The Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer – Chapter 04

Part 04 – I Have Set My Goals

I returned to my room and took a bath with Lu. I’m happy that the bathroom and the toilet were clean and weren’t much too different from the ones in my previous life. It didn’t seem like the water came from a faucet, so it was probably purified by magic. Lu didn’t dislike the bath at all. He comfortably got shampooed and soaked up to his neck in the bathtub.

After Lu shook and splashed around droplets of water, I wiped his fur. However, doing it like that took too long to dry it.

“It would be nice if there were a hair dryer,” I muttered while brushing his fur.

It was snowing outside. If I didn’t dry him quickly, he would catch a cold.

“Hurry up, get dried fast-!”

While muttering that, I ended up messing the neatly brushed fur with both of my hands.

Suddenly, my fingertips warmed and wind swirled around me.


“Wow I feel so good. Nicely dried. Thanks, Sera.”


Serafiona in the novel was an all rounder magician that held vast magical power. Since my age is only five years before the magic examination, I’ve never used magic before. But somehow, I used it properly… today.

“Lu, I– Do you think I can use magic?”

“You already used it just now.”

“Do I have the qualities to be a mage?”

“You do. I did choose you, y’know.”

“Not just because you felt good around my magical energy?”

“That’s the point. Sera’s magical power is enormous. Even if I absorb some of it, there’s still a lot left over and Sera is fine. Normal people would have collapsed already. I’m glad I have Sera.”

So, not only does the story deviate from the novel’s route, I bloomed much earlier than expected.

Now that it’s happened like this, I have to improve this talent. Even if I follow the route, it’s still necessary to have power to protect myself, after all.

“Lu, can you please teach me magic?”

“Eh? I’m the teacher? …Okay, okay!”

With this, ‘a way to train my magical power even if I’m under five years old,’ GOT!

But if this is the case, and since the story was focused on learning magic, at the examination, I might hit high magical level and will have to go to the Magic Academy. Then I’ll meet the heroine… a straight path toward ruin.

“I don’t want to go to the Magic Academy…”

“? Then it’s fine not to go there. Isn’t it me who will be your teacher anyway?”

“Thank you, Lu. But even if it’s like that…”

“Then, when the time comes, you don’t have to go to the Magic Academy. Instead, travel with me? If I say I’m an oracle, no one can complain. I will say that I have a different training program prepared for you. It will be fine that way, right?”

Lu as an oracle, huh…. as expected of the super, over 100 year-old, fluffy! It would be fascinating to travel with Lu. The two of us can become adventurers, join a guild, clear missions, and raised our ranks… fan-tas-tic!

Well, Lu as an oracle was only going to be the final resort. Realistically thinking, there was another, important, thing I needed to learn before that. Furthermore, there was also one place of learning equivalent to that of Magic Academy….

“Lu, do you think I could go to the Knight’s Academy?”

“Hmm… I don’t know.”

Of course. Still, for the time being, there was no choice but to work hard with the Knight Academy as my goal. If I’m lucky enough to be admitted into the Knight Academy, I won’t have to deal with the Heroine, Prince, or their followers who will appear during the Magic Academy’s admission period.

“Lu, I will do my best to learn magic secretly with Lu, but I will still aim to be a knight. So I will become a knight who can also use magic, and then go on a great adventure with Lu!”


And he slept.


I gently lowered Lu onto the bed and prepared myself for bed as well. I looked over my room again. Almost everything in there was pink. Even my pajamas were pink. It was painful since I was a thirty year-old inside. Along with the fact that the Heroine’s personal color was also pink, I knew it would make me go crazy in the future for sure.

How stupid. Let’s change it quickly. The room has to give a natural feeling by using wood grains. For the clothes and decorations… let’s use light blue like Lu’s eyes? That was the color that resonated the most in my mind. Even though I had only been alive for only three years.

Knock, knock, knock.

There was a knock on the door while I was still in the middle of planning. Must be Enrique or Martha, but why would they come at this time.

“Yes. You can come in.”

The door opened and the one who came in was… Larousa in pajamas. Even if his hair was still wet from bath and he was in plain attire, as expected, mm-hmm pretty boy!

“Wait, eh?”

However, from ever since I could remember, that was the first time my older brother came to my room.

“You’re still up?”

He stared down at me while he asked.


“Oh… what about the holy beast?”

I silently pointed at the bed.

“So he’s already sleeping…”

Larousa stared intensely at Lu. I wonder why he’s so angry. A beauty’s angry face is seriously scary so please give me a break. I really wanted to say my thoughts were heavy, but I was already exhausted!

I don’t know if Lu felt my nervousness, but suddenly, he woke up and leaped onto my shoulder in one go. He stared at Larousa silently, and the both of them glared at each other… This atmosphere made me want to throw up.

“Brother! Lu! What exactly is happening?”

Once I couldn’t stand it anymore and called out to them, my brother turned to me… That must have been his limit. He scrunched his crumpled face, and plop, plop, tears started to fall.


Larousa kneeled and lowered his head.

“Holy Beast, I’m sorry, I’m sorry… I’ve hurt you… I’m sorry… wooo.”

So it was Larousa?! He was the cause of Lu’s injury! When I met Lu’s eyes, I saw that his eyes had widened, he was also surprised.

“I-I couldn’t train today because of the snow, so I created a new weapon… and when I tried to throw it around outside, I heard a scream…”


“I panicked, and when I went outside, bloodstains were everywhere.”


“There is almost no such thing as a burglar who can get into our house. That’s why, I thought that I might have hurt something that can move freely in our house… Uuuuhh…”

“When I followed the bloodstains into Serafiona’s room, I-I thought I killed my beloved little sister… uwaaa!”

Larousa buried his face in his hands and cried aloud.

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