I Reincarnated, but I Think the Prince Has Given Up – Volume 01 – Chapter 02

Chapter 02 – The Duke’s Daughter (2)

Two weeks after that evening party, Christina was invited to a tea party in the royal palace. The ones who called her were the Queen and Alberto’s little sister who turned thirteen that year, Anna, both of whom she had a good relationship with since an early age.

The rose garden is in its best time, so please come. Being told so, she could do nothing but to accept the invitation.

Both the Queen and Anna had always treated her well, and they had amiable conversation as if they were a real family, so usually the tea party would be very enjoyable.

However, Christina’s feeling were dimly clouded.

After all, in today’s tea party, in the lake view garden across the west tower, Alberto and his friend, a member of a Marquis house, Emil, as well as the one Emil invited, Clara would be having their stroll.

I don’t want to see that.

Nevertheless, the game’s Christina found them out, invited Clara and guided her around the rose garden, then pretending it to be an accident she would splash the tea all over Clara’s dress. To the surprised Clara, she would then smile gently and prompt her to go home.

── Aah, so unpleasant. Forget about splashing the tea, I can’t even bring myself to see Alberto-sama and Clara having a chat. I may even cry……!

Suddenly having teary eyes, Christina didn’t even notice the dubious stare of the maid that came together with her.

Christina who was led to the west garden of the royal palace ── nicknamed the rose garden, pessimistically lifted up her gaze that had been staring at the floor since before.

With a rich lacquer black hair waving loosely and flowing on her back, the beautiful woman was standing in the center of the rose garden. Her long slit eyes similar to Alberto’s were vividly expressing the fact that she was his mother.

Today, the Queen also showed a beautiful, gentle smile. On top of the round table beside her, the tea cakes were lined up, and the maid was preparing the tea on the cart.

Suddenly, Anna who was sat down on her seat waved her hand in a friendly manner. “Ah, Chris nee-sama! Finally you came. Aren’t you being a little late today?”

Since it was intolerable to return Anna’s greeting first before greeting the Queen who had stood up to welcome her, Christina just smiled sweetly and then gave her greeting to the Queen.

“I am really grateful for being invited today. To be coming later than the agreed time, I sincerely express my apology……”

Since she didn’t want to go, she inadvertently took more time in dressing up which resulted in her being late. The Queen raised her eyebrows for an instant, but quickly showed a soft smile.

“It is alright, Christina. It was not really late. Instead, Anna is more impolite since she did not even give her greetings properly. Well, let us have a chat……”

Having a sharp look turned at her for an instant, Anna pouted her lips.

“What’s with that. Isn’t it alright, since we’ll become family after all! Won’t it be bad if I stiffly greet onee-sama everytime and then she feels awkward about it!?”

The maid arranged the rose-scented tea. Usually, this would be a scene where she would joyfully smile for being around the royal family, but for Christina, at the moment she couldn’t help but feel a stabbing pain in her chest, as if it was being pricked by a needle.

“……Thank you for your kind words, Anna-sama. However, I am still a mere fiancée. Please think of me in the same manner as you would with any other noble.”

After Alberto changed his engagement partner to Clara, it would be unthinkable for her to keep being treated like a family member, so rather than creating an awkward atmosphere, it would be better to correct her as soon as possible.

Anna tilted her head in puzzlement. “What happened? Did you have a fight with onii-sama?”

She would naturally feel strange, since Christina who usually just accepted her mannerism as it was suddenly corrected her. Christina laughed sweetly.

“There is no such thing. His Highness has always treat me gently. It’s just, I have only realized how inappropriate it is for me to act beyond my social status.”

“Eeeeh~. To see you only as a lady of Duke house at this late hour is impossible, you know. Isn’t it alright, after all in the future you will be my real sister, right? Or could it be, you’ve gotten fed up with onii-sama?”

Sharply, her chest ached. ── The one who have gotten fed up is, not me, but Alberto-sama. Christina showed a transient smile on her face.

“No…… His Highness is such a wonderful man that he is wasted on me…… To be fed up with him is……” ── impossible. After all I have always loved him.

