Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 01 – Chapter 07

By hunting the elkas I obtained more white caterpillar hair.

Even though I’m only using it to make normal clothing, the possibility that it is actually a high class material is likely.

At any rate, the more I have the better when the time comes for me to make more, so I went out to find and defeat more.

By the way the elkas were easily defeated using my new sword – Eternal Slave.

With the iron sword I was rewarded with pechi pechi sounds when I hit it, but now I can split it in two with a single swing.

As I thought, it’s an incredible weapon.

Also I found a little trick I could use.

When I created the magic circle for the normal clothes, it would act like a radar that would show where the elkas were. Anyways this felt like just a little something extra.

At any rate, I returned to the land where we planned to create a town with the bundles of hair.


I was astonished by the spectacle before my eyes.

The houses were destroyed.

They were collapsing and black smoke was coming out of them.

「What happened!」

Joseph heard me and ran over.

「Ah Akito-san. Monsters attacked.」
「Yes, an extremely strong monster…..we put up a fight, but this was the result….」

Joseph said with a face that looked as though he’d been chewing on lemons.

As I looked around some more, I saw that there were people injured in addition to the damage.

It truly had the feeling of “after an attack”.

「I’m sorry, you even went to the trouble of making them for us…」
「It’s fine. Leave it alone, just help me make medicine.」

The moment I opened my DORECA menu—-

Type: Normal Card
Magic Power Level: 20,873
Number of Items Created: 18
Number of Slaves: 1
I was surprised.

For some reason my Magic Power Level had become a really half-assed number.

There should have been 20,200 left. Then there should have been an additional 20,000 that came from the completion of the Eternal Slave weapon.

Nevertheless, it was decreasing…

What is this?


Joseph asked as he saw my confusion.

「No, it’s nothing.」

For now, let’s set this aside. I made 10 magic circles for cure-all.

I made some to use right now, and some to stock for later.

I left it to Joseph, then stood in front of the destroyed houses.

I opened the menu again. In the crafting list there was something called 「Restoration」.

It wasn’t there yesterday, but it was there now.

I wonder if it appears when something you made is destroyed?

I cast 「Restoration」 on all of the houses.

It took 1,250 for each. It was half the cost of making them.

It only needed half the materials as well, when we took the materials out of the storehouse and put them in, the houses were restored.

For now, we’ve taken care of the preliminary clean up.
Next we need to talk about what we’ll do from now on.

「Wouldn’t it be good if we had some kind of weapon that we can use when monsters attack?」
「It’d be great if we had a Fountain of Ilia…」
「Fountain of Ilia?」

Joseph and I stared at each other. I feel like I’ve heard of Ilia somewhere…

Oh yea! It was the goddess right?

「It is something you need when you are planning to make a town. If you have that, ordinary monsters will not approach.」
「I see, it’s like a barrier.」
「If only we had that….」
「Wait a sec. Menu Open.」

I looked through my crafting list…Fountain of Ilia……Fountain of Ilia…

「There it is.」
「You can make that!?」

I used 15,000 points and created the magic circle for a Fountain of Ilia.

There were five arrows. Four of them were pointing at the storehouse, and one was pointing towards a distant location. (TN: think of the arrows like mission objective markers)

I went to get the materials by myself.

The name of the material was 「Sacred Drop」 and I only needed one.

「Somehow it sounds like an amazing item…」

I talked to myself as I walked through the wasteland.

It’d be great if I could get it without anything happening.

「Oh yeah…」

I remembered the phenomenon when my magic was consumed by half.

It happened so suddenly, and only after I had obtained the Eternal Slave. It returned to around the amount I had before I created the Eternal Slave.

As I was opening the DORECA menu with my left hand I cut a rock with the Eternal Slave that I was holding in my right.

I cut through the rock as if it was butter.

And just like that the 2,873 magic I had, decreased by 7 and became 2,866.
As I thought. This weapon uses magic every time you use it.

Using the charged magic to create an incredible cutting edge.

I understood.

Once I understood it, I continued walking.

「Hmm? Is that it?」

In front of me I saw an elka. The white haired caterpillar that I had defeated many times.

Its body was glowing.

Why is this guy’s body shining? Right now the magic circle should be pointing out the materials for the Fountain of Ilia.

Is this guy the material?


As I was thinking, the elka rushed at me. As usual it’s charge was deadly.

「Whatever, I’ll think about it after beating it!」

I took my stance with Eternal Slave and jumped to the side while slicing the elka in half.

Just like before, the elka’s body dissolved and left behind white hair.

The light also disappeared, and the white hair wasn’t glowing.

「…..was that wrong?」

I heard a rustling sound and saw that another elka had appeared.

This elka’s body was also shining.

…… can’t be right? Is this meant to be a rare item drop?

As I thought that I turned to cut at the second elka.


Once I returned, Risha came running out to greet me.

「Master are you alright?」
「I’m fine. It’s just that my magic is down to the double digits.」
「Well, it was all for this.」

I said as I took out the shining material from my pocket.

The shining item was a jewel in the shape of a tear drop.

The magic circle’s arrow was pointing towards it.

「So this is the material?」
「Yep……the drop rate is about 5% I’d say…」
「Eh? Ahh nevermind. Oh right, I have a little something I need help with so please come with me.」

She started to gather the white hair that dropped from my arms and was scattered around.

As we were speaking, Madway, Joseph, and the others gathered here.

As they were watching I placed the Sacred Drop inside of the magic circle.

As always a bright light flashed and suddenly a water fountain was created.

It was like a fountain that you’d see in a park.

The moment after it was created, the fountain began to let out a different kind of light.

It was a warm and reassuring light.

「This is it…..」
「This is the light that will reflect monsters and protect the town.」
「Now we can finally make a town properly.」

Everyone seemed to be deeply moved.

This was the first time I’d experienced this light but it seems like it’s a good thing.


Joseph called out to me with an extremely serious face.

Is there something else we need to make?

「There is something I’d like to ask of you Akito-san」
「What is it? Just tell me.」
「For this……for the town that we will be making….would you please be the mayor?」

When Joseph said that everyone else looked at me.

All of their eyes seemed to be saying 「Please」.

Is this what you wanted to ask me? Well this is how I thought it’d end up…

「I understand. I’ll be the mayor.」

The moment I accepted it, the men started to get excited as Risha’s eyes sparkled with respect while she looked at me as if I were her knight in shining armor.

And thus, I became the Mayor.

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