In a World Without Life – Epilogue

… That is all I’ve experienced up to today.
I don’t know if you’ll believe it, but at the very least, there’s no need to worry about me.
No matter how long it takes, I promise I’ll definitely come back.
Enclosed with this letter, I’ve put a number of seeds from this world.
As far as I know, they should be a breed non-existent on that side.
Finally, mother, I’m sorry I wasn’t able to make dinner.
I’ll definitely compensate for it when I get back.
Well then, I pray you all live happy days.


Kagiya Sachiko
Kagiya Hiroshi
Tsukishiro Yuuji

In the hopes that this letter crosses all three parties,

-Kagiya Mizuki

After finishing up the letter, I folded it into a paper airplane.
It was done on the back of some scrap intermediary papers, so green geometric patterns, on a parchment with a toasted texture… A paper airplane powered by the power of folded wind magic.

“Mizuki, oph chichno?”

A few days had passed since I decided to go on a journey to find life.
We didn’t have any candy left to traverse the language barrier.
So we had been returned to our initial state without a way to understand one another.
But still, I could somehow tell what Sherry was saying.

“Yep. I just wanted to send this. Thanks for doing all the set up again.”

I held up the paper airplane before the room that would lead to my world.
With my memories up to now, and my feelings for everyone.
I’ve no idea whether it’ll reach.
But Cherry told me it would be fine as long as the feelings were strong enough.
Therefore, I’ll believe. That this letter will reach everyone.

“Please make it…”

I prayed as I let the plane fly.
The magic of the wind intermediary papers produced a gust to let it propel itself.
I traced its path with my eyes, as I wished for its safe passage.
Even if it didn’t have eyes, I put my hands together, and saw it off.

“Then shall we go?”

I held out a hand to convey the go intent.

“Rele, Chnikhi yoph.”

She took my hand, and nodded with a smile.
Even now, the words aren’t getting through.
But I get the feeling we’re linked in a different way.
We walked with our large travel bags.

They were prepared beforehand, clothes, food, dinnerware, and a diverse array of intermediary papers.
It would surely be a long trip, and we could restock up at villages and countries on the way, but we didn’t have any valid travel options, so we’d have to go on foot. So it’s best we have more of the necessary tools.
Even now… I doubt I’ll undergo any sudden change, but I want to build up my stamina.
I’m sure it’ll build by itself while I’m off travelling with Sherry.

“Where should we go first?”

When we’d left the town, passed through the gate, and were in the process of crossing a bridge, I asked.

“Mahr suhna. Chimmohor sohchsana.”

She answered as she pointed her finger.
I think she was saying she’d never been in that direction before.

“I got it. So that way it is.”

I turned my body to the direction of her point.


Embarrassed, she pulled down her hood to hide her face as she tried to say something.
The parts of her face that weren’t covered were dyed red.

“Awways togethah. P-pro… promise.”

… We had plenty of hopes for the future.
I confirmed it as I heard her Japanese.

Today, in this world, I could only hear the sound of the wind, and the rustling of the trees.
Two footsteps.
Two shadows.
Two beats.
No people, no bugs, no beasts, and no birds, a world reduced to silence.
I’m sure that it will be a cycle of despair and frustration.
In a world without life, we will continue to search.

… To reach our hands to the life out there waiting.


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