Login Bonus with Skill Up – Chapter 40

Chapter 40: The Royal Acquaintance

Fiona, in her white armor, was flirting with shyness and spoke quickly.

“I’m a princess of a certain country fighting against a demon … I know if you’re here because of the Royal Teleport. I’m sorry.”

 I didn’t know, I wanted to say, but her words continued.

“Oh, yes, First of all, please thank you.This time, I was really saved. It is thanks to you that the Demon War ended so quickly.”


 I felt uncomfortable with the words of the princess.

 Wait a moment.

 I saw her fighting the demon a few weeks earlier.

“…You’ve been fighting since then?”


 I was told as a matter of course.

 How long she had been fighting,

“Isn’t it natural to take at least a a month to subjugate a demon who immortality and a high durability?”

 That’s the first thing I’ve learned.

 But that’s right.If you’re dealing with someone who doesn’t die, you should be prepared to fight so long.

‘—But it may be different for you, who manipulates the maximum magic.The black Great Mage, who manipulates the Great Magic, is not afraid of destroying the endurance.” Said Fiona, smiling wryly.

 Hmmmmm, was the Demon able to be defeated over time?

 I see, I’m glad there is powerful magic.

 I understood that.However,

“I’ve been wondering for a while, Who is the Black Mage?”

‘It’s you.The Mage, who appears before us with the light, and defeats the demon with powerful magic.I’ve been looking for it all the time…Thank you.Also, come before us!”

 Fiona thanked me once more.Somehow, it looks so sexy and cut, that it makes me a little hungry. Well, her face is also red, and so maybe she’s excited after the battle. Let’s keep that in mind.

 ’Well, and that you came here with the royal magic…In the sense of deepening my relationship…”

 And the moment Fiona began to move on again, wriggling.

“Ah —!”

 My body began to shine.

“Two minutes have passed, and I will go home.”

 Apparently, this is the end of Royal Teleport.

‘I’m sorry, but I’ll be excused.’

“Ehhh …? Well, I haven’t spoken to you yet … At least, at least at least I can tell you just my name!”

“Hmm, yeah. I didn’t name myself yet. My name is Ko–“

 Just before I finished, my teleport was triggered.


 Fiona was staring straight into the space where the black-haired young man left.

“I think I was lucky to have talked so much …”

‘Princess, don’t go ahead by yourself—’

 Behind her, an old soldier came running up.

‘Oh, Princess. You’re in a hurry. I haven’t found the whereabouts of the Black Mage, yet.”

“Yes, I’m sorry, old man.It was a long time since we met, and I was so excited.”

“Well, I know how you feel.After that, when I inquired of the nobles in the  royal capital, I found no one.”

“His black hair, a master of the greatest magic, and a master of the royal magic. He ought to be in the Royal Palace.”

 I still couldn’t find it.That’s why I got some tips this time.

 …In particular, I was able to remember his voice and how he speak.

 He was a cool person. I will remember that.

With this, the search should progress a little. In addition,

“This time, I think I’ve finally become acquainted with him. Thanks to him, the battle with the demon was is over.”

“That’s right. I was able to reduce it for over two months.”

“Yeah, I have to search for the award as well, so I’ll return to the royal capital while holding down this genie!”

“Hah! Arrange immediately!”

“Ha! Make arrangements at once!”

 Then the princesses return to the Royal Palace.

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