The Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer – Chapter 09

Part 09 – We held 9 measures meeting

“Serafiona, tomorrow is finally a magical test … hasn’t the feeling of becoming a knight changed?”

After dinner, I move to a small common room where my father asks me.

I hug a stable papa knee on a two-seat sofa. Lu on my knees. And Larousa sits wrinkled between her eyebrows with anxiety next to her.

“Yes. In the last two years I have gained a bit of strength, but haven’t achieved much, but I still have the same desire to be a knight school.”

Eventually, before the magic test, I could not put another person in the house, risking that Lu and my secrets would fall off, I did not hire an outside teacher, I was mainly my brother, and my father on holiday from Martial Arts. It was too early to hire an instructor because they weren’t able to handle the assignments.

“What are you talking about? Serafiona has a good foundation. After running around 20 laps of my outer circumference, I can throw a knife into the straw doll’s neck exactly deeper and then run 10 laps again. Not so in my year. “

“Eh, you said that everyone can do this?”

“I thought it could be done with Serafiona!”

My brother wasn’t just a cute person … In other words, this task is more an assassination than a martial art, right? The armor to be held is also an Anchan’s special shuriken …. Where is my brother going?

“Ah … But, Serefie has a huge amount of magical power. After the inspection, it will be reported to the government and it will be decided to enter the Magic Academy. What should I do?”

“Can’t you say that you choose a knight school with an exceptionally strong will even if you have magical powers?”

“It’s not determined by law, but it’s virtually impossible. The country wants to manage its magicians in a magical institute.”

“Is your brother managed too?”

“Well, but at ease with Serafiona. I’ll turn to the management side like my dad eventually.”


“How about setting a sickness? It’s magical, but you’re sickly and can’t go to school. Fortunately, I haven’t come to society.”

There seems to be a lot of socializing places in the world of children, but my home has no mother, so there is no role to work on. But neither me nor my brother feel the need for socializing, and my father does not force us to do so. In order to leak Lu’s secret, anyway, our three members are too busy. Also, if you participate in a children’s tea party, you may encounter an enemy in the future!

“Serafiona, you can’t go to knight school.”

“It is set to recover by the entrance examination of the knight school.”

“If you know that your magical daughter is sick, the country will dispatch a healing magician. That’s how powerful a magical force is.”

As all three of us were thinking about solutions, Lu looked up, eating delicious cookies.

“Magic test, what is the procedure? 

When I translate, my brother says, “When I was seven years ago, I put my hands on a flat stone slab. If we possess magic power, the value will show up. ”

“Isn’t it necessary to work on that device? 

“Mr. Lu, the place of inspection is not so large and empty, surrounded by magicians from three countries. It is quite difficult to cheat …”

“Magic itself is ineffective in the building.”

That’s right. I’m sure there used to be people who wanted to cheat. Anyone who wants to go to a magical institution with a ruling of high magic power whatever. It’s just the opposite of our house. The magician of the country inspects while being glared at a scary ossan of a considerable level.

But I never go to the magic school! Whatever means you take!

I took the shuriken out of my ankle.

“Kill, do it? ”

“Hmm? I’ll help you. For cute Serafiona.”

My older brother also laughed refreshingly and took out a magical blue glowing knife from some space. My brother tells me how useful my magic is when I need it. I use it right away because I have a good taste.

“Please calm down, both of you”

“Otou-sama, don’t worry. I’ll just thwart the blade and administer myself some sleeping pills.”

“Sleeping pills? Serafiona, where did you find Neneru grass?”

“Onii-sama, when you returned to the territory, I quietly went to the rift at the back of the cliffs.”

“As expected, my Serefiona is thoroughly prepared!”

“Both of you… it’s not that bad to go to the examiner! You’re just having a strange Impression of it!”

「I’ll do something with the stone. Leave it to me. 」


“Lu-sama might be able to sneak up on that slate.”

“…That’s right. Since he’s a sacred beast, he may know of a way to set Serafiona’s magic value at 0 even in a magic-disabled environment. Isn’t that right Lu-sama? It was Lu-sama that wanted Serafiona as a knight in the first place”

Well that, not really.

“But can Lu enter the test room?”

「It’ll be fine! Just leave it to me! 」

You have cookie crumbs all over your face, even your chest… we should really depend on you?

The three humans cannot hide their unconvinced expressions…

There is no other solution, I have to rely on Lu tomorrow.

The cheeky beast gets mofu-mofued in his belly and sleeps in my bed.

I felt a bit of anxiety filling me… but I can’t help it…

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