Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 01 – Chapter 20

Now then, I said that I’d protect this town from Marato, but I don’t really know what I’ll do specifically.

「Menu Open」

I chose some things from my Crafting list and placed the magic circles. Risha and Mira started moving almost immediately to gather the materials.

What was finally created was an iron sword, a bow, and arrows.

「If it’s these things I can make them immediately…..」

Agafon and the rest watched.

When they saw the freshly made weapons they started to look dispirited.

It seemed like they were saying that there wasn’t enough military power with just these few weapons.

Meaning that there should be something more.

I opened the menu once more and checked what had been released when my card was upgraded.

There was something called a 「Nitoka」.

When I touched it to check on it something strange happened. An informational video type thing popped up.

「Oh is this a new function?」

I watched the video. It seems like the nitoka was something like a catapult.

It was like a pitching machine that threw rocks at high speeds.

The stone that was thrown seemed to pulverize the target.

After I saw the video sample, I thought that this would be good.

I set the magic circle on the ground and checked the materials.

「What’s this? A toroi’s arm?」
「A toroi’s arm you said?」

Agafon burst out, and the other people began to murmur.

Some of them had their faces change color in fear.

「What’s this toroi thing?」
「It’s a giant-like monster. Its body is 3 times larger than a human’s and its strength is tentatively measured at 10 times of a human’s.」
「I see. It needs the toroi arm for brute strength?」
「That’s….too dangerous. We submitted to Marato so that his private soldiers would protect us from the toroi.」

It seems like they weren’t just collecting protection money…they actually did something.

「Anyways, the toroi is much too dangerous. We can’t do anything to it.」
「I see.」
I looked at the magic circle and the arrow that was pointing outwards.
I was walking with my two slaves in the wilderness.

Of course, we were heading for the toroi according to the arrow.

It seems like this toroi thing is a pretty formidable enemy.
Usually I’d leave my two slaves behind, but this time was different.

This is of course so that I could use the power of my Eternal Slave Kai.

「I wonder exactly how strong this toroi is…」

Mira said to Risha while walking behind me. It sounded like she was making small talk.

「It seems quite strong but….」
「It’s already for sure that Master will win.」

Oioi, you’re gonna say that no matter what I’ll win?

「Well that’s true.」

Mira agreed as well.

「That means there’s no problem.」
「Un, that’s for sure.」

I started to ignore their chatter as I continued forward.

「Master look.」

Risha said in a serious tone.

There it was beneath the magic circle’s arrow.
The Toroi.

It was about three times as tall as a man…..about five meters tall…a giant.

It had green skin and a loincloth.

Its body was covered in rippling muscles that gave a very strong impression.

「Hey Master, are the things around it….」
Mira said fearfully.

「Yeah, they’re people.」

I nodded.

Scattered around the toroi were several people lying on the ground.

They were unmoving and crushed.

It seems like all of them were no longer breathing.

「It looks like there are about 20 people.」
「I see…it’s that kind of enemy.」

Mira fearfully grasped the edge of my clothing.

「Risha, Mira.」
「What is it?」
「Which of you can withstand your fear the best?」

The two of them blankly stared at each other when they heard my question.

I waited for them to answer me.

After a while, Risha nervously raised her hand and said…

「If it’s just fear….then I think I can.」
「I see, then withstand it.」

I said and pulled out Eternal Slave Kai before touching the blue gem.

Leaving the more strong-willed Risha, Mira was sucked into the sword.


A small sound leaked out of Risha’s mouth.

It was a sound filled with complex emotions…but I definitely felt that 「jealousy」 was one of them.

「Hold on…afterwards I’ll do something for you.」

Risha happily nodded.

Holding the Mira Eternal Slave Kai in my hand, I faced the toroi.

It also realized my presence and *boom* *boom* started to stomp the ground as it approached.

Looking at it once more from close up, it really does have a fearful appearance.

Mira was a little frightened from within the sword.

Without saying anything I gripped the hilt more firmly.


That was enough to give her some peace of mind.

Now then.


The toroi let out a war cry and swung its fist towards me.

I held eternal slave kai horizontally above my head and accepted the blow.


The blow hit me heavily.

The shockwave passed through my body and into the ground.

Starting at my feet the ground around me cracked.

「As expected…the power is amazing.」

I looked at the collapsed people once again.

Among them one had been smashed like a can.

Incredible power. The people were smashed like tofu or butter.


The toroi swung both of its arms.

It swung both at me in a hammer strike. If one arm didn’t work then it’d try both.

A simpleton…easy.

At that moment, I understood this guy’s limit.

I put magic into eternal slave kai.


The blade began to shine.

I swung Mira to clash with the toroi’s arms head on.

The two arms——–went flying through the air.
Bisk town, outer limits.

The 10 nitoka were lined up each with townsmen operating them.

「Well then Akito-san.」

Agafon looked at me, and I nodded.


At the signal the nitoka were fired.

Stones as large as fists were fired at a wooden house which was crushed to pieces.


The people raised a cheer.

「If it’s like this, then we won’t have to fear Marato.」
「It should be fine even for a toroi.」

「We’ll be able to live here properly!」

Everyone got fired up. The new weapons seemed to excite them greatly.

「With this the defenses should be fine for a while. I’ll think of some other things, but you should find a place to put these.」
「I understand.」

Agafon nodded emphatically.

Him and everyone else…

They gazed at me with thankful and respectful looks.

As I received their thanks I returned to my slaves.

「You’ve worked hard Mira.」
—Magic has been charged by 10,000—

As I patted Mira’s head I looked at Risha.

「You did well to hold out Risha. As I promised I’ll do something for you.」

Risha was startled, then looked bashful.

「What would you like?」

For this cute little thing who endured her fear…I’d like to reward her.

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