The Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer – Chapter 01

Part 01 – Meeting the Holy Beast

I thought it was cold and when I tried to look out of the window, white snowflakes* were gently falling.


The three year-old me, Earl Granzeus’s daughter, Serafiona, where did I remember a word like snowflakes?‘ was what I strangely thought. Recently, these kinds of things have been happening to me every now and then. While tilting my head, I approached the window, tiptoed and grabbed the window frame with both of my hands to look at the situation outside.

I gazed at the wide lawn of the Earl’s garden. It was further becoming dyed pure white. Ever since I could remember, that was the first time snow had piled up. It surely will be up to my knees tomorrow morning. Then I will make a snowman. Would father be angry?

A snowman?

Here I go again,‘ I pondered while staring at the sky. Then from outside.


There was a sound of a footstep in the snow. I turned my eyes back.

There was a red pattern that kept increasing over the previously white ground outside the window. At the end of the red patterns was something fluffy, small, and white coiled up. A baby tiger with a red forefoot.

A tiger?

“A… Aaaaa!”

I was stunned by the sudden flow of memories into my head. I grabbed my bed’s blanket and ran out.


I carefully wiped the blood off of the little tiger… the former Sacred Byakko, with a wet towel. I disinfected the wound on the right forefoot, applied the medicine, and bandaged it gently with a towel. It was too good for a three year-old to do, right? I thought so too. It was not possible for me before, but I could remember how now. It only took time and effort because my body was small.

“Reincarnated in another world…”

I put the white tiger, wrapped in my very own pink, wool cape, on my lap and caressed its head while murmuring the words I said earlier.

There was nothing special about me. I lived independently as a member of society who didn’t bother anyone. I think I was around thirty years old? My responsibilities at work increased and I had to give guidance to a number of juniors, but they immediately quit due to career changes or marriage. The amount of work to be done drastically increased and I had no time to find someone special. The last memory I had were of worn out nerves. I’m not sure how I died. Death from overwork? Did I get into accident on the way home?

The only pleasure in such a rough life was reading. I read fantasy novels and escaped from reality. One of them was, “Eternal Love to You, Wild Rose”. The main character, Maribelle, was a wild rose born in a lower part of town… but she discovered she had strong magic and entered the Magic Academy, the country’s best educational institution, as a scholarship student. Not only did her magical talent flourish, but she was also recognized by the holy beasts. With her modest and earnest personality, she became friends with influential students, and finally, she was linked to the Prince with a happy ending. It was a privileged story with a simple straight path*. The villain blocking that path was Serafiona Granzeus, a powerful wizard, a rival to the heroine, and the prince’s fiancée.

“It’s me…”

In my previous life’s memories, Serafiona was a magical all-rounder who forcibly worked the Byakko and used its power against Maribelle. After Maribelle defeated Serafiona, she released the Byakko and established a formal master-servant relationship with it. I stroked the back of the beautiful, but exhausted creature on my lap.

Perhaps it was at this time, the scenario were Serafiona gave her blood to the tiger to drink and made a contract with it, occurred. That scene, however, was cut out of the novel due to not being important. Still, my conclusion probably wasn’t wrong. By drinking magic rich blood, the Byakko will become healthy right away. Such would be a great idea for a three year-old. There was probably no way she thought of enslaving the tiger when she gave her blood.

However, I was a three year-old child with a 30 year-old mind who knew the story. I wouldn’t do anything dangerous. I don’t want to be a villain. The villain’s end is to be confined in a tower. One that allowed one’s rotten life solely for the sake of squeezing out a lifetime’s worth of magical energy from it. I don’t want that, absolutely not.

But, the condition of the Byakko was getting worse and worse. It wouldn’t have been a joke if one of the few holy beasts died on my lap. Another bad route would open. Oh, what to do? Who was the guy who hurt Byakko-chan anyway?!

“Does it hurt?”

I gently embraced the holy beast-sama as it shuddered. Byakko-chan opened its eyes painfully in response to my voice. A large teardrop brimmed there. I, unconsciously, imitated my father and gave it a kiss as treatment.

In a moment, my surroundings shone. …… I didn’t have a bad feeling, but I worried it was the end.

It’s light blue eyes are like a circle of gems … The colors are different, but they are similar to my younger brother’s from my previous life. I remembered the charm I’d speak to my many years younger brother. Just like when my little brother tottered and would suddenly fall down, crying…

“Pain, pain, fly away! Fly to the mountain far far away!”

After I rubbed Byakko-chan’s forefoot, I imitated the charm and threw the pain away two to three times out the window.

“It doesn’t hurt now, good boy, good boy.”

I rubbed its cheek and kissed it ‘chu’ on the forehead. Even though Byakko-sama was calm and I could do whatever I wanted, I couldn’t decide on one action so I just did both rubbing and kissing.

Suddenly, Byakko-sama gained strength in its leg. Since it looked like the limp sensation was gone, it stretched its leg and placed it on my lap. Byakko-sama opened its eyes wide.

“You, what’s your name?”

I-it talks!!! The holy beast can talk? Its voice is so cute!

“It’s Serafiona!”

“Sera? Your magic is great! I’m healthy again! Thank you!”

The towel bandage loosened, and the deep wound I had just treated… it disappeared.

He… no way… but that’s the only answer, isn’t it? It worked… what is this, I have a cheat spell?

“Sera’s magic, it feels nice. I want to be by Sera’s side, is it ok?”

Can I say no? Of course not, right? Going against a Holy Beast, do I want a death penalty? I’m not enslaving it, right? This is not forced, right? I don’t know what’s right anymore!

“Um… As friends?”

“As friends!”


The Holy Beast energetically pounced on me and licked my face. Byakko-sama’s claw scratched me and the back of my hand bled. Byakko-sama kept saying sorry while licking it.

Suddenly, a ring of light appeared overhead. It surrounded me and Byakko-sama, binding us tightly before disappearing.

It was shining a while ago too…… was it like this? I didn’t know because I was looking down before.

Mutual intake of body fluids? …This is bad.

Cold sweat dripped down from my temple just like in a manga I used to read. Byakko-sama was just innocently licking.


Oh, it’s shining again! We’re in a binded relationship again! This was not on purpose! This is bad, this is bad!

I lowered the white tiger to the floor and left my weak hands on the floor.

“Sera? what happened?”

Byakko-sama patted my head with his fluffy paw.

…No matter how you look at it, aren’t I being used instead?

*It was written as ボタン雪

** It was written as 王道中の王道の物語. 王道 in my dictionary it means a royal road or short-cut/easy methods, while 中 means inside, middle, or during. 物語 means story.

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