My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess – Volume 01 – Chapter 05

KonKon, the small sound of a knock could be heard.
Those absolutely cute little fists are, in fact, knocking on the door to my room.

「Onee-sama. Are you done?
「Wa, Wait abit. Wait just abit more Mishuly! 」

Due to Mishuly’s urging from outside my room, I who has yet to finish my preparations panicked for a moment. Although it’s a bit rude to her who was waiting, it will take just a moment.

Giving a hurried gaze towards my servants, my intentions were read and they quietly nodded and hurried up.

「Eh— I finished mine already though」
Imagining my Mishuly pouting like a small bird over this, I felt a small sense of guilt well up in my chest. I know that time is limited and it’s a sin to make my beloved sister wait.

However, I can’t open the door yet.

Even speeding things up, it’ll still require a certain amount of time. Above all, to rush things further, especially since the thoroughness required in this preparation made it a taxing task for my servants, was unreasonable. Still, I wanted to perfectly prepare to greet Mishuly.
「I, I’m sorry Mishuly. Just abit, Just a little bit more…… Listen, the time you wait in anticipation will further the enjoyment when the fun comes」
「……Is that true? 」

It will be difficult if the amount of expectation rises in proportion to the delay, but in this situation, I will absolutely live up to Mishuly’s expectations. Besides, it’s not only Mishuly who is waiting. Even I want to quickly meet Mishuly and share this enjoyment as sisters should.

「You know I won’t lie to Mishuly right? Pleasure grows in proportion to the time waited.
Wait just a bit more, and after that we can have fun together, Mishuly」
「Unn……Okay! I’ll wait! 」
Such a good child.

To the lively answer, I fantasized about an excited Mishuly with sparkling blue eyes, causing me to break out into a grin.

No matter the distance or obstacle, nothing can waver our sisterly bond! While basking in enjoyment of our bond, the other individual waiting outside of my room spoke.
「But as Mishuly said, we waited for quite some time now. Christina, not being completely ready shouldn’t be an issue since we’re family right? Can we not enter sooner? 」
「Stop it father. It’s different for Mishuly but if father continues to persist, the estate’s maids will say Father forcibly peeked at us changing and wholeheartedly act clinging in tears. Mishuly and I will hate you for this!

After being flatly refused with threatening words mixed in, there were signs of trembling on the other side of the door.

「O,Oi Christina. Yo, you’re joking right? You’d never seriously threaten papa —— it can’t be that you will really hate papa right…… Christina? Why are you silent, Christina!?」

Though it was more effective than I thought, of course I was just joking.

As evidence, the maids currently helping me dress all desperately tried to stifle their laughter. The duke family’s head of all people was being threatened and lead around by his nose by his own biological daughter is strange, isn’t it? Nevertheless, because the master of the house was just beyond that thin obstacle, everyone was put in dire straits trying to suppress their laughter.

Unable to recognize the joke, my father was unable to stop trembling at my long silence.
「Christina! Certainly there was no delicacy just now. That’s right. Is there anything you want? How about something that’ll match your current outf——」[ED: A matching car for my outfit please]
「Father, what’s wrong? You’re starting to yell…」[ED: It’s Mishuly here]

Far from stopping, his trembling only intensified. For the 5 year old Mishuly to worry about him, it was indeed unbearable.

As I let out a bitter smile towards father’s wavering voice, I suddenly thought, I’ve already gone this far. Ignoring father who was currently being comforted by Mishuly, I gave a mischievous wink at the maids that were left trembling holding in their laughter.

「Ku, Fu, FuFu……!」

Two people surrendered and laughed out loud. The remaining person quickly turned away and held their mouth, sticking it out till the very end.

From the three people inside, two were already down. The remaining one person was half way there.

Umu, this is adequate. On top of that, the preparations were also finished.
「Father. Of course it was a joke so please settle down. Additionally, it’s fine to enter now.」

After the three maid’s laughter died down, I invited two to enter the room. The attentive servants of my prided residence separated from my side and stood along the wall.
「I, Is that so. I’m coming in.」

I could hear the voices of my relieved father and the innocent Mishuly from the opening door.

