Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 01 – Chapter 13

Our food has been exhausted.

I was standing in front of the completely harvested fruit trees looking upwards.

The residents (including Mira), suddenly increased by 20 people so our food consumption suddenly shot up.

Yesterday we gathered all the fruit off the trees and we were barely able to feed everyone.

Right now there might not even be enough inside of the storehouse to feed one person.

Honestly, at this rate everyone is going to begin to starve by evening.

In order to resolve this, Madway and Joseph took everyone out to go hunting.

「There’s no guarantee that they’ll be able to get anything……..Menu Open」

I held my DORECA and opened my menu.

I searched through my Item List to find some food.

Before there weren’t any food items, instead it had things like 「Fruit Tree」 and 「Field」. It was kind of vague.

However, since it has become a Bronze Card there are several types of food that can be made.

When I looked at the food, most of them had very high magic costs.

「………..oioi, shortcake is 3,000? Isn’t this just a rip-off?」

I unintentionally let out a retort.

The magic consumption of those things were several hundreds or thousands. Cake and other dessert items cost more than building a house.

As I continued to look, I realized that there was some sort of rule.

「Luxury items and luxury food cost more huh?」

Meat and vegetables only cost a few hundred (even so that’s still expensive) but, shortcake was 3,000 and even a parfait was 10,000.

There are several others, but generally the law of more magic requires less materials is true.

Which means——I’m getting anxious now about how little food there actually is around here…

Among the food items there is something called a Pushinee…it only costs 1 magic.

1…only a single one.

I laid out a magic circle.

The arrow flew out and pointed to the nearby ground.

The soil was shining.

I took that soil and put it in the circle.

And the magic circle became a Pushinee.

「….wait isn’t that ○rimate?」 (TN: Don’t ask….I don’t know…)

When I saw it that was my first impression.

It was in a block shape like a block nutritional meal without the package.

I picked it up, smelled it, and licked it to test.

It had no taste or smell. It was surprising how tasteless it was.

Carefully I took a little bite.


It was so gross that I unintentionally let out a cry.

It doesn’t taste like anything, it doesn’t smell like anything.

What’s more, it’s really dry and hurts when you chew it.

If I were to say it simply——it’s an unbelievably bad ○rimate.


「Ah, I’m not feeling as hungry.」

I was once again so surprised that I let out a cry.

I took a single bite and I can clearly feel that my belly has become more full.

I went and got some spring water and then washed the rest of it down my throat.

I got even more full, I only had this little thing and my belly is almost completely full.

I see, it requires very little magic, and it’s really gross, but it fills you.

I felt that it was pretty easy to understand. Furthermore, I was grateful.

If it’s like this then, don’t even talk about 20 people, we can even afford to support a few hundred.

So let’s mass-produce it, or so I was thinking then…

「We’re back Master」

Risha came back.

「Oh Risha, just in time. I’m about to make some things so help me.」

Risha immediately replied with a smile.

「The material is soil. I’ll make the magic circles one after another so dig up the soil next to them and put it in.」
「I understand.」

With DORECA in hand, I made Pushinee circles one after another.

And right next to each of them Risha digs out the soil and puts it in.

Magic circle is made, soil is put in.
Magic circle is made, soil is put in.
Magic circle is made, soil is put in.

Risha and I mass-produced Emergency Rations that cost 1 magic.

It was mind-numbing and we started to enter an almost meditative state.

It was almost as if we were working in an assembly line for mass-producing food.

We continued to do it for an hour and we ended up with a small mountain of Pushinee.

As I looked at it, I wiped the sweat off of my forehead.

「Good work-desu」
「You too.」
「By the way…what manner of thing is this?」
「It’s a food called Pushinee. It’s because we have more people and there’s not enough food.」
「… you want to try it?」
「Is that alright?」
「Well, I made it so that everyone can eat…」
「That’s right isn’t it?」

Risha took one pushinee and bit off about 1/3 of it.

Then she held her hand over her mouth and chewed.


Her expression changed and she groaned a bit.

「Ahaha, it’s pretty bad.」
「No, that’s not so…..because Master made it.」
「No it is bad. I sampled it a little while ago so I know. In exchange it is very filling.」
「………ah, it’s true.」
「That’s the case. It’s gross but it fills you.」

Risha then began to stare at the pushinee with a very serious gaze.

Her face seemed to be thinking about what she should do.

「…..something Master made…」

She paused for a moment then with a little shout, *Ei!* tossed the rest of the pushinee directly into her mouth.

She chewed and chewed—–with tearful eyes.

You didn’t have to push yourself to eat that.


「Have you gotten full?」
「eh, Yes! Thank you for the meal!」
「Do you think you have room for a little more?」

Risha glanced quickly at the mountain of pushinee with a face that looked like she wanted to cry, but still she nodded.

「I-if it’s only a little…」
「I see; it must be the second stomach (dessert stomach).」
「Menu Open」

Holding the DORECA I paid 3,000 magic and placed the magic circle.

「Huh? The materials in the storehouse——it’s not the pushinee Master?」
「It’s something else. Come on, get the materials.」
「I understand.」

Risha brought out the materials as ordered and placed them inside the magic circle.

And from inside of the glittering lights………a shortcake appeared.

It was from the last of the fruits inside the storehouse, a strawberry shortcake.

「What is this?」
「Take a bite and see.」

Risha timidly took a bite of the shortcake.


Unlike when she tried the pushinee, her face lit up with a glowing smile.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that her entire face was lit up by her smile.

「It’s sweet and delicious-desu. It’s amazing Master!」
「I see」
「To make such a thing just for me…….Thank you very much Master!」

Risha expressed her gratitude.

—Magic has been charged by 2,000—

Inside my head I heard that voice, I was charged by Risha’s happiness.

I made it with 3,000 and was charged by 2,000.

It’s a definite deficit.

「Eh, whatever.」

If it’s to this degree, then I think it’s fine.

Alright, when Risha finishes eating we’ll restart our pushinee production.

I mean seriously, we have over 20 residents.


Risha was holding out a piece of shortcake towards me while blushing furiously.


She repeated once more.

I was surprised but I managed to pull myself together.

……….it was delicious.

Though I still ate a loss with magic power.

「It’s delicious Risha.」
「It’s something Master made after all. Would you like another bite?」

I seriously thought to myself that “this is great”.

Night, while Akito and Mira are sleeping, Risha is writhing on top of her futon.

The delight had been delayed and only just hit her now as she was thinking.

—It’s delicious Risha—

Master’s words were forming a refrain inside of her mind.

「…..Kufu, fufufufufu」

Her face broke into a smile and she let out some laughter.

It took some time, but her feelings of joy built up till now.

(I fed him, I had Master go Ahh and I fed him)

She’s happy and is hoping to do it again.

The entire night Risha continued to giggle and wriggle on her bed.

Without him noticing it, Akito’s magic is being charged steadily.

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