A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon – Volume 01 – Chapter 01 – Part 06

Chapter 01 – The First Village, Part 6

Kaga Michio: Human Male 17 years old
Jobs: Villager Lv2 Thief Lv2 Hero Lv1 Equipment: Sandals

After completing the character I reset, I used Identify on myself. I now had three Jobs.

But wait a minute, shouldn’t Hero be the first one? I tried switching Hero with Villager, but it did nothing. So what, you trying to tell me that only Villager and Thief can be set as the first Job? Why is that?! Eh, this sucks major ass, but no helping it I guess. Let’s just set Hero as the second Job and Thief as the third one, which has apparently advanced to Lv2.

「I’m sorry to bother you, Michio-sama, but may I have a moment of your time?」

The Village Chief came to see me again.

「Sure, I don’t mind. What do you need?」

I don’t know about you, but to me the Chief’s attitude started to feel a little bit too humble, almost as if he tried too hard to kiss my ass. Does it taste like ground beef and rainbows or what? I know he probably feels extremely grateful to me for saving his life, but that’s going too far, even by my standards. I know that with Durandal’s power I was able to cut those bandits down like grass in the garden, but that doesn’t make me almighty or anything like that. If he thinks that from now on my presence here is going to be everything they will need to keep other bandits away from attacking the village, the I hate to break it to him but he’s sorely mistaken. No matter what, the village needs to stay vigilant. Then again, maybe that is exactly why he is like that to me. Maybe he thinks that by getting on my good side, he will be able to convince me to become the village’s protector?

Ugh, this is shaping up to be even more annoying than I have initially anticipated. I wonder if there’s anything I can do to avoid having to deal with such a major headache?

「The breakfast will be served later, but first I would like you to join me outside. We have gathered all of the bandit’s equipment that was left after you disposed of them and I would be honored if you could inspect it with me and the other villagers.」

「All right, I’ll do it.」

Now this is getting interesting. Inspection? What for? Are we going to distribute the leftover bandit gear between ourselves? Because if so, then I should have the right to claim the equipment of every Bandit that I have personally slain as my own. If I’ll be lucky, maybe some of them has some good stuff on them that I could use, but if not, I’ll just allow the villagers to have it. Maybe they’ll be able to sell it for a good price, which would in turn score me some brownie points with them.

「Then please, follow me.」

「Sure, but is it really okay for me to claim part of the gear as my own?」

But just to be on the safe side, I decided to ask the Chief about it.

「Of course. By the right of taking, the equipment of every men you defeated is yours for the taking, Michio-sama!」


So I was right and he just confirmed my suspicions. I also managed to learn about one of the laws governing this world: essentially, belongings of every person you kill are yours. I think it check out with the setting, unless those are the medieval times with added law enforcement and judiciary systems like those in the present day Japan.

「This time my fellow villagers managed to defeat two of the Bandits. Therefore I’ll have to oversee the process of distributing their belongings between them to ensure that everyone will get his equal share and… I hope I won’t overstep my boundaries, Michio-sama, but if it so happened that none of your share of equipment would be to your liking, would you please considered sharing it with us?」

Wow, all those villagers managed to defeat only two Bandits? This is so laughable that it’s not even funny. Then again, I have to keep in mind that they fought against them armed with nothing more but a simple weapons and farming tools, while I was slashing away at them with a fricking Holy Sword.

「I understand your situation. If it’s going to help you, I don’t mind sharing some of my spoils.」

Until I will learn all of this world’s customs properly my best course of action would e to follow any of the suggestions I am given, as long as they are not too absurd of course. I know technically I was the reason they managed to keep their homes and families safe, but hogging all the spoils of war to myself would be a total dick move. Think of the long term consequences here. With their current weaponry, they barely managed to defeat two of the Bandits while my Durandal did the rest for them. But when I will leave this village to move forward with my ne life, there will be no one whom they will be able to rely on but themselves and for that, the are going to need everything they can get their hands on.

「Thank you! On behalf of all the villagers, thank you from the bottom of my heart!」

Man, I am really not used to people thanking me for anything.

「Don’t worry about it, I just did what anyone else would do if they were in my place.」

I somehow managed to squeeze that lame line out of my throat. Okay, on to the next point of business. Since my Identify is a Bonus Skill I don’t think someone like the Chief is going to have something similar to it, so maybe I’ll make myself useful by helping them sort the things that might be genuinely useful from the ordinary pieces of junk. On a completely unrelated side note…

The villagers seem to be taking me for someone who’s Level is above 30.

During that earlier battle, the Villagers and the bandits were all more or less the same level, which was about 25, although some of the Bandits were obviously higher than that, considering the overall Kills/Deaths ratio of both sides. So considering that I myself am at first levels in all of my Jobs, it will be no exaggeration to say that my Holy Sword Durandal has basically hard-carried me throughout my first battle. That is just how OP of a weapon it is.

We went to the outskirts of the village where the battle with the bandits took place. Their equipment was placed on the ground there, waiting for us, guarded by one of the villagers. Could this be this Lv6 merchant, the one who could speak the Brahim language?

「This fine man here is Pitzker, the only merchant in our village.」

「The name’s Picker, just like the Chief said. Young man, Allow me to express my deepest gratitude for saving our village from those brigands earlier.」

「Michio. I haven’t done anything special, so please stop exaggerating.」

「As you wish. This here is the Bandit’s equipment that we managed to salvage.」

Taking a closer look, I saw all the Leather Armors, shoes and weapons carried by the Bandits that we have slain.

「Ahh, yes, thank you. Let us rejoice and praise the young hero who defeated most of the Bandits by himself! Now, these items here…」

「I don’t care.」

I am not interested in the part of the items that belongs to the two villagers. All I care about is my part of the loot.

「Michio-sama, do you have enough space?」


Fuck, this is the terminology I know nothing about! What about having enough space?!

「Oh, I beg your pardon, have I spelled something wrong in Brahim? Allow me to rephrase then. Do you have enough inventory space for all the items you are eligible to?」

「Hmm, you’re right. It might not be enough for so many items.」

I don’t understand. Isn’t the space in the inventory I already have enough?

「Really? Isn’t Michio-sama an Adventurer?」

「Well, something along those lines.」

Does this world have some kinda special definition of who Adventurers are? Come on Michio, whatever you do now, just don’t let them know that you have no clue what are they talking about. Keep your mask of deception on and don’t let it fall off no matter what.

「Well, then you should be able to access your Item Box. Isn’t that how you equipped that wonderful sword of yours which you used to get rid of those Bandits?」

Chief offered me a helping hand. So is that what an Item Box is? It would be hellishly sweet if that was actually the case.

Come to think of it, when I performed a character reset, my Durandal was unequipped off me. So based on what the Chief was telling me, it must have went somewhere.

「Item Box, open. Item Space, open. Inventory, open. Tool Bag, open.」

I tried using voiced commands again, but just like last time I tried it, big fat nothing happened. Am I doing something wrong here? Or is the spelling different? Anyway, conclusion for now is that I do not know how to open an Item Box. And to add to the list of my problems (which was growing rapidly), both the Village Chief and the merchant were giving , me the suspicious looks.


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