Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 01 – Chapter 21


Risha hesitantly said,

「I want to go hunting with Master.」
「Hunting? Oh, you mean this right?」

I patted eternal slave kai and Risha nodded.

So she wanted me to wield her in sword form?

What a sweet request.

「That’s fine. Let’s think of something besides a Toroi…」

I thought of the monsters I could look for using the magic circle radar.

Hunting toroi is no good…maybe I should go look for slave beasts?

They’re very weak but come in large numbers. They gave you a feeling of being 「peerless」. (TN: he says musou, which you can think of as the Dynasty Warriors games.)

But I also want to fight something cooler than that with Risha.

「Ummm, Master?」
「What is it?」
「Ummm, I’d l-like to fight the….toroi…」

She said nervously.

It looks like she was afraid…but was holding it back because she desired this.


I’m a bit hesitant.

I was hesitating over which would make Risha happier.

Feeling peerless while fighting weak enemies, or overcoming a foe that she is afraid of.

Which one of these would make her happiest.

「Then….I guess we’re going after a Toroi…」

—Magic has been charged by 5,000—

I wonder if this means I made the right choice?

As I thought that, I turned towards Mira.

「Mira, you can wait here.」

Mira straightened herself and took a pose as if to 「Watch carefully」.

I placed a magic circle next to her.

I made the Nitoka magic circle.

This would be our toroi radar.

「Let’s go.」

I took Risha into Eternal Slave Kai and headed out.
The toroi’s corpse was lying on the ground.

As soon as we found it, we cut it down with no questions asked.

「See? It’s not scary.」
(No it isn’t.)

Risha responded, and it seemed like she actually wasn’t afraid anymore.

I glanced at eternal slave kai by chance.

More specifically at the blazing blade.

It gave off an image of blazing with fighting spirit.

(Yes, what is it?)
「Don’t you think that the flames are stronger than when we set off?」

I held up eternal slave kai in front of my eyes.

This time I want to inspect it carefully.

As I thought, it wasn’t my imagination. The flame blade that Risha created was burning more strongly than when we had left.

(Is that so? I really can’t tell myself.)

Risha answered nonchalantly.

It didn’t feel like she was hiding something from me…it was more like she really didn’t feel the difference.
I wonder why this happened?

I once again took Risha and went to find another toroi.

By following the radar we were able to encounter another quickly.

「Let’s go.」

I faced the toroi and charged.

The huge monster noticed me and roared before engaging me.

It attacked me with fists the size of basketballs.

I didn’t dare attempt to dodge, so I received the blow with my sword.

The giant’s fist hit the flaming blade.

A shockwave traveled through the ground.


I put in my full strength and magic.

I grasped the hilt as I swung the sword—straight through the center of its arm, cutting it in two.

The toroi screamed and just like that I continued my swing and beheaded it.

Once again I looked at eternal slave kai and saw the flames burn even brighter, they whooshed and crackled.

(As expected of Master.)

I heard her say sounding deeply moved.

When I heard what she said, I came up with a hypothesis.

In order to test it, I went to find one more toroi.

After several minutes of walking, I encountered another.

With its ferocious personality, the toroi soon approached me to attack.

I didn’t move and continued to stand there.

(M-master? The monster’s attacking us)

Risha sounded frightened and the blade’s flames weakened.

The toroi exercised its natural punching talents.

As it swung its fist a *Whooshing* and *Buzzing* sound pierced my ears.

I gripped eternal slave kai tightly in my right hand and gathered my magic.

Then I blocked the fist with the palm of my left hand.


I received the toroi’s blow with a thunderous sound.

A creaking sound rang out from my body.

It was a heavy sensation, but it didn’t do anything except increase my magic consumption.

But instead…


Risha was repeating the same words over and over like a broken record.

「Whaddya’ think?」

(You can stop it with your bare hands, as expected of Master!)

She said passionately.

At that moment, the sword’s flames began to shine radiantly.

The strength of the flames greatly increased.

It was the strongest it had ever been.

The flames blazed brilliantly.

It seems like the strength of the flames increases when they feel like I’m cool or amazing…

That’s so cute.

This thing makes her excitement completely obvious.

「We’re gonna keep going, come with me」

Risha answered with great excitement.

Risha had turned back into her physical form and was walking back to Bisk with me.

I held my DORECA and opened my menu.

As a result of taking down a ton of toroi with her, I earned about 70,000 magic power.

The breakdown was the combined combat earned 20,000 total and once she turned back to normal I told her 「Good Job」 which earned me 50,000.

This breakdown made me feel she was even more lovable…so I made some origami as I walked. I made her a medal and gave it to her.

「Here, I’ll give this to you. It’s a reward for working so hard today.」
「Th—–thank you so much!」

—Magic has been charged by 10,000—

Risha held the paper medal in her hands as if it was something precious.

「Make sure you keep this in a safe place. Once you gather 10 of them I’ll give you something good as a reward.」

「Ok! I’ll work hard for you Master!」

And so I talked with Risha as we slowly returned.

We finally returned to the town of Bisk.

The townspeople were trying to return to their normal everyday lives.

Among them there was Mira…who was still 「watching carefully」.

She was in the same pose and the same position as when we left the town of Bisk.

「Ah, Master!」

Mira stood in front of me with glittering eyes.

She looked like she was expecting something. If she were a dog her tail would be waving at the speed of sound.

I finally understood.

I understood what she was looking forward to.

「You did very well. Just as I asked you waited here. I’m glad. You can take it easy now.」

—Magic has been charged by 100,000—

Mira’s eyes sparkled as Risha looked at her with a bit of envy.

* What she was looking for was recognition and praise. That is what they seek above all it seems.

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