The gentle voice, and the smile that was turned only towards me. Every time I did a childish prank, he would show a troubled face, yet still smile at me, sometimes taking me to places with a beautiful scenery, and giving me a kiss. That kind of wonderful prince, who could possibly hate him?

From now on, that smile, that gentle gesture, that wonderful date, and even that skillful kiss, everything will be turned towards Clara.

── It really is unpleasant…… Christina dejectedly casted her eyes down, and took a sip of the fragrant tea.

The Queen who was looking at Christina quietly, opened her mouth. “Today you seems to be in a low spirit, Christina. When my lovely daughter shows such sad face, Mother is very worried. If you have any trouble, please say it.”

Hearing these perfect mother-like words, Christina’s cheeks flushed. Even after denying her own position, the Queen completely refused it, and told her that she was being thought of as a real daughter.

Anna cheerfully smiled. “That’s right, if you have any trouble please say it, onee-sama!”

“N..no……that kind of thing. I am unworthy of such words……”

Casually, Anna rested her chin in her hands. There was no longer anyone saying that it was a bad manner.

“Aah, could it be about that person? The one being adopted to the Marquis house.”

Although it did not show up on her face, Christina’s body grew cold. The Queen raised her face. “Who are you talking about?”

“Errr…… If I am not wrong, the lady who became the adopted daughter of Marquis Schönhausen was rumored to be very beautiful. I have not attended any party yet, but she was even famous among my friends. And that onii-sama offered her his assistance.”

The Queen twitched her eyebrows, while Christina just smiled wryly. “I wonder what kind of things happened for things to go that way?”

Since Anna was not present on the evening party she couldn’t answer, so Christina answered.

“It was not a big thing. The lady of Marquis Schönhausen has just recently been adopted, so the other day, it was her first time attending an evening party. ……During the greetings, with His Highness having a big heart, he only said that he was always ready to give her an advice.”

Just by remembering it, her body felt like it was being burnt by a scorching flame. ── Why must I, give a follow-up to my love rival…… Nearly resenting her own situation and that girl, Christina shook her head inside her mind. ── No, everything is for Alberto-sama.

Surely it is the best for the one I love, to be happy with the one he fell in love with. If he was to be engaged with someone he didn’t like and even marry her unwillingly, wouldn’t he be very pitiful?

Feeling a little painful, Christina’s eyes started to wet.

“Is that so…… Coming from that child, it was kind of a thoughtless word……” With a voice that seemed to be pondering about something, the Queen turned her gaze upfront──to the direction of the west tower. As the first floor was an open corridor, it was possible to catch a glimpse at the lake across the west tower.

When she followed the gaze, she saw Alberto’s back figure that was going towards the lake. On his side was a young man with brown hair. It was his friend, Emil.

With a voice as if she was struck with a good idea, Anna proposed a suggestion.

“Aa, isn’t that onii-sama! Chris nee-sama, hurry up and go! After all isn’t it really rare, and for his dear fiancée to suddenly appear, I am sure onii-sama will be very happy!

“……That kind of thing” If she was to go to the lake view garden, she would be confronted with the scene where Alberto and Clara were intimately having their stroll. She definitely didn’t want to see that.

However, the Queen also agreed with the suggestion. “That’s right, please go. It is fine even if you say some complains.”

“……No……That is……” Encouraged by both the Queen and the Princess, there was no one who could refuse it. ── Aah, like this, I have no choice but suffer this kind of fate….. Even while being covered in despair, Christina smiled.

Going towards the lake view garden, Christina crossed the rose garden where the fragrant flowers bloomed. Passing through the west tower’s corridor, she immediately found them.

The lake where light reflected diffusely. Walking around, while having a pleasant chat around the lake shore were a good looking man, Alberto and a beauty whose rich blond hair seemed to be reflecting the light. Along with Emil’s back, who out of thoughtfulness for the two, went and returned the horse they used to get there.

