Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 01 – Chapter 12

I walked with Mira.

Leaving the fountain of Iris, we continue in a straight line.

I walk silently, and Mira follows in silence.

We walked for about five minutes.

「What’s wrong Master?」
「Come here and look.」

Mira walked up from behind me.

「You understand right?」

Mira compared where she was standing with where she had previously stood.

It was as if an unseen line was drawn there.

「Here and here.」

I jumped back and forth across the invisible line.

「When I stand here I feel at ease, and when I stand here I feel uneasy somehow.」
「In other words…is this the range of the Fountain of Iris? Let’s walk a bit more.」

I took Mira along and further confirmed the effective range.

About 5 minutes away from the center……a radius of about 300 meters seemed to be the range of the effect.

In summary, the town needs to be built within the effective range.

For that purpose, I need magic power.

「Menu Open」

Type: Bronze Card
Magic Power Level: 2016
Number of Items Created: 58
Number of Slaves: 2

My magic power has decreased substantially. There isn’t much left.

This was the result of me needing to create enough homes for the rapid increase in people.

I made them as quickly as I could, but I still don’t have enough homes apparently.

If I don’t increase my magic power then…..

Then I saw Mira.

「What’s wrong Master?」

The elf-looking girl with her choker attached.

My slave.

My adorable slave who charges my magic with her smiles and happiness.

「Is there anything you want?」
「Something I want?」
「Yep. Just say it and I’ll make it for you.」

Mira thought.
She tilted her head to the side and groaned a bit.

「There……isn’t anything in particular.」

I was a bit troubled.

I was hoping that I could make something for her to make her happy…but if she doesn’t want anything then I’m in a pinch.

「There’s really nothing? You don’t have to hold back, just tell me.」
「There’s really nothing. Well…..」

Mira looked downwards and fidgeted bashfully.

「It’s more than enough to be the slave of such a wonderful Master.」

—Magic has been charged by 1,000—

As she said that my magic was charged.

Up until now my magic has been charged by smiles and becoming happy.

I wonder if it got charged by happiness this time.

So that would mean that saying those words made her happy.

……….my face feels hot.


「I, I’m sorry. I said something really presumptuous didn’t I? I’m just a slave and I disobeyed my Master’s command didn’t I? Um um um….something I want….something I want…..」

Mira starting thinking in a great panic.

She’s desperately trying to find 「something she wants」 just because I asked.

How lovable.

When I look at her like that, I feel that my face is getting hotter and it’s spreading to my ears.

「Wha, yes!」
「Just leave it. It’s fine.」
「I’m sorry, I’ll find something quickly so…」
「It’s fine. Leave it, it’s time to work. Please confirm the area of effect for the Fountain of Iris and draw out a line on the ground.」
「—–I understand!」

Mira nodded joyfully and picked up a nearby scrap of wood before drawing a line along the border.

—Magic has been charged by 5,000—

I was stumped.

I was just feeling embarrassed so I forced some work onto her to hide my bashfulness, but my magic still got charged.

In other words, this also made Mira happy.

「It can’t be…..」

I thought of a possibility.

「Mira, come back to the house once you’re finished.」

I went back to my home and chose 「paper」 from among the things that had unlocked when I reached bronze card. From that paper I folded a medal.

It was an origami medal, it was of normal……no it wasn’t that good quality.

It was around the level of a kindergartner.

As I was finishing Mira returned.

「Master I have finished my work.」
「You’re done? How did the line turn out?」
「It ended up round, the start and the end were connected.」
「I see, good job.」
「Then I’ll give you this.」

I said and handed her the medal I just folded.

「This is…?」
「It’s a reward for doing your job properly.」

I said.

I believe that Mira wants to be useful to me as a slave.

If so then how about I give it to her under the pretext of being a reward for hard work?

…….was it too unnatural?

I though one thing after another and I started to get uneasy. Then I added on something else.

「If you collect 10 of them, I will make you a special slave.」

Even if you ask me what a special slave is…..I couldn’t tell you.

「Thank you very much!!」

—Magic has been charged by 100,000—

The effect was incredible; the amount was so much that I instinctively let out a surprised shout.

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