My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess – Volume 01 – Chapter 03

Mishuly is pulling precious blood.*

Born from the duke’s family, I had royal blood but I couldn’t compare with Mishuly.

According to knowledge from my previous life, I knew the king’s younger sister secretly gave birth to Mishuly.

As far as I know, she isn’t married to anyone. Or rather, she’s already dead. Judging from the timing, I fear that Mishuly’s birth may have caused it.

While not mentioned in my past life’s memories, Mishuly’s unique position was probably caused by some political circumstances.*

In this situation, Mishuly was born and raised for 4 years. She was taken in by my father to become a member of the Noir family as my younger sister.

I could make this conjecture due to my memories, but there are some differences.

Namely: me.

From my memories, I would have continued to misunderstand and think Mishuly was from father’s mistress.

Because such discrimination never started in the first place, I managed to get along with Mishuly. If I was to have misunderstood and thought Mishuly was came from a mistress, I would have shunned her and tyrannized her. *

Ten years later, when she gets friendly with the crowned prince and the other high-spec boys, I would consider her a nuisance.* And finally, when Mishuly is revealed to be part of the royal family, the villainous daughter will receive her reward. Thus the unavoidable fate of suicide, execution, or exiled to a monastery awaits me.

However, this is impossible to happen.

First of all, I regained my past life’s memories before I judged Mishuly to be a mistress’s daughter. At this point, it’s already different. Also, presently, I am Mishuly’s prisoner. From my knowledge, I would have left behind a terrible would on Mishuly both physically and mentally, but now I can’t even imagine doing such a thing.

If I were to injure Mishuly, father will lose his position and she would become the Duchess of this country. With this weight, I swore that I wouldn’t harm Mishuly. Regarding this and that towards the boys…… well, there is no suitable partner for Mishuly, but this is my right as an older sister. Therefore, I can’t be blamed.

What’s the difference?

The answer is obvious.*

Perhaps I was born a genius or something.

From my memories, Christina Noir wasn’t a smart woman.

From an outsider perspective, you couldn’t even consider her a human. Frankly speaking, it would be miserable to look at a woman so stupid and emotional.

I’m not singing praises about myself but I’m not like that. For I, a born and raised genius who excels at reading the situation, paying attention to my environment was a breeze. Most importantly, for the sake of my sister’s happiness I would be glade to burn this life away.*

In other words, the conclusion is this:

Regardless of my memories, Mishuly and I have a happy, harmonious, and rosy colored relationship.


As I thinking, laughter slipped out.

A laugh I was unable to suppress swelled up and I puffed my chest in a dignified manner and laughed loudly.

「FuFuFU, Fuwa—HaHaHaHa!」

「From here I was going to start the practice to the dance steps so why the loud laughter, Christina-ojou」

「Just escaping from reality」

In front of my eyes, the excessively strict reality towers over me. I whose eyes lie on Mariywa Toinette, wanted to escape back to my memories.

And so the item so called dance was added on to the etiquette lessons.

The teacher was for some reason Mariywa. Dance and etiquette are quite different, so why is Mariywa who is an etiquette teacher also in charge of dance?

I don’t understand. I, with my genius brain, couldn’t figure out this mysterious choice in personnel.*

However, the reason for the abrupt intrusion of the dance lesson was obvious.

It appears that there will soon be a ball at the royal palace.

On top of that, a noble’s child whose age is similar to mine will be making their debut. Building connections for the future is important. After the adults boast about their children, there is possibility a fiancé is selected.(?)

Nonetheless, in the end, children around my age are just wallflowers, so there isn’t a need to dance yet. At the ball, only gentlemen and women beyond 14 years old are stars.

When I hear that, a question surfaced.

「I don’t have to dance yet though?」

「You must learn it someday. Because there is no harm in learning it early, we will drill in the foot work now.* One, two, three, OK Then turn」


Grinding my teeth, I danced and turned to Maria’s beat.

I must endure now for the sake of my future. Her argument is too reasonable and left me no room for argument. The genius me who differs from other 7 year old children, will respectably suppress my selfish emotions.

But there is one thing.

「Hai, Ojou-sama. Your chin is too high.* Your expression is turning shamefully stiff.* You must always have a feminine manner and soft, small smiles.」

「I’m already tired though……!」

「Even if you are tired, you must not display it. Do not wipe away a single drop of sweat nor show any fatigue.* On top of that, Ojou-sama is still young so even if you collapse, you can still easily move around tomorrow. To be able to repeat this every day, being young is such a splendid thing.」

The seven year old child couldn’t respond to this devil.

I fixedly stared without thoughts at Mariywa’s words filled with evilness that crawled out from hell.

I am a genius that, to some extent, regained her previous life’s memories, will adapt an attitude that would bring shame to any adult.* But my immature body could not possibility be suitable for Mariywa’s hellish and rigorous training.

「What happened, Ojou-sama. Your feet have stopped. OK. One, two, three. Without lowering your arm straighten your back!」


With the merciless beat, I alone went through the dance steps.(?) First with instruction and then three sets of repetition, the training will end. After that is the dazzling time with Mishuly. Thinking of that, I could endure anything.

However, painful things are still painful.

「Shit. In the first place why is Mariywa even teaching me dance……!」

「Because Ojou-sama is currently being excessively tomboyish, I personally volunteered to reduce the burden on your future teacher.」


As my grumble was answered, the problematic answer caused me to stop my foot unintentionally.

「I thought something was strange but you were the culprit!?」


As I vigorously shouted and pointed at Mariywa, she scowled down at me.

「What is it, that language and conduct.

Who taught you to point at a person and speak like that? Your punishment will be another 10 sets of footwork.」


From the demonic declaration that shaved away the precious time with my sister, I became bit teary eyed.


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