Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 01 – Chapter 11

I took Risha and Mira along and found the materials for the choker.

One after another, the people who’d been changed back from the slave-beasts woke up.

I questioned each of them after they woke up.

Just like Joseph and the others, the last thing they remembered was being attacked by a monster.

With this it’s been confirmed. The slave-beasts are people who were killed and transformed.

「Hey is our village……is our village really….」

One woman began to ask something when a man gravely nodded in response to the unspoken question.

Looking at them there seemed to be something else—–ten of the people seemed bitter and gloomy.

Those ten were strangely distant from the other nine and had sat down on the ground a short distance away.

Somehow it came to me.

「Are you guys from the same village?」
「Yeah, all of us are from the Tomari village.」
「And the Tomari village is?」
「… was attacked by monsters and burned…’s probably gone.」
「I see」

I nodded. As I expected.

「Is it pretty much the same for everyone here? The monsters attacked and endangered your towns and villages?」

This time everyone seemed to get depressed.

All 19 of these people seem to be in the same boat—-they seemed to have realized that they no longer have a place to return to.

So, for these people I had a proposal.

「To tell you the truth, a short way from here we are making a town. Why don’t you come over?」

All of them started talking.

「I’ll explain more later, but this world has already fallen into ruin, but the evil god has already been defeated. That’s why now is the Restoration Era. I will make a town, expand, and on the way I will return the world to its glory.」

The reaction was pretty tame; it seems like they’re still unsure.

I took a breath and continued to speak.

「As of now we only have one small town, but we do have a proper Fountain of Iris (changed by author from Ilia). Developing from here——–」
「A Fountain of Iris!?」

The man from before raised his voice. When I look at them they all seem surprised.

What happened?

「Is there really a Fountain of Iris?」
「And we can live there?」
「That’s what I was inviting you to do?」
「W-what’s the residential tax?」

I got questioned one after another. Somehow it started to get kind of strange.

「Wait wait wait. Why are you all so surprised? Is a Fountain of Iris so amazing? I heard that it was 『absolutely necessary for a town』 so I was a little unreasonable and made one.」

When I said that all of them shouted in surprise 「You made one!?」

They were even more surprised than before.

At the same time, I saw some signs of reverence in their eyes.

「What’s wrong? Was I lied to?」
「No, that’s not it.」

The first guy responded.

「Certainly a Fountain of Iris is necessary for town. If you have one, then it can block the invasion of monsters. But to create one you need to have a considerably large town. It has to at least have around 1,000 people.」
「In the village where we lived it was really……」
「In that kind of town you need to pay taxes just to be there….」

They spoke up one after another.

Finally, I understood.

It wasn’t a mistake; it truly wasn’t a mistake to make it.

But it’s just that I wasn’t aware of what an incredible item it really was.

When Joseph said that it was necessary… was probably a case of the gap in mentality between city and country folk.

I cleared my throat and spoke up.

「I invite you all to my town. I don’t need a municipal tax. Come with me and let’s all build ourselves a town together.」

I took my two slaves wearing their chokers and the 19 tradesmen back to the town.

「Woah! It’s really a Fountain of Iris!」
「We can live here with peace of mind.」

All of them surrounded the Fountain of Iris in wonderment.

「But there aren’t enough houses…」
「It’s fine. We can just build them. I was a bit of a carpenter before…」

So we’ve got a former carpenter here?

That’s good, but for now we don’t really need that.

I walked closer to them and spoke up.

「Ah, wait a moment」
「What’s wrong?」
「Menu Open」

I took out my Bronze Card DORECA and chose the wooden house from my crafting list.

「Risha I’ll leave it to you. Mira, help Risha.」
「I understand.」

The two of them entered the storehouse and brought out the required materials. Then they put them into the magic circle according to Risha’s orders.

Once the materials were gathered, a wooden house appeared on the spot.

「Wh-what the heck is this!?」

All of them were surprised.

「I have a creation type of magic. As you can see, I place down a magic circle, place the required materials inside, and it is created. This is how I made the Fountain of Iris. Actually, everything around here was made by me.」

All of them were further struck with admiration and wonder.

As they looked at me, it was as if they were looking at their hero.

「I’ll place down 7 circles to make houses. When I set them, you guys go gather the materials and make them.」
「We got it. Everyone let’s do it!」

The man said that and everyone cheered.

Somehow that guy became something like their leader.

After checking that all of them started moving to get the materials I checked something.

「Menu Open」

I once again opened my menu and looked at my crafting list.

Honestly, there was something that had caught my eye before.

When it became a Bronze Card, there was one thing that was unlocked that caught my eye.

2 story wooden house, Magic Power 1,000.

That was what I saw.

A normal wooden house cost 2,500 magic, but in spite of that adding a second floor decreased the cost by about half.

I touched it and checked the materials.

「Oh I get it. You need a wooden house already built to add the second floor—-alright then」

I checked the other materials and made sure that I could create it, then I walked in front of my house.


My two slaves followed behind me.

The two of them were looking at me with an expression that seemed to be asking ‘what are you doing?’

「You two, help me. I’m going to enlarge the house.」
「You’re going to enlarge it?」

Risha seemed surprised.

「Yeah since there’s going to be three of us from now on…..ah wait, did you want a separate house Mira?」

I asked. When she heard the question she violently shook her head.

「It’s best to be with Master! Because I am your slave!」
「I see…」

After checking Mira’s wishes, I placed the magic circle for the second floor near my house.

Then the closest house, which was my own, started shining. The other arrow pointed towards the storehouse.

「Alright you two, take the things out of the house. When you’re done gather the materials.」

As I instructed, the two of them took out things like bedding and clothes.

After that they went to gather the materials. Both of them had little smiles on their faces.

I realized at some point that it makes them kind of happy when I use a little more of a commanding tone with them.

They probably don’t even understand why themselves, it makes little difference though.

As I watched, the house was emptied and I was currently worried about what to do.

I can leave the other materials to the two of them, but I don’t know what I should do about the wood house.

This is similar to the time when I made the eternal slave.

But at that time it was an iron sword.

It was something that I could normally pick up and normally put inside the magic circle.

In comparison…this is a house.

「There’s no way that I have to lift this and—-wtf?」

I jokingly grabbed the side of the house and tried to lift it—–and it rose!
I easily lifted the wooden house that had been sitting there.

It seemed like it was weightless, but I was still nervous about whether I could actually lift it.

I lifted it like a dumbbell…..oi can I really do this like it’s nothing?

「Oh my god ohmygod ohmygod!」

My two slaves had come back and were looking at me in worship.

I understand how amazing this is, if I saw someone do this then I’d also be thinking the same thing.

If I saw someone lifting a house like dumbbells I would be surprised too.

……I’ll investigate why I can lift this later.

For now, I put the house in the magic circle and put the materials that the girls had gathered inside as well.

After a glowing light appeared, the second floor of my house was completed.

All around me are one story homes, only this one has a second floor.

Well, I’m the mayor. I should at least get this much privilege.

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