Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 01 – Chapter 03

I spent the night inside my wooden house, once I woke up all of my joints were in pain.

I fell asleep quickly last night since I was tired from collecting all the materials, but I regretted going to sleep before taking the time to make a bed.

Today I want to make a bed….at the very least a mattress or so I thought.

I left my house and walked in front of Risha’s house.

I knocked but there was no reaction.


I called out but there was no reaction.

I wonder what happened.

「I’m coming in.」

There wasn’t any words of refusal, so I opened up the door and went in.

Just like me, I saw Risha sleeping on the floor.

For some reason Risha seemed to be in pain.

「Oi what’s wrong?」

When she notices me Risha speaks up.

It sounds like her nose is completely stuffed up.

「I’b really sowwy……I’b gebbing up mow—–」
「It’s fine, it’s fine. Just lie down.」

I pushed Risha’s shoulder back down as she was attempting to get up.

Though I had her lie back down she started to cough.

Stuffy nose and cough——a cold huh?

「I’b sowwy……I’ll help out……」
「Yeah yeah it’s fine just go back to sleep.」

I let Risha rest and went outside.

「Menu Open」

I opened the menu, paid 300 magic and placed the magic circle on the ground.

I don’t know if it’ll be effective, but it’s the cure-all magic formation.

By following the arrow, I gather 5 abunoi grass.

I wonder if we gathered too much when we were building the houses….I finally found some after walking for at least 10 minutes.

I returned, finished the cure-all, and entered Risha’s house.

「Here, drink this and let’s see.」

She agreed in a hoarse voice and drank the cure-all.

*Gulp gulp* she swallowed it down her throat.


The next moment Risha’s voice came back.

It’s clear that the medicine worked.

「Thank you very much Master.」
「Did the medicine work alright? Are there any other places that feel sick?」
「There aren’t any. Thanks to Master I feel completely better.」
「Is that so? Then that’s good.」

The newly energetic Risha left the house with me.

「What should we do today Master?」
「Let’s see…….」

I open my menu and gaze at it thinking. I keep staring and thinking….

I can roughly see that there isn’t anything like a bed or futon in the menu. There doesn’t seem to be anything that can be used for bedding.

I remember what happened yesterday. There certainly wasn’t any wooden house at first, but once I identified the abunoi grass to make the cure-all the restriction was lifted.

Well for now why don’t I gather a bunch of things and check them?

「Alright, let’s gather materials.」
「What will we be gathering?」
「Various things. Anyways, just think about gathering stuff. We’ll both go out and if we find anything of note we’ll pick it up and bring it back.」
「I understand.」

「I’ll help as well」
Madway came out of his thatched hut.

「Is your body alright?」
「Mm, there’s no problem.」
「Well then, I’ll be relying on you.」

And so the three of us split the work and went out gathering materials.

Looking here and there we brought anything and everything of note that was lying around or growing, and put it in front of my house.

The surroundings were pretty much a wasteland so there wasn’t anything significant lying around, but anyways we gathered every little bit we could find.

We started in the morning and by the afternoon there was a small mountain of materials in front of my house.

I stood with Risha and Madway in front of the little mountain and checked my menu.

「Is this enough?」
「I think it’s enough for something…Oh I can make an iron sword.」

In the crafting list I found something called iron sword.

Kind of exciting. I wanted to hurry and make it so I paid 1000 magic and created the magic formation.

The arrow pointed at the mountain of materials.

「Iron ore x20 it says….something stone-like probably.」
「It’s this shining stone right?」
「Yep that’s it.」

Risha put the stones one after the other into the magic circle. Once there were 20 within the circle all the ore was sucked into the circle.

They became an iron sword.

I lifted it, pulled it from its sheath, and swung it through the air.

This mass of iron was reassuring.

This was a world I was summoned to, a world where there was a such thing as an evil god.

I don’t know what lies ahead, but it’d be best to have a weapon.

I check the list once more.

