

Papa opened his eyes wide, stood up from his seat, and kneeled at my feet. No way..!

“Lu? Lu? What do I do?”

“Hm? Just say, it’s fine to sit?”

“Father, Lu said please sit like usual!”

Papa slowly raised his face and then sat back on his chair looking terrified. Huh?

“Father, did you not hear what Lu just said?”

“What? I am not able to hear him. But I can see his form. I’m sure he and Sera are communicating through telepathy.”

“Lu, is that true?”

Lu moved to my shoulders, and when I met his eyes, he nodded his head.

“From what I can see, Sera has a high magical energy. On top of that, we can understand each other. It’s either because we have the same wavelength or because of our signed contract relationship.”

I could hear what he said, but let’s pretend I didn’t.


“So, in short, you were seriously injured in my garden, and you fell down…”

Papa displayed a tough look on his face for the first time. Certainly, I can’t overlook this. That assassin, did he aim at my home? Or did he aim for Lu?

Lu relished the fruits he ate despite Papa’s worries. In the end, he just eats, huh. The fruit skin is green, but when it is eaten, it tastes like the previous life’s Hassaku orange, and it is slightly bitter and sweet.

“Father, can Lu stay here with me?”

“Of course. I hope that the holy beast will be healthy. If Lu-sama lives here, then our family will be recognized as an upright family. It is an honor. And this will absolutely not be spread to anyone. Even our first servant, Enrique, will see it to that. Larousa too, okay?”

“Of course.”

Larousa bows deeply to Lu. Lu shook his pure white tail as a signal.

When I thought ‘I’m glad’ and turned my face back to my family, my brother, Larousa, glared at me…The angry face of an ikemen, is seriously scary.

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