Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 01 – Chapter 18

I made a magic circle. It was the circle for the dresses that Risha and Mira were wearing.

I wasn’t just making another one…I had a need for the scorpion materials that they were made of.

An arrow came out of the circle and pointed outside of the town.

「Risha, Mira. Follow me. Bring a lot of the panacea just in case.」
「I’ll go get it.」

We waited for Mira to go gather it and set out.

The three of us ventured out into the wilderness.

「Still, just walking around is a pain…」
「Would you like me to carry you Master?」
Risha suggested.

After suggesting it, both she and Mira looked excited…….do they really want to carry me?

「Give it up, it’s not happening.」
「Is that so?」
「What a shame…」

I could hear how disappointed they were from the tone of their voices.

But I won’t back down on this. Just like I said…I refuse with all my strength.

To give their Master a piggyback ride….that’d be the worst.

「If it was on a palanquin then I’d think about it though…」
「A palanquin?」
「Something like this…」

We stopped walking and I drew a simple depiction using my foot.

Four people carry the palanquin while one person rides it.

Needless to say, I’m the one riding it. If it’s like this then it might be alright to be seen in public.


A gasp came from Mira’s mouth. Her eyes were glittering with a heretofore unseen radiance.

She really wants this doesn’t she?

「I’ll make one when I’m able to.」

It wasn’t only Mira, but Risha too cried out in a loud voice.
Well, I’ll make one when I reach that point…

「But still, just walking is really tiresome. I wonder if I’ll be able to make a vehicle…」
「If it’s Master then you’ll definitely be able to do so soon!」

I continued forward while chatting with my two slaves.

We left in the morning and soon it will become night.

Within the sunset I saw a town. The arrow was pointing in the direction of the town’s walls.

This was the first time I’d ever seen a town since I came to this world.

「I wonder if people are living here?」
「Let’s go take a look!」

We nodded and together we headed towards the town.
However, we stopped walking when,

「Help! Someone help!~」

We heard a voice calling for help.

I made eye contact with my slaves before we broke into a run.

It has about 1,000 residents and was a high class city when the evil god fell.

It was protected by a Fountain of Ilia and somehow managed to survive this ruined world full of suffering.
Furthermore it had managed to obtain a measure of peace.

But that was broken.

The Fountain of Ilia had suddenly stopped functioning and gave the monsters an opportunity to attack.

There was only——one monster.

At first they thought of this as trivial so they took up arms and challenged it, but one after another the tradesmen who fought it were injured and fell.

The women and children were running about trying to escape, but were finally cornered in the church.

「Is everyone alright?」
Everyone nodded to the question posed by this middle aged woman, Iya’s, question.

There were five people here with Iya, and all of them were women.

「Wh-wh-what is that thing? I’ve never seen it before.」
「D-did that thing kill everyone?」

Everyone looked devastated.

「Hey, did anyone see what happened to the people who got taken out by the monster?」
「I saw it」
One girl in her teens raised her hand.

「What happened to them?」
「Yeah, they became monkeys」
「As I thought.」

They nodded.

「The ones who get killed by monsters become monsters.」
「Then…us too?」
「It might just be so.」
「It can’t be…..」

Despair filled the church.

It wasn’t just dying, even after death they were forced to become monsters, this is where the deeper despair came in.

「This town might be done for…we should think of a way out from now on—-」

Before Iya managed to finish her sentence it came.

The door of the church was crushed.

「It’s here」
「That demon…..」

They gave up all hope as despair flooded their minds.

What appeared before the women was the one small demon that wiped out this entire town of Bisk.

In the glow of the sunset, a green scorpion reflected the light.

This was the perpetrator.

「I’ll hold it off. You guys make a run for it.」

Iya lifted a church pew and took her stance.

「Just go.」

With those words Iya leapt at the scorpion.

Iya tried to fight back—-but she was a simple tradeswoman and couldn’t do much. She was stabbed through by the scorpion and melted.

After she was completely melted, she started to squirm like tentacles and started to change shape.

Into a brutal faced and long clawed ape.

Slavebeast(Shurebiju)…Iya had transformed into one.

「Aaaaa…..even Iya-san!」

The leftover women had lost their will to escape.

When faced with their despair as they fell to their knees….it waited.

A demon…it was a demon.