「Still nothing.」
「Then let’s go gather some more stuff.」

And so Risha started to run off.

「Gather things that we don’t have here.」

I called out to Risha. She stopped for a moment and nodded then continued running.

Then we gathered even more things.

It was nearly dusk and the things in front of my house had increased even further—–it had become kind of like a dump.

Because the amount of things I can make increased, it seems like many of these items are materials.

I thought about organizing this garbage dump-like pile.

I paid 5,000 magic for wooden houses.

Abunoi grass 100, Wood 600, Bushino stone 20.

I gathered the materials for both the houses from the mountain of materials.
Then I made the houses.

One of the houses was for Madway and the other was for storage.

I started carrying the materials into the storehouse.

In the meantime Risha had returned.

「You’ve made another house Master.」
「Yep, put what you’ve gathered in here please.」
「and that is?」
「Yes! This is some kind of bird’s feathers」
「Feathers…….down (as in a down pillow)? Maybe…」

Quickly I opened my menu.

I looked carefully through the crafting list that had increased by quite a bit.

「There it is!」
「It is?」

There was a down-futon within the crafting list.

I immediately laid out 3 separate magic formations.

It cost 700 magic for one and 2100 for three.

And the one material it needs is 25 「Pero fur」.

From what Risha brought—-we were able to make one futon.

We need to gather enough for at least two more.

For the time being I said to Risha,

「Risha, carry this into your house.」
「What’s wrong?」

Risha looked a little depressed.

「No, it’s nothing.」

Risha said that and pulled herself together and carried the futon———into my house.

「Oi Risha! Why are you carrying it in here? I thought I told you to take it to your house?」
「I’m sorry, but I think that Master should have it first.」
「Is that so?」

Risha nodded.

*………* the silence lengthened.

This is a little out of my expectations.

To be completely honest I was expecting to get a magic charge just now.
I thought that if I gave this to Risha first, she’d be happy and I’d get some magic…

I guess I was really aiming for too much huh?

Well it’s fine.

「Risha, I’ll leave the other two futons to you.」
「The next one is yours you know?」
「I understand」

Risha darted off.

Yep…I didn’t get a magic charge.

I also left this place.

I wanted to collect materials until the sun had set.

While I was walking I encountered my first monster.

At the first glance it looked like a regular rabbit….but it was twice as large as a normal rabbit and it had vicious looking fangs coming out of its mouth.

I wonder if this thing is a material as well?

…..Most likely.

Somehow I felt convinced of that.
In this case there should be a lot of materials that can be gathered from monsters.

Then I have to do this.

I unsheathed the iron sword that I made just today and attacked the rabbit.

It was the first time I was fighting a monster, but the rabbit really wasn’t anything much….I was able to win somehow.

I took home the rabbit’s corpse.

In front of my house I saw Risha carrying a futon towards Madway’s place.

The magic circles were gone. It seems like they had both been finished and she was carrying the second one to Madway’s house.

「Welcome back Master! What’s that?」
「It’s something I defeated, I hope that it becomes some sort of material.」
「A monster……」

Risha looked at me with respect.
Is defeating a monster impressive or something?

I’ll ask later, for now I open my menu.

I was checking whether or not it had increased.

「It increased by one. Can it be made with only one?」
「Will you make it?」
「Yeah let’s make it.」

I create the magic formation and place the rabbit’s body inside of it.

The magic circle created the item. It was a 950 magic 「Fur Skin Dress」.

A white women’s dress was created.

「It’s a dress.」
「A woman’s dress.」
「Then….it’s yours.」

Risha was surprised.

「Well….you know you’re the only girl around right?」
「Th-that’s right isn’t it…..」

I pushed the fur skin dress into Risha’s hands.

Risha seemed a little embarrassed, but she didn’t seem dissatisfied.

After hesitating for a moment Risha said,

「Thank you very much Master.」

—Magic has been charged by 1000—

It was a poor result in comparison to before….but I don’t think it’s bad.

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