Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 01 – Chapter 14

「Menu Open….wha-?」

Morning at Home. As I was thinking about what I’d make today, I opened my DORECA and got a surprise.

Type: Bronze Card
Magic Power Level: 186,006
Number of Items Created: 1,060
Number of Slaves: 2
My magic went up quite a bit.

Before I went to bed last night I had a little less than 100,000 but for some reason it increased by 80,000.

This is quite strange, there’s no way that my memory was off by that much.

That being said, the cause of this can be said to be extremely limited…so I asked the only two possibilities about it.

「Risha, Mira, did anything good happen?」
「Something good desu?」

The two of them started thinking. Mira answered first.

「I started serving Master!」

—Magic has been charged by 100—

Mira clapped her hands together and answered with a smile.

I didn’t even do anything and the magic was charged with something that seemed like her honest feelings.

「and you Risha?」
「Umm, for me…….Ah」

She started to speak then stopped mid-sentence and began to blush.

「What is it?」
「N-no it’s nothing!」

She waved her hands defensively as her face got even redder.

I kept staring at her, then she quickly averted her eyes.

It doesn’t feel like she’s feeling unhappy, it’s more like she’s just embarrassed.

It’s a little ambiguous, but I think I mostly understand.

Between last night and this morning, while I was sleeping, something happened that made Risha happy.

That selfsame Risha was glancing at me furtively. This means that it was probably me who caused it.

………was my sleeping face cute or something?
「Oh, Akito-san Good morning」

As I left my house Madway waved and called out.

「Good morning. What’s with the commotion?」

Behind Madway the other men were gathered, they seemed pretty well equipped.

「Well, we were just about to go out hunting.」
「Go hunting? We have enough food, right?」

I looked towards the storehouse.

Inside of it there should be around 1,000 pushinee that I made yesterday.

Right now, we have 27 residents. If each of them have three meals a day, we have enough for at least 12 days.

「We are really grateful.」

Madway bowed.

「With Pushinee alone…. One of them will fill your stomach and there are enough of them so we don’t need to worry about our everyday life, for that we are very thankful.」

Then what’s wrong? I thought.

「However……it’s hard to say this but…it’s gross.」
「You’re wrong, it’s actually disgusting.」

I said. Madway looked apologetic and nodded.

「That’s right, it’s disgusting. It does fill our stomachs but that taste is….so with that, we want to find something to eat properly. That means hunting pretty much. So, we all agreed.」
「I see.」

We have the minimum we need for survival, but they want to aim for a better standard of living.

「The men will go hunting, and the women will find edible plants. That’s how we divided the work.」

After saying so, they headed out. Only me and my two slaves remained.

「Master, what shall we be making today?」

Risha asked.

I started thinking.

There are quite a few things I’d like to do.

I want to make more homes.

I want to make a wall along the line that Mira drew.

I want to find more slave beasts and increase the number of citizens.

There are a huge number of things that I want to do.

But, I’m setting all those aside for now.

「I want to make a kitchen.」
「A kitchen?」

Risha tilted her head curiously.

「Yeah, more accurately I’d like to make something like a community kitchen. Everyone went out to find good food so I want to make a place where they can cook it.」
「I see.」
「You can make something like that too?」
Mira asked.

「Menu Open」

I looked at the Creation list within the DORECA.

There was nothing that was exactly what I was looking for.

There wasn’t anything but——I put a magic circle on the ground for something else.

「Risha, Mira」

The two of them set off for the storehouse with a smile.

As they were coming back, Risha had a curious look on her face.

「Master, this material is…..for a wooden house right?」

As expected of Risha who I’ve made many things with.
She was able to figure out what I was making just from the materials.

「Is this for making the kitchen?」
「It’s fine, just do it.」

Risha and Mira put the materials into the magic circle and the wooden house was created.

「Hmm, the location is a little bad…」

I lifted the wooden house with a grunt and carried it to a different location.

Creating it in just the right place using the magic circle is a little difficult.

By the way, if it is something that I’ve made it seems like I can easily carry it.

For other people the laws of physics will naturally apply, but for me that is not the case, it doesn’t matter how heavy it is, I can carry it.

I was thinking if there was a way to misappropriate this power….if I get the chance I think I’ll try it.

After adjusting the house’s position, I entered.

I made magic circles one after another.

Things like tables and shelves, I made things that were needed in a kitchen one after another.

And for the cooking stove/hearth——-.


Mira tilted her head slightly and looked up at me.

「Let’s put it here.」

I found something else in place of a stove and placed it.

One of the arrows from the magic circle was pointing to the inside of a mountain quite some distance from the town.

Something was flowing out of a hole there.

The area surrounding the hole was melted…it was boiling lava.

After it flowed out, it changed shape and started moving like a wriggling worm.

It was a Lava Monster, it’s body was glowing so it should be the material.

「It’s that guy huh?」

I had come here by myself, and so I drew my eternal slave.

From this distance my skin was gradually getting burnt.

I swung my sword to cut it.

「It’s hard! But so what!」

There’s no way I can’t cut this. I put my strength into the swing and swung down with even more power. The lava monster ended up cut in half.

「As expected…that’s how it is?」

The lava monster that I’d just cut in half merged back into one shape.

It seemed similar to a slime so I was honestly expecting this.

「……it’s about 2,000 or so.」

It was a bit of a waste, but it’s not good to be too stingy. It’s better to finish it in one blow even if I have to pay a little more.

I gathered magic into my eternal slave.

Once I gathered about 2,000 I imagined it being defeated in one blow.

The blade began shining with a white light and it felt like it was expanding somewhat.

I took it—-and slashed down all at once.

The slave sword filled with magic crushed the lava monster completely like a hammer.

All that was left was a red light, a red light that looked like a soul or a spirit.

I brought the red light the—lava soul—and brought it into the cookhouse.

「Welcome back!」

My two slaves greeted me.

There was only one magic circle left, the rest had been completed.

「Good work.」

I patted their heads then faced the last magic circle.

Once I placed the lava soul inside of it, the magic circle changed.

On top of a table there were two open holes. In front of each of them there is a knob.

「Master, what is this?」
「It’s a thing like a cooking stove. You probably use it like this….」

I grabbed one of the knobs and turned it. At that moment, a flame appeared.

Then I turned the other one and both sides had a flame ignited on them.

「Amazing! How did this thing light the fire!?」

Mira seemed surprised.

「It’s used like this.」

I said and turned the knob. I turned off the flame, set it to simmering heat, and set it to high heat.

It’s almost exactly like a gas stove.

「I’ve never seen such a thing!」
「Yeah! Normally it’s really hard to set the flame in a stove」

Risha and Mira said.

I put out the flame. With the tables, shelves, and now the stove ready, I can now call this a proper kitchen.

「Alright, it’s done.」

After looking around the kitchen I felt a momentary sense of accomplishment.

Up until now I’ve just made things in one piece. Now that I’ve created something out of many smaller parts, I feel a sense of accomplishment that I haven’t until this moment.

By the way, the kitchen——the citizens were really pleased by the kitchen and the magic stove.

They were so happy that they gave me an entire roasted rabbit from the small haul they’d hunted.

Though their gratitude and happiness doesn’t increase my magic, it doesn’t feel bad to receive it.

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