「Welcome and please come in my dear father and Mishuly」

I pulled one leg diagonally behind me while lightly bending the other knee all while lightly raising the edge of the dress’s skirt. Like this, I bent my waist and silently ushered the two of them inside while lower my head. [ED: IT’S THE BECKONING FROG!]

To I who performed a perfect curtsy, father let out a breath of admiration and Mishuly let out an honest shout of joy.
While it was a splendid reaction, behaving like a proper young lady is mentally draining. Looking up from my curtsy, my expression undertook a rapid change. From here, I made a very me like grin and fearlessly laughed. With the pinched dress I magnificently spun around with my chest puffed out.
「How is it! This dress suits me extraordinarily well doesn’t it! 」

This dress, made for the red themed party, exposed the figure with confidence. While it was mostly red, from the base of the skirt to the top of the neck there were vivid colors. Here and there, there were decorations for accents; one could say this was the tailor shop’s best work.

The time has come to debut myself and this dress at the royal ball!
「Onee-sama is so cool!」

「That’s right, That’s right. Fu, FuFu, FuFuFu! 」

Having my dressed up appearance praised my sister, delighted laughter’s resounded the room.

Like always I placed my hands on my waist and puffed my chest. I threw away the high class daughter act which caused my father to make a complicated expression though he felt it was fine as we were family. As I do not have etiquette lessons today and Mariywa wasn’t here so I fully took advantage of the situation.

Hence there was no problem with my loud laughter.
「Fu fu Fu, Fuwaa Ha Ha Ha Ha!」
「Onee-sama, Oneeeee-sama」

As I was loudly laughing, the hem of my skirt was pulled by an angel’s hand.
「How about me? How is my dress? 」
「It’s very cute!」

I honestly replied to Mishuly’s lovely question and embraced her tightly.

It was not only me that was dressed up. Mishuly was too. While the tailor was making my dress, one was also made for Mishuly.

With a white base, plenty of frills and ribbons were attached to fully bring out Mishuly’s loveliness. Whenever Mishuly slightly moved, the dress would gently sway closely resembling an angel. The tailor did a very good job.

「Cute, lovely, adorable, ka-wa-i-i! Mishuly is truly cute! The cutest in the world! 」
「E, ehehe. Onee-sama is super beautiful! Most beautiful in the world! 」

As we praised each other’s dresses, we reveled in each other’s presence. As we praised the others’ respective merits, the compliments were endless. Our compatibility, without a mistake, is perfect.

After enjoying this period of supreme bliss, I released Mishuly from my grasp and smiled at her.

「Fufu, Mishuly. For the upcoming ball, let us two sisters enchant everyone with our charm! 」
「……Ball? 」
To my proposal, Mishuly responded in a questioning tone.
「Ball? What’s that?」
「……Huh? 」
To my sister’s question, my eyes began to waver.
There was only one more week until the ball. It was strange for Mishuly not to know about it.
To me who was looking doubtful, father called out.
「What is it, father」
「Christina, Mishuly isn’t participating in upcoming ball at the royal palace.」
「…..What? 」

To those words I did not expect, I could only stare blankly in silence.

Even I the genius could not understand Father’s words. Gradually my brain slowly soaked, processed, and understood that Mishuly was not going to participate in the royal palace’s ball.

In that moment, I felt something explode in my head.
「What do you mean Mishuly isn’t participating, RAWR!」[ED: She goes GORAAA, so yea RAWR!]
「What is the meaning of grabbing your father, Christina!? Should I report this to lady Toinette!?」
「You made a grave mistake in thinking I will surrender to such a threat father! However, if possible, do not inform her, father!」

Against I, who follows her instincts without hesitation, was my panicking father. From there, the argument about Mishuly’s participation prolonged for a few hours.

In the end, I was unable to win the argument. In extreme spite and protest, I barricaded myself in my room.


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