Login Bonus with Skill Up – Chapter 39

Chapter 39: The Royal Second Encounter

 It was a vast grassland meadow. Several soldiers were bleeding and falling, but still stood. At their head was a girl in a dress.

 In front of her, equipped with a pure white sword and shield, there was a giant. The giant, as bloody as the soldiers, was breathing on his shoulders.

The armor he’s wearing is already peeling off, and the sword and blade are spilling too hard.

「Fuha, let’s praise you for fighting for so long until today, Princess Fiona.」

 After saying that, Belial threw away the sword.

「Are you going to surrender …?」

「Hmm, who thinks about surrender? It’s sweet. I still have magic!」

「Huh !?」

 Light gathers in Belial’s empty hands.

「I missed the last shot, princess!」

「Everyone take shelter — !!」

 The princess and the soldiers go down all at once. However, in the meantime, the light of Belial becomes strong.

「It’s too late! This is my win!」

 Belial then stuck out his hand and tried to cast magic. At that time.


 The air between Belial and Fiona broke. And a young man with black hair appears within the light.

「Nu! What the? This guy again…!?」

「Oh, that black-haired person … no way …!」

 While the demon and people were surprised, the black-haired man

「 <<Maximum flare>>!!」

「Heh !?」

 Of course, he cast the greatest magic on the demon.

When I teleported, there was a demon in front of me, so I used maximum magic for the time being.

 The area around the demon was just a grasslands plain, and there were no human figures at all, so it was good that I could feel free to devote myself.

 When I thought so, the grimoire quivered.

「Ah, I struck it without talking, Kouta-san」

「It’s bad to face me with magic light in my hands. I’ll hit it before it’s struck.」

 In the first place, it’s a demon who has attacked before. If you’re hostile anyway, you’ll hit it immediately.

「Mr. Kouta, that area is dry, right?」

「No matter what. I want to safely survive this.」

 When I open the book of magic while saying that, it says, “Two minutes left until the second temporary transition end and return.”

「That’s doubled …! What’s going on …!」

「Even, if you ask me, I don’t know, so don’t close it so hard. I have paper.」

 This magic that I really don’t understand, Royal Magic.

 Well, this time, it’s good because I could eliminate the threats first.

「… Gu … this, this cowardly …」

 The giant, who seemed to be wearing armor, was scorched, fell and stared at me.

「Oh, Erigos endured, but this guy will fall. Well, I’ll strike because I’m still standing. <<Maximum Flare!>>」

「Guoooo …!」

 Screaming, this time the giant stopped working.

「Yeah, mercilessly, Mr. Kouta」

「If you forgive me, this will be a pinch.」

 If you hit one of these big guys, that’s it.

 The right answer is that you’re falling down now.

「Is this guy less durable than Erigos?」

「Yes, the endurance changes depending on the demon. Probably not the type like Erigos. The commander has one level of ability, and sometimes higher. 」

「Yes. Well, I was saved because I fell down.」

 Survive two minutes on the battlefield where demons rampage! I would like to apologize for such a dangerous situation.

「Is it possible to seal it?」

「Hmm … I don’t have enough time. God Seal takes time to cast. 」

「Oh, then it’s impossible now」

 Looking down at the charred demon, saying that there is only one minute and tens of seconds left,

「Ku, the Black Mage has arrived!」

「Oh! That’s the rumored black mage! Thank you, this is our victory!」

「Uooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolong qhue」

 The voices of thick men echoed from behind.

「Ehhh …?」

 Looking back, their eyes were on me for some reason.

 What’s this. I’m so scared.

 My intuition is yelling that I’m afraid to be here.

「Is it better to run away?」

「Eh? It seems like I’m just crazy.」

 I’m scared of that enthusiasm.

 In other words, what is this “Black Mage’.

 If you look at the grimoire, there is more than one minute left.

 While I was sweating cold, I was receding,

「Black Mage! Wait!」


 While I was wondering, I could hear a loud voice, and the princess was running from the group.

 In a cloud of dust even though she is armed, she moves with such a speed you can’t imagine, and with such a diginifed atmosphere.

 And then, in no time, she comes up to me,

「Hah … huh … wait, please.」

 She grabbed me with bloodshot eyes.

「Oh, wait, I’ll wait. Catch your breath, alright?」

「Yes…Thank you for your attention…Uh…Well…Fuu … Fuu …」

 After taking a deep breath,  she removed the dust from her clothes and courteously thanked me.

「I will greet you for the first time.. I’m Fionard Rajail. Please call me Fiona … May I have a word with you?」

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