Login Bonus with Skill Up – Chapter 38

Chapter 38: The Effect of Resisting and the Fulfillment of the Curse

Half a day of having a meal break and continuing to replenish with Curse while sandwiching in a nap and now the sky was completely dark as it was evening. And

「Can you still do it?”

「Um! I’m not feeling tired at all, or I’m more satisfied mentally! But … I’m no longer able to resist.」

 Apparently, the number of resists seems to have run out before physical strength.

「Now, up to here?」

Casting a curse without a resist will also consume a lot of physical strength. So I thought I’d quit, but

「No, I’d like to feel it raw, at least once! -Let’s hit it with one more shot. I should learn more barriers.」 This sage is really mad to want a raw curse.

 Well, is it okay if it’s only one shot? Thinking so,

「Now then, this is the last. 《Curse》

 I cast the curse lightly. As always, black light penetrates Media’s body.

「Oh! This one works, right?」

Media was laughing on her knees with an interesting look. After all, it seems that if you endure it without resist, it will deprive you of moderate physical strength. As expected, a demon’s magic is the most useful.

「Hmm … I guess the feeling would be different without a resist …」

 And the sage was pleased with a mad smile. It’s such a surprise that people walking outside the house are surprised and move away. It seems like weird rumors are going to start again, but let’s say nothing because this is due to the experimental habits of Media.

「Anyway, should I replenish without resist from now on?」

「Umu, that’s also attractive from a research perspective … but I still have a lot of physical fitness. It seems good to go on a case-by-case basis.」

 If you fall Media, that’s a big deal.

Well, no matter what,

 …… Okay, the stabilization of the strength is progressing smoothly. I was laughing with my mouth alone. At that time.

「… Kouta-kun? Why is it shining?」


 For some reason, my body was emitting light. This light was familiar.

「Is this really the royal teleport?」

 Previously, this magic that had thrown me to the battlefield was once again activated. 

「Wait. Why do you collect royal teleports?」

 I wondered. I thought it couldn’t be reused without the special tools of the royal family.

「Wow, I don’t even know. Royal Magic shouldn’t reappear unless the magical power of the royal family is poured into it using a replenisher that only the royal family has!」

 Well, wait a minute. Judging from what Media just said,

「That is, if the special magical powers of the royal family enter into the equation, will they be filled?」

「Uh, um. Right.-Ah, right. I’m royal …」

 Yeah, I just noticed. The sage who is familiar with this royal magic, has a royal relationship. Then, by driving Curse into a member of the royal family, I robbed the magical power of a royal.

「Okay, Media is a royal, it’s okay. The problem is why it didn’t activate until now.」

「Well, there are many things to think about, but now there’s only one that comes to mind.」

 The thing that has existed up to now but not this time is:

「Resist, what magic?」

「There are magical effects, such as preventing the passage of impurities and making it difficult for substances inside the body to get out.」

 Oh, I knew it, I should have learned more about this magic, the first time.

「The royal magical power is, well, close to the substance in the body that has been obtained through many years of physical improvement and soul remodeling. Kouta’s curse had been taken up by him. 」

 Got it. Thanks for the correction.

 「I’m glad I could clarify the cause.」

 If you put a resist on it, you’ll get normal magic power, not the special magic power of the royal family.

「Nja, Media」 


「… Please be sure to resist when you receive my curse next time.」

「Umm …」

 The moment I finished talking to Media, my royal teleport was triggered.

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