A Loner with the Trash Skill ‘Abnormal Status Doubling’ – Chapter 04

Meanwhile, in the deepest part of the Demon Lord army, where the demons live,

The sky that should be blue was red instead, a sinister atmosphere covered the sky, and in that sky, a demon with a form quite different from a bird was flapping its wings.

The Demon Lord army, it was the stronghold of a demon-controlled organization.

The Demon Lord Castle was built by the demonkin, boasts a size larger than a big building, and can even be seen from ten kilometers away.

As the top members of the Demon Lord army and the nobles gathered here, it was inevitable that the castle town would have vast financial wealth, and commerce was so prosperous that it was said anything could be found here.

The castle town was noisy, but once entering the Demon Lord’s castle, there was a silence that could not compare to the noisiness.

The reason for that was because it was the castle where the head of the Demon Lord army, the Demon Lord, lived. Too many mistakes would cause the Demon Lord’s mood to sour, and at that point it would be the death penalty.

The Demon Lord resided within the Demon Lord Castle, and everybody resided around the castle town symmetrically.

Inside the Demon Lord Castle that was within the deepest part of the Demon Lord army’s territory, the the top members were having a meeting.

“───Well then…first of all, how about we listen to the progress on our assault of the Silven Kingdom?”

The Demon Lord leisurely sat on the throne, and with arms around the armrests, asked the military officers while holding an amused look.

“Well…right now, our Demon Lord army is inside one major city of the Silven Kingdom, Illing, and are attacking it. Our opponents have been mobilized to hold their fort, but the surrounding villages have been overtaken, so we killed the women and children before the main gate with ease to make ourselves known. Citizen dissatisfaction has exploded towards the government that has made no countermoves, so they’re aiming for a civil war, making a mutual enemy out of the government.”

The Demon Lord urged the officer to continue while saying “Oh…?”

“In addition, in order to strengthen our military might, we dispatched one skilled individual after receiving reports that one of the Seven Swords of Legend is within a historic ruin on the outskirts of the Granbelle Kingdom.

“I see…they will fall.”


After letting loose an unfitting smile, the Demon Lord muttered,

“Please do entertain me. You coexistence faction……”



After the king cleared his throat, he began to speak,

“Now then, let me introduce the people that will be your mentors.”

After the fuss made over the understanding cleared up, the king completely stopped his bawling, and at that moment he spoke to a nearby knight as if remembering something.

Upon which, that knight moved away from the king in a rush, and in a few minutes later, the knight quietly opened and closed the door, appeared before the king, and said something into his ear, leading to the present situation.


With those words from the king, everyone turned their line of sight to the door in excitement.

“It’s true…so, come in.”

With that as a cue, the door opened.

“Whoa…” “Whoa…” “Whoa…”

Everyone was in astonishment over the people coming in from the door.

───Coming in with armor on top of muscles, there was a knight wearing silver armor who wielded a large sword.

───With long, blue hair swaying and wavering, along with a lovely robe being worn, there was a woman who held a staff and had a special aura surrounding her, she was known as a witch.

───With distinctive cat ears and a tail, there was a woman equipped with a dagger and various other things for her belt and for decoration, one glance at her and the word ‘adventurer’ pops up.

───There was an elder wearing a white, lengthy robe, was fairly tall, and held a staff between the various rings on his fingers. One glance and the words ‘Shinto priest’ come to mind.

───Wearing completely black clothes, there was a man who silently put on a hood, causing the word ‘assassin’ to come up.

───There was a female knight, who gave the impression of being beautiful and gallant, that came into the room tying her loose hair together.

Everyone who had lined up in a row felt a serious atmosphere.

With just that atmosphere, everyone was sending looks of envy towards those superb people.

“Well, these are veteran fighters. How about you all introduce yourselves, starting from the right.”

So, one by one, they began their introductions, starting with the large sword wielder who came into the room first.

“……I work as the leader of this Granbelle Kingdom’s chivalry, Athrel Helt. My role is to instruct those with a profession suited for close combat. I’m in your care.”

Ooh….that middle-aged man seems absurdly strong…then next is that woman.

“I’m next, it seems. I work for the magic academy in this country. I’m Leese Celinae. My role is to teach how to use offense magic with a staff.”

Leese…she was talking about a magic academy, so is she a teacher or something?

“Next is me~…I’m an A-class adventurer, call me Fwis. Take care of me, okay~? What was I supposed to do…oh right, teach about using skills, I think?

Cat ears! They’re actually moving around! Aah…I want to feel them…but, that cat-eared woman, Fwis, seems like she’s kind of an airhead.

I am this here Kingdom’s Shinto priest, you see. My job is to instruct those with a profession suited towards a supporting role.”

It seems this person is going to work with the Sages, for example. He’s probably quite competent, so if this is the guy that’s instructing Minesaki, she’ll probably make progress quickly.

“……Nathley…Best regards…I teach…the way of Assassins…”

As expected of this guy…he’s a true Assassin.

“So now it’s me…I’m entrusted as the commander of Granbelle Kingdom’s Imperial Magic Swordsmen, Alicia Rays. I teach close quarters combat with magic woven in. I’m in your care.”

Woah, on close inspection, she’s really pretty…Isn’t she on the same level as Minesaki…? They’re both lovely and dignified…

Not knowing that Shun was analyzing each and every one of them for some reason, the king wrapped up the self-introductions, and began to speak.

“Hmm…that’s all for self-introductions. Next, you will all divide yourselves up by profession…Are there any questions?”

“…” “…” “…”

Nobody raised any questions. Everyone was surveying each and every other person, but nobody raised their hand.

The king nodded his head after seeing that.

“Alright, then───”

Everyone lined up according to profession, as the king had told them to do.

Everyone still had not informed each other of their own professions yet, so people of the same profession went “You’re the same as me?!” and had pleasant talks.

That is, except for Shun.

“Yup…thought so.”

Naturally, the only one with the Dark Knight profession was Shun. Groups had at least four or five people, but he had the only profession owned by a single person.

I’ve gotten used to this, but…it’s lonely…

Shun let out a sigh while dropping his shoulders.

“───Now that you’ve lined up…next is to decide on a mentor for each profession.”

After which, it seemed like a teacher was being chosen for each profession.

However, Shun turned gloomy.

…Well, how are things gonna turn out? Is it gonna be that brawny knight? Am I gonna have to work one-on-one with him?

He gave up halfway into the process, and with a sigh, reluctantly went to go choose.

───Ten minutes later,

“Hello again, I’m Alicia. I’m in your care, okay? What’s your name?”

Aw yeeeeah!

“Kondou Shun.”

Everyone…I did it.

“Shun…Got it.”

“Yes! Teacher, please treat me well from here on out!”

The boys did not agree to this pairing and glared at Shun, but the girls didn’t pay any attention to it.

However, within the group of girls, Karin muttered while glaring at Alicia,

“I will not…hand Kondou over.”

During this time where mentors were being chosen, Shun, the boys, and Karin’s various thoughts did not reach each other, and it had been arranged that Shun would study swordsmanship one-on-one with Alicia.


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