Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 01 – Chapter 19

I used my Silver Card DORECA in the town of Bisk.

I used one of the card’s abilities, 「Restoration」 on the broken church as my slaves gathered the materials.

And then it went back to how it was—-no it was better, it seemed brand new. Seeing this, the townspeople cheered.

「Th-this is?」

Agafon asked in surprise.

「It’s my ability, just a little magic trick. I can make things and fix things with it.」
「Can other things be fixed?」
「It can. As long as I place the magic, it will guide you to the things you need to gather. Take command and have people do so.」

Agafon was the ex-Mayor’s son, so I felt it would be good to leave it to him.

I went around the town placing down the restoration magic for everything that had been destroyed by monsters.

My magic power was steadily decreasing, but as long as I charge it there’s no problem.

Once I had finished doing this, I spoke with Agafon.

「That’s right, what do you do for food? I’ve seen some of the people and they don’t seem to have enough to eat.」
「That’s right… this ruined world it is difficult to secure enough food.」
「Is that so? I guess there’s this…」

I opened my menu and selected a pushinee and made it.

「This is?」
「Eat it and see.」
「Ok…….ugghh, what is this, it’s disgusting.」
「Yep…but, are you full?」
「Full? Huh? I’m getting full……..?」

Agafon’s eyes widened in surprise.

「That’s how it is. It tastes bad but fills you up. Should I make these too?」
「Please do!」

Agafon bowed deeply with his head lowered.

These are the necessities of life. As I thought, food was their biggest concern.

Right there I placed down a magic circle for pushinee.

Among the larger list in my silver card there was a thing that said 「Pushinee x10」 that needed 11 magic.

It needed a 10% increase in magic cost, but I could mass produce them.

I placed down a lot of those circles and left the repair of the houses and creation of food to them.

I finished laying down the rest of the circles and gave Agafon command.

「Should the two of us go help?」

Risha and Mira asked.

Their facial expressions looked like they wanted to.

「Go help a little.」

The two of them ran off happily to go help.

I observed the other people milling about.

As they were walking about, if they came near me they would nod or bow with grateful gazes.

It seemed like they wished to express their gratitude and looked at me with great respect.

It’s not a bad feeling.

That being the case, it made me want to make something more—but the moment I thought that.

「What the heck is this?」

I heard an unfamiliar voice.

It was a flashy(gaudy) sounding voice like some kind of punk.

I turned and saw that it wasn’t just his voice…but his entire appearance.



Agafon modestly stood in front of this Rukichi guy.

「Yo, what’s all this? What’s the commotion?」
「Honestly…..we were attacked by a monster.」
「A monster? What happened?」
「Yes, it was a very strong monster that we barely managed to defeat. Now the town is undergoing rep———」
「Oh then whatever.」

Rukichi cut off Agafon in the middle of his sentence.

A displeased look flashed across Agafon’s face for a moment before returning to normal.

But what the heck is this guy?

「That guy over there….」

Iya explained from the side.

「….is the younger brother of Marato who rules some towns around here. Marato is…like a feudal lord who rules over around 10 towns.」
「I see.」

A feudal lord’s younger brother…so he’s coming around to lord it over his brother’s towns.

While Iya explained, Agafon and Rukichi continued to talk.

「Today I came to notify you.」
「Oh right, you were the ex-Mayor’s son. Then this is perfect. The Defense fees have increased 10%, so thanks in advance.」

Agafon choked on his words. The people gathered around here started talking.

「Defense fee?」

I asked Iya beside me.

「The towns affiliated with Marato pay a defense fee every month. If something happens then we were supposed to be protected but…..」

I can understand the meaning of it without her needing to finish her sentence.

If I hadn’t arrived then the town might’ve been wiped out, so the protection really didn’t matter…that’s what I got from what she said.

Actually wasn’t this just like the Yakuza demanding protection fees.

「Wait a moment Rukichi-sama. If you raise it further we can’t pay. Also we’ve lost people from the monster attack. I don’t know if we can pay like usual…」
「You can’t pay?」
「Then I’ll take some people instead. One, two, three….three people, young women…bring virgins.」

Rukichi gave a very easily seen through demand.

Agafon was silent.

His hands were clenched into fists as they trembled at his sides.

It felt like he was enraged, but couldn’t disobey.

「Oh? What’s up, you got a problem?」
「Then hurry up and bring them out. Or pay the defense fee as usual. Either is fine with me…」

Agafon got more and more enraged.

Now what should I do, I’d like to intervene, but I’d like to know about the situation a bit more.

But while I was worrying…

「Master, they house over there—–huh?」

Risha came back after helping elsewhere.

She had come back looking for me, but the entire atmosphere froze.

「Hee, look there’s a good one right there isn’t there?」


「You, what’ your name?」
「I asked you what your name was!」
「I-it’s Risha.」
「Risha huh? Ok, come with me. I’ll let you stand in for all three.」
「eh? Eh? EH?」
「You’re an Eternal Young(little) right? Then you just need a strong guy to—-」

Rukichi said as he reached out to grab her.

I stepped forward silently and unsheathed Eternal Slave Kai.

I closed in on him and leapt beneath his outstretched arm.


Rukichi looked as if he didn’t understand what was happening.

He won’t get a chance to either.

I sliced his head off with one strike.

Eternal Slave Kai was filled with my magic and sent Rukichi’s head flying.

He didn’t understand even until his last moments. Then his body collapsed.


—Magic has been charged by 50,000—

Risha was happy.

「He didn’t touch you, right?」
「No! He didn’t!」
「Then it’s alright.」

On the other side, the townspeople began to tremble.

Seeing the corpse of Rukichi, they began to shake.

………I did something impulsive in my rage, so I should follow up though I’m not sorry I did it.

I touched the red jewel and Risha was sucked into the Eternal Slave Kai.

With I swing of the flame blade I cut Rukichi’s body once more.

「I did this, so I will take full responsibility.」

The commotion stopped.

Mira heard the commotion and had arrived. She was sucked in and immediately changed the sword’s blade to water.
A light cheer went up.

「I will defend this town and —Develop it—」
Then…a huge cheer went up.

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