Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 01 – Chapter 06


Though I hit the monster in front of me with my iron sword, there was no real feedback.

Actually it was a rather strange response.

It feels soft like I was beating the dust out of a futon hanging out to dry, but it sounded like I was hitting metal.

I kick the monster’s body and jump behind it.

「Is it no good with the iron sword!?」

Though it looks sharp I get the feeling that I won’t be able to cut anything.

I mutter in annoyance and observe the monster again.

If I were to describe it in a few words it would be, a huge green caterpillar covered in white hair.

It is about as large as a car and its hair is pure white and fluffy, it looks just like a caterpillar.

It was a monster called an Elka(Eruka).

Its body was faintly glowing, in other words it was a material for the item I was trying to create.

The elka slowly turned towards me, it opened its jaws wide as ferocious fangs glittered in its mouth.

——It’s coming!

In the next instant it plunges towards me making it seem like its earlier lethargy seem like a joke.

It rushed madly towards me making the wind howl as it tore through the air.

Immediately I jumped to the side and dodged. The elka rammed into the boulder that was behind me and bit down on it.


It crunched the huge rock into pieces. It has terribly sharp fangs and incredibly powerful jaws.

Being bitten would be awful, a human’s body would be torn apart easily.

My arm was just grazed by it a moment ago and it was still spurting blood.

This is a dangerous monster——or so I was thinking but I soon found a weak-point.

It slowly turned itself to face the direction that I’d dodged.

It was surprisingly slow. It takes about 10 seconds for it to turn around 360 degrees.

It has a fast forward rush, but it was weak at turns.

Once I understood that I raised my speed and started running circles around the elka, when I found an opening I cut it with my iron sword.

Round and round I continued to cut it.

We entered a pattern.

But there was still no response.

I kept cutting it as the metallic *gakiin* sound continued, finally it changed to a *pechi pechi* sound.

The *pechi pechi* sound felt like it was the result of continuously causing 1 point of damage.

*pechi pechi* *pechi pechi*


This continued for about an hour.


Finally, I got a proper attack in. The iron sword had a nick in the blade from hitting it too much, but it finally penetrated the elka’s fur.


I put all my weight into it and pierced into the elka’s body.

The outsides were tough but the insides are soft.
The iron sword was all nicked up by now, but it cut through it like butter.

The bisected elka squirmed and struggled, but once it stopped moving it began to sag and wither.

It was withering as if the insides of its body was dissolving.

Before long all that was left was a huge pile of hairs and fur.

「……that was a pain…」

Exhausted, I plopped down onto the ground with a thud.

I brought the hair back to the (planned location of the) town.

「Akito-san—–what happened?」

Joseph greeted me and was surprised when he saw my injured arm.

「It’s nothing much. More importantly, put this in the magic circle.」
「I understand. I’ll take it.」

Joseph took more than half of the white furry caterpillar’s, the elka’s, hair.

He took them to the four magic circles. They were magic formations that only required one material.

He divided the hair among the magic formations.

The white caterpillar’s hair was sucked into the circles and with a flash the final product was produced.

The finished products were clothes. Normal clothes.

They were regular clothes with nothing special about them, simple clothes that only cost 50 magic to produce.

Actually there are several other clothes that I could have made. But among them the one that used the least materials and magic was this one.

Therefore, it was chosen……but it was a trap.

It required very little magic and material, but the material itself was a big pain to acquire.

The materials that I got from an opponent that would have instantly killed me if I let my guard down (but I didn’t die so that doesn’t matter) became normal clothing.

From now on I should look at items that have a low magic cost as a trap.
That aside, the clothes are finished. It is enough for the Joseph and the others who had turned back from monsters.

Joseph took the clothes and brought them to the others’ places.

I remained here and opened my menu.

I’ve mostly recovered from the fight so I thought about making a new weapon to replace my chipped iron sword.

I opened the menu and looked for weapons, but one really drew my eyes.

—Eternal Slave—

There was a weapon that had the name of Risha’s race.

And the magic it consumed was surprisingly ZERO!

The materials were iron sword x2 and slave’s present x1.

「This smells like a trap……this really smells like a trap.」

From my experiences just now I was really cautious.

「…..well anyways the magic cost is zero, so it won’t matter even if I make the magic formation and not complete it.」

I made an excuse and laid out the magic formation. I was thinking about confirming what was needed.

As usual, the arrows appeared from the magic circle.

The first arrow was pointing towards the iron sword in my hand and the other was…

「Master, for some reason my hair is shining—–ah」

Risha ran over in a panic, but once she saw what was going on she understood at once.

The other arrow was pointing at Risha and her beautiful blond hair was glowing.

It seems like her hair was a material.

「As I expected this is pretty much a trap.」

Though I could ask her to cut her hair for the material, that’s a really awkward thing to ask as you might expect.

Though she might be a slave, her appearance is that of a beautiful elf with long golden hair. To have her cut it would be—–

「Yes Master」

Risha didn’t hesitate and cut her hair.

She grabbed the bunch of hair and presented it to me.

「Wai-! What are you doing?」
「What am I doing? Master needs my hair right?」
「Needs it?……I do need it though…」
「Then please.」

She calmly handed me the hair.

I let out a sigh, since it’s already been cut off then it can’t be helped.

「Risha give me that iron sword. I need two of them.」
「I understand!」

Taking the swords and the hair, I put them all in the magic formation at once.

A new sword was created.

A resplendently ornamented sword was produced, it was a sword with an incredible appearance.

「This is the eternal slave huh?」

I swung the sword with a *swoosh*. For some reason this sword seems almost perfectly suited to me.

Necessary magic Zero, and a part of a person’s (slave’s) body.

I think that this is most likely an incredible weapon.

To the side Risha,

「My hair…..turned into Master’s weapon…」

She looked moved as her eyes glistened with emotion. And——

—Magic has been charged by 20,000—

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