The Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer – Chapter 05

Part 05 – Reconciled With My Brother

Lu and I flopped down onto the floor before my brother as he cried waah-waah with his head down

“I don’t remember exactly when I heard the scream from Serafiona’s room, I was scared. I’m a wimp. I was so afraid that I couldn’t even open the door to her room. When I thought, ‘What if Serafiona’s body turned cold just like Mother’s’, I-I…”

That’s right… No matter how cool and clever he was, Larousa was only ten years old. In my previous world, he would be in fourth grade? And so, due to fright and panic, his face had contorted into a horribly twisted form.

“Wooo…. I went dinner still afraid… and I saw that Serafiona was healthy, but she was with the Holy Beast… Then I heard the Holy Beast was seriously injured instead of Serafiona…”

Brother, he was not my replacement you know? It was just Lu who was jumping around outside due to being excited by the snow.

“It was like the Holy Beast was saying that he knew everything with his eyes… But he didn’t tell Father… So I thought my courage was being tested…”

I slightly looked at Lu. Lu suspiciously avoided my gaze.

“In the end, I could not apologize the whole time, I-I’m…”

My brother’s beautiful emerald eyes seemed like they were going to overflow with tears. No! What did I do to make a child cry like this?

I jumped over to Larousa, removed the hands covering his face, and gently wiped around Larousa’s bright red eyes with my soft pajama sleeve.

“Brother, please don’t cry? Your eyes will fall out.”


“Brother, because you made a scary face, I thought you hated me.”

“There is no way I’d hate Serafiona! You are my extremely cute little sister!”

Ah, so I’m not hated. Thank God. It was just his awkward face. If the story goes on………… I don’t have to think about it now.

“Brother, Serafiona really loves brother, too!”

Larousa turned red and his tears stopped.


“Lu isn’t mad either, right? Lu loves brother too, right?”

Lu who was fidgeting uncomfortably panicking as I glared at him and nodded his head.

Larousa bit his lower lip and then………… hugged me and Lu!

“Me too! I love Serafiona and Lu-sama!”….

I also hugged my brother tightly. Lu squirmed his face out of the gap between us and licked Larousa’s cheek.

“Hehehe, Lu-sama, it tickles.”

My brother wept and laughed just like a kid his age.


The two of us and one fluffy raised our faces to the voice. Above our heads was Father, spreading his arms and wrapping us all in.

Well, of course he’d notice. We made such a fuss after all.. Father gently stroked my and my brother’s heads in turn.

“Fa-father, I apologize … I couldn’t tell the truth before!”

Larousa started to cry again, Lu and I didn’t know what to do. Papa smiled warmly.

“If Lu-sama has already forgiven you, it is fine. But please learn to refrain from dangerous actions and think carefully before you do anything.”



That day, we slept together in my father’s bed for the first time. I’m in the middle, Papa on the left, brother to the right, and the fluffy on top. Having flowers in both hands* must mean this. I don’t regret my life!

“Father, I have a request.”

“What is it, Serafi? How unusual of you.”

“If Brother is going to go the Magic Academy, then I will go to the Knight Academy. So I want to learn the basics from now on.”

“Serafiona! Why?”

My brother was so surprised that the pitch of his voice rose.

“Because we have an age difference, I will not be with Brother anyway. Instead, I will be the one from the Granzeus family who will become a knight.”

“But, wasn’t Serafi acknowledged by the Holy Beast for holding magical power?”

“For magic, Lu will train me. That’s why I will learn martial arts, and I promised that I will go on a journey with Lu in the future. Right, Lu?”

Lu opened one of his eyes and then went back to sleep.

“So that means you were asked to accompany the Holy Beast… Well, we should start by gradually strengthening your body once the weather gets warmer.”

“Yes, Father. Brother, please give me your guidance.

“Jeez, but even without you training, I’m going to protect Serafiona…”

Thank you brother! I will just accept your feelings. Ok, at least I’ve successfully talked it through. I will work hard, aiming to be a knight and for my future adventures!

“Oh… hhoahm… good night…”

“Good night, Serafiona.”

“Good night my Serafi.”

“Sera~ goodnight~”

Ah, I’m so happy. Please! Don’t start hating me.

*It means ‘Two blessings at once’ and also flowers in both hands usually refers to having two beautiful people of the opposite sex sticking close to you on each side

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