The Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer – Chapter 08

Part 08 – Turning 5 Years Old

Serafiona became five years old~! Clap clap clap clap.

Other than having grown more, there was no special change, and I’m still a plain girl. Well, being healthy is the most important!

On the day I met Lu, I felt like everything changed… and some things didn’t…

First of all, here’s what changed.

1. My brother started to really pamper me.

After that day, Brother’s mental state took a 180 degree turn. Before, when he saw me, he would only give a single glance. Now, he’s a severe siscon. An angry ikemen is scary, but a smiling one is even more destructive in another sense!

For the past two years, even though he was busy, he taught me the basics of martial arts by himself, put me on his lap during snacktime, read me a story before bed, and gave me a good night kiss on my cheek. Brother… is twelve years old and grew up properly from a child into a beautiful boy…… If I receive a kiss from him, there’s no way I won’t get excited. I definitely won’t be able to sleep! That’s a lie. I will sleep. Goo- Zzz.

Was it because of Lu that Brother quit being a perfect son? Did he lose to positive feelings after crying a lot. Well, that was a relief. Good. He was going to enter the Magic Academy in one year, but since the heroine or major characters hadn’t appeared yet, I didn’t especially need to warn him about anything! Play well and learn well!

2. Papa also pampered me even more.

I wondered if he was glad to see me getting along with my brother. My single dad who had dedicated his small amount of free time to his kids smiled from the bottom of his heart. Whether or not the impact of Mother’s death has finally disappeared, his sad face was finally gone.

When at home, he’d almost always place me on his lap. When we walked, he’d carry me or hold my hand. I’m not sure if it was due to the principle of raising a child through praise or because I’m a little girl, but he carefully watched my magic and martial arts training gently and would praise me afterwards. He often talked to my brother with a serious face though.

3. Lu got a little bigger.

He grew to a shiba dog size from a puppy size. Originally, it should have been good enough just to absorb my magic, but the self-first stubborn Holy Beast ate the popular snacks Papa would buy and the proud dishes made by the cook. For some reason, I didn’t feel his weight whenever he rode on my head or shoulders. He felt so familiar with my home.

Up next are the things that hadn’t changed.

1. I was a cheat sorcerer just like in the novel.

First of all, the plain chanting system from my previous world, like <Pain pain fly away!> was 100% effective. After the great cold wave that attacked the territory the other day, I did a <Let the weather be good tomorrow.> coin flip fortune, and with the help of Lu, I cheated and had the coin land on heads, causing the weather to clear up immediately. I felt that making a ‘Pinky Promise’ wouldn’t be good. If you break it lightly, a thousand needles…

After that, I tried other magic with Lu. I came up with all sorts of magic thanks to my previous memories. In the first place, there are only four categories of magic in this world, roughly divided the systems are of water, earth, fire, and air. I think everything is like that.

But I imagined a dryer and combined fire and wind appropriately. Furthermore, I imagined a strong vaccine that kills viruses or an antibiotic that cures infections, and I tried creating space magic with the pocket of my previous world’s cat robot as a reference (T/N: lol Doraemon). As long as I had a clear image, I could create various new types of magic.

After that, Lu assigned a special training for moderation and accuracy for me to complete. We needed to examine whether it was useful or not, and after we judged if it fit me, I would need to think about how to develop my magic.

“Really, you’re interesting, Sera. It’s never boring. I’m getting stronger too, and your magic is still delicious. Everything’s great when I’m with Sera. Sera, my shoulders are stiff, so use the massage magic for me!”

“The one that combined ultrasonic waves and heat?”

“Yeah, heal your master. “

“……… Master, weren’t you just eating and sleeping today…”

If I grow like this, there’s no doubt that I would definitely gain enough prowess to rival the heroine and eliminate the cause of chaos in our country…

2. I formed a contract with the Holy Beast just like in the novel.

However, the novel used the word, “enslavement,” and this time, Father used the word, “contract.” I wonder if it was the difference in forcibly or lively term? Will it change if the relationship between me and Lu gets worse in the future? I would have to wait for another ten years to find out.

In the end, despite my relationship with my family, Lu, and the changes in my determination, there haven’t been any incidents or events that greatly deviate from the novel’s route. I’m still on the path of the villain.

And in such a situation, the magic test for five year-olds arrived.

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