Alberto was staring at her with very gentle eyes. Shining brilliantly, Clara’s eyes which were exactly the look of a maiden in love, wholeheartedly stared at this country’s prince. ──To almost cry just by looking at them, why have I become this weak? Even though just a while ago, she was a free spirited lady with unyielding will. Her fifteenth birthday, when she realized that Alberto might actually not love her. Later on, after acquiring the other world’s memories, she fell into despair. Ever since then, everything changed.

I want to cry and scream loudly …God, is really mean──

Even though it would be better if I knew it before I came to love him this much.

Sensing a presence, Alberto who was stared at by Clara, suddenly raised his head, while Christina promptly turned around.

If she was to run into the both of them here, she would definitely be unable to stop herself from scorning them. [Despite being in the Royal Palace, it is improper for a man and woman who are not engaged to spend their time only by themselves]── As if… I didn’t want to say that very same line like in the story.

In the story, when Christina blamed them, Alberto slightly frowned and declared that his friend, Emil was also with them, while Clara apologized in a hurry. Afterward, feigning to understand the situation, she invited Clara to the rose garden, and splashed the tea while pretending it to be an accident. ── If I really do it, it might actually feel rather refreshing. Without looking at them, Christina headed towards the rose garden with an indifferent look.

That pure and innocent young lady would never understand it, how painful it is, how vexing it is to have your loved one snatched away. Without knowing anything, with an innocent smile, she deprives me of my precious one── She wanted to make any necessary arrangement and harass her. However, Christina would never do that. Her pride would not allow her to be a hindrance to their romance.

A man who doesn’t choose me──is unnecessary.


Faintly, she heard a voice calling out to her from behind. However Christina, pretending not to hear it, kept on heading towards the rose garden at a quick pace. ── I don’t care. I will not act according to the story. If Clara really wishes for it, she must make an effort by herself.

Covered in jealousy and vexation, just once, Christina turned her eyes to her back. His calm expression that kept on calling her casually. Standing by his side, the girl’s cheeks were flushed, as if emphasizing the proof of their enjoyable conversation. ── to me, you are unnecessary.

Christina turned a sharp gaze. It was turned towards no one else but Alberto. The one at fault is not Clara. The one at fault is the unfaithful you──Alberto opened his eye wide. After showing her dissatisfaction and clearing her mind a little bit, Christina once again turned around and left the place without saying any words.

In the center of the rose garden, the Queen and Anna were leisurely having their tea. Seeing Christina returning with a quick pace, the Queen raised her eyebrows. “Oh dear, Christina. The thing with that child……”

She couldn’t listen to the Queen’s sentence until the end. It was because from the back, suddenly a high-pitched voice resembling the sound of a bell called out for her.

“Christina-sama……!” Though her voice was lovely, it was much too loud. To raise a loud voice within the royal palace, it really was an act that lacked any common sense. The Imperial Guards might even move thinking that something happened.

Anna who heard the impossible loud voice, twitched her shoulder in a startle.

Christina turned her whole body to face Clara and calmly looked at her. She thought that by doing so, Clara would be able to understand how she should have behaved.

However, with a flustered yet adorable look, Clara clasped both of her hands in front of her chest and vehemently spoke with all her might.

“Err, it was a misunderstanding, Christina-sama……! Just now, although I was walking alone with Albert-sama, we definitely didn’t do anything shameful…..!”── How could you say that with such a loud voice……

Christina was befuddled. To declare it with a loud voice that she was alone together with the prince, Christina couldn’t think of it as anything other than a challenge to her.

As a proof, Anna stood up. “What do you mean by that?”

Suddenly being called out, Clara finally realized that the Queen and the Princess were there. With a surprised face, she held her mouth while scrunching her shoulder. “Ah, no…… That was, Christina-sama saw when I was coincidentally alone with His Highness Alberto. Since she glared at me and looked so angry, I feel like I must explain the situation to her……!”

── I didn’t intend to glare at you though. Moreover, if she talked about it in such way, Christina would seem like a demon. It would be heard as if she was a narrow-minded person who, despite Clara was not being sinful, still went into a rage, after seeing her and Alberto together.

The Queen and Anna looked at Christina with a surprised face.──I wonder, is this the thing called the wheel of destiny……Christina who watched the situation with cold feeling, for the time being honestly shook her head.

