Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 01 – Chapter 02

We left Madway’s house, then I faced Risha and opened the menu window.

Underneath the window was a list of things that I can make.

There was something that caught my eye.

It was something that wasn’t there before.

「A wooden house huh?」
「A house?」
「Yep, a house….should I make this one? No matter what we need to do, first we need a place to live before we start doing anything else.」

Risha nodded vigorously.

Just to be sure I checked the list once more. The only house available for creation was the 「Wooden House」 apparently.

Then I touched it and then touched the ground some distance away from Madway’s house.

Like the time with the cure-all a magic circle appeared and 3 arrows came out.

It consumed 2500 magic power.

I left the magic circle as it was for now and confirmed the necessary materials.

Wooden House. Abunoi Grass x50. Scrap Wood x300. Busshino Stone x10.

「Abunoi grass….that stuff we used to make the cure-all huh……ahh is it the type of thing that lifts bans for related materials depending on whether or not you’ve used the materials before?」

I somehow thought that that was the case.

I’ve seen systems like that within games so I put two and two together in a flash of insight.

I thought for a bit and used 2500 more magic to create a second magic circle for another wooden house.

Looking at the two magic circles side by side, I said to Risha.

「Let’s split up the work. Risha we need to gather 100 of the abunoi grass that we got before. 50 for each.」
「I understand.」

Risha nodded and following the direction of one of the arrows, headed towards the place that we’d gathered grass before.

I followed a different arrow’s direction and headed that way.

After walking for a while, I saw a mountain of scrap wood.

The wood within it was glowing just like the circle.

I took the wood back to the magic circle and put it inside.

The wood was sucked into the magic formation. When the wood entered into it the arrow’s light weakened.

I returned once more with another load of wood and the light weakened even further.

The third time I placed the wood within the circle and all but one piece was consumed by the magic circle.

And just like that the arrow disappeared.

「That should be enough I guess?」

That’s probably the case.

The remaining wood was put into the other circle and then I went to get more wood.

As before it took two round trips to gather the necessary lumber.

In the meantime, Risha had gathered enough abunoi grass for one of the circles.

「Huh? Hasn’t the direction that the arrow’s pointing changed?」
「Yes, since I had gathered all the grass at that location, if there is no other location near it, it points to another place.」
「I see, so it points to the closest place then?」
「I think so.」
「I see, it might be far, but I’m entrusting this to you.」

Risha went off to collect more abunoi grass.

I went off to gather the final material, bushino stone.

I set off in the direction the arrow pointed.

Eventually I arrived at a cliff.

「It seems like it’s here somewhere.」

I looked around restlessly and took the chance to peer beneath the cliff.

「It’s at such a place.」

A two-meter-long stone was sticking out and glowing.

A number of stones were merged together and glowing.

So that’s the bushino stone…..that’s difficult.

To be frank….it’s kind of scary.

I was teetering on the edge of a cliff so my balls shriveled in fear.

I looked around some more for some stones other than this——there’s no other shining stones.

「I guess I don’t have a choice, let’s do it.」

Saying so, I began to descend onto the rock projection.

I carefully carefully and slowly went down.


Somehow I managed to get on the protrusion.

If I remember correctly I need 10. I need two portions so I guess that’d be 20.

I picked up a stone and threw it on top of the cliff.

Once I had made sure to throw 20 stones up, I began to climb back up the cliff.


I’m tired. It wasn’t for any particular reason, but anyways I’m mentally worn out.

I picked up the stones and returned.

Risha had already returned. The arrow for the abunoi grass had disappeared so it seems like she had gathered it all.

「Master are you alright? Your face is kind of pale…..and you’re soaked in sweat.」
「I’m alright, I’m just a little tired.」
「Is that so?」

Risha let out a sigh of relief.

Moving her aside I put the bushino stones into the magic circles.

I put in 10 each.

Then the arrows disappeared and the magic circles let out a bright light.

It was the same phenomena that happened when I made the cure-all.

And the house was completed.

They were reasonably wide. A wooden house wide enough for a person to live in came out.

It was a cottage-like house.

「So materials at that level can make such a thing?」

I unconsciously murmured.
Leaving aside any problems with the law of conservation of mass, it used up 2500 magic power, that’s pretty big.

When I went inside to look, it was quite quaint and tidy inside.

It feels like this is enough to live normally.
Of course I need furniture and other things too.

I went back outside and said to Risha,

「Risha which do you like?」
「Which house do you like? They’re the same but go ahead and choose the one you like.」
「F-for me? Didn’t you make this for Madway-san?」
「Hm? Oh, that’s right I’ll make him one sooner or later. This is for you.」
「Master……….Thank you.」

Risha’s eyes were flooded with tears.

The flow of the conversation made it clear that these were tears of joy.

The moment that her tears hit the ground….
—Magic has been charged by 20,000—

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