It didn’t immediately leap at the women who were waiting for death…instead it slowly approached.

The scorpion that wiped out Bisk slowly stalked towards them as if it was enjoying their despair.

「S-someone help….」

A frail call for help.

The scorpion’s alien face changed slightly. It seemed as if it was sneering at the woman’s call for help.

And so, it leapt towards her.

But death——did not come to call.

With a metallic clang the scorpion’s small body was sent flying.

When they looked, there was a sword vibrating as it was stuck in the ground.

It was an unusual and fine sword with two jewels set into it.

「Did I make it in time?」

A man’s figure could be seen from the entrance of the church.

From within the sunset’s glow, lit from behind by the sun’s light, the women
saw their savior.
I slowly drew eternal slave from the ground.

The scorpion was looking at me and slowly moving while cautiously observing me.

I did come looking for this guy…but for me to encounter him in such a place…

「Y-you are?」

One of the women survivors asked.

「It’s not the time for introductions, you’d best run, I’ll manage.」

She was about to say something but at that moment the scorpion leapt and I repelled with eternal slave.

The scorpion’s body slammed into a wall and stopped.

「Hurry up and go!」
「Iya-san was…」

All of the women pointed.

They pointed at a monkey. It was a slavebeast…a monkey that turns into a person.

「… that someone you know?」
「Yes, she was done in by the monster though……」
「It’s Iya-san, it’s true!」
「I see. So she got done in by the scorpion and became an ape. I thought that there were too few people in this town…and not enough corpses either. So this is what happened?」

I’m sure that each and every one was killed and turned into apes.


According to my order, Risha nocked an arrow and aimed at the ape.


The girl yelled to stop but Risha faithfully obeyed my order and shot.

The arrow pierced through the crown of the ape’s head.

It collapsed onto its back.


The women began to grieve. Then a change occurred.

A change that was familiar to me by now.

And just like that the ape became a middle aged woman once again.


The women ran over and surrounded Iya.

「Everything’s fine now right? Hurry up and go.」

The women ran away.

「Risha go look around. I’ll leave the apes to you.」
「Mira over here」

She came over and touched the blue gem on the sword.
She was then sucked into the sword as the blade changed.

With the eternal slave kai’s magic blade I took my position and faced the scorpion.

The scorpion slowly backed away. It seemed as if it was frightened.
And then it leapt——towards the exit…

It’s running away!
「I’m not letting you get away!」

I caught up and slammed my sword down.

Suddenly…I was surprised.

I cut the scorpion’s claws in half like butter.

I was beating the scorpion that took so much effort before like it was nothing.

(Master is amazing!~)

Mira was really excited within the sword.

The amazing one is you though. As I was thinking that I swung my sword to finish off the scorpion.
Evening, the town of Bisk, in front of the broken Fountain of Ilia.

When I used my DORECA to repair it, I returned the entire town’s 「sense of security」.

I heard shouts of joy from behind me.

Behind me were the few hundred residents who were all celebrating.

I turned to face their grand overflowing of joy.

「Thank you very much!」

One middle-aged man approached me.

「You are?」
「I am the mayor’s son, my name is Agafon.」
「I see…and where’s the mayor?」
「I haven’t been able to find my father….not just him, there are quite a few missing.」
「Hmm, I wonder where they’re hiding. Could you tell me?」
「Yes, when they were killed they turned into those ape monsters.」
「Yeah, and if you beat them they turn back into people. From now on when you find those apes go ahead and defeat them.」
「I understand. Thank you very much.」

Agafon once again bowed and then continued on to say.

「and so Akito-san, I have something to discuss with you.」
「Could you become this town’s mayor?」
「Me? Become the mayor?」

I was a bit surprised.

「Everyone has discussed it. You have the power to defeat monsters and the power to fix the Fountain of Ilia. We would like you to become mayor and guide us….that is, if you’re willing to Akito-san.」
「I don’t really mind but……I’m already the mayor of a different town, even so is that alright with you?」
「「「「「「「Please take care of us」」」」」」」

The residents behind him all spoke up together.

It felt like they wanted me to do this no matter what.

In that case, there’s no need to refuse.

「Alright then, I’ll do it.」

They cheered when they heard my answer.


—Level up! Bronze Card has Evolved to Silver Card!—

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