“I did not have any intention to glare at you. Please be at ease. However, just a little bit, could you please lower you voice? Since this is the royal palace, if you raise such a loud voice, the Guards might tense up.” Clara, for some reason, twitched and stiffened her body up, while making a face as if looking at a terrifying thing.

Surely my mood is at its worst, and I am also feeling jealous of her. Though I do not show any smile, do I look that frightening? Thinking so, she tilted her head. Then, maybe caused by anemia, Clara unsteadily started to walk and bumped into the round table. With a kachank noise, the tea which Christina drank a sip from before, spilled. The tea splashed all over the light blue colored dress. Looking at the wet dress as if it was a tragedy, Clara started screaming. “Kyaaaa!”

Standing beside her, Christina swiftly stopped the cup that almost fell to the ground due to the astonished Clara. Somehow catching the cup that didn’t reach the stone floor, Christina raised her head as she heard approaching footsteps.

Alberto was accompanied by Emil, was walking this way. Looking at the panic-stricken Clara whose dress was dirtied, and Christina who was holding the tea cup, both of them looked at each other. Emil frowned. “Christina-sama……?”

Christina raised her eyebrows. Beside her, Clara was clamoring. “Aaah……! I can’t show such appearance in front of His Highness……”

Me who am holding an empty cup, surely it seemed like I was the one who splashed the tea onto Clara. However, making an excuse would only be annoying. It is fine, even if you immediately judge that I was harassing Clara without confirming the previous situation.

She returned the cup to the table, and the maid quickly tried to wipe her wet hand with handkerchief.

Christina stopped it and sent an eye signal to the maid. I want you to help not me, but Clara──To the maid, she definitely was more concerned about the dirtied hand of Christina whom she had known for a long time, rather than helping a girl who suddenly appeared, made a ruckus with loud voice, and finally covered herself with tea on her own accord.

“……Ojou-sama[1], for the time being please come here……”

In order to let her change her dress, Clara was being guided into the castle. The Queen and Anna, being forced to arbitrarily listen to the loud voice which should be impossible in the Royal Palace, were still in an absent minded state.

Emil turned his doubtful eyes to Christina. “What has happened……?” Those eyes were asking, could it be that you splashed the tea?

How rude ── When her gaze almost turned cold, she suddenly remembered her position as a Duke’s daughter and smiled calmly.

“She seemed to be having anemia. When she was unsteady, she hit the table and the tea spilled.”

Since she didn’t even introduce herself, Christina didn’t have any intention to speak out Clara’s name.

“Is that so…… However, why were you holding the tea cup?” It seemed Emil was also captivated by Clara’s charm.

Usually a noble’s son would never investigate such things. Even when he doubted it, he would smile and accepted the other party’s words.

Clara, even when she entered into a man’s route, was a character that made the surrounding men fall in love with her as she pleased.

Without letting her smile falling apart, Christina answered. “Since the cup almost fell, I caught it. Please be at ease. No matter what happens, I am not a person without any pride that would harass a woman.”

Implicitly, she declared that even if I was to go mad with jealousy, as if I would do something like that, and not only Emil but also Alberto who was listening to the conversation while smiling, opened his eyes widely.

Displeased with that reaction, she scowled at Alberto. He raised on of his eyebrow, and flashed a grin. “Yet, my fiancée-dono seems to be rather angry”

As expected, he is doubting me. It seemed as if for Albert, Christina was not the composed, gentle fiancée that he knew anymore. Despite feeling a little bit sad, Christina averted her eyes and turned a smile towards the Queen and Anna.

“Even after being especially invited, I must apologize for it to turn into this kind of atmosphere.”

The Queen who pulled herself together so suddenly, looked puzzled. “Christina?”

Christina held her dress and bowed. With that alone, her intention has been made clear. “Please let me excuse myself for today. I look forward to our next meeting.”

Without giving any attention to Alberto who was a prince, Christina withdrew herself from that place. Her back was sending out her feelings, I don’t want to ever see you again.


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