Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 01 – Chapter 22

A huge amount of pushinee was produced in Bisk.

The magic circle that made 10 pushinee for 11 magic power was made single-mindedly.

The number of people in Bisk was on another scale from my other town, so if I did it one by one then it’d be unbearable.

Now, I place the formations down mechanically and Risha and Mira put the materials in as fast as they can. So it finally looks like production has caught up to demand.

「What’s wrong Master?」

Seeing my hands stop moving, Risha looked at me curiously.

「This town’s name is Bisk right?」
「Yes, that’s what I heard.」
「Then what’s that town?」
「That town?」
「You know…the town that Madway and the rest live in.」
「Hmm…I wonder.」
「I know!」
Mira said.

「You do?」
「Yep, I heard Madway and Joseph discussing it. Apparently, they named it Akito.」
「They named it after me?」
「That’s wonderful!」
Risha clapped her hands and said with glittering eyes.

「Nonono, stop with those shimmering eyes. Why did it end up being my name?」
「Well, it’s the town that Master made from scratch, so it being named after you is a matter of course.」
「That’s right!」
Risha strongly agreed.

I understand what they’re saying, but still having a town with my name on it makes me feel kinda embarrassed.


It’s embarrassing but I don’t feel bad about it.

It’s a complex feeling.


Agafon called out to me.

「What’s up?」
「Gerashim….ah an acquaintance from a town named, Magatan (TN:Megaton lol) has come. He wants to talk to the Mayor…what should we do?」
「I’ll meet him」

I don’t know what he’s here for, but for now I’ll meet him.

I went with Agafon to the Mayor’s house…A.K.A my house.

A man stood in front of the house I had yet to sleep in.

It was a young, slim, and fragile looking man.

「Gerashim, I’ve brought our Mayor Akito-san.」
「Huh? I thought the Mayor was your father Agafon?」
「Lots of things have happened, and now the Mayor of Bisk is Akito-san」
「Lots of things?」
「Lots of things…」

It seemed like various meanings were transmitted in those few words.

Gerashim turned to me…and suddenly bowed his head low.

「Please, please share some food with us—if it’s at all possible please!」
「Food? What’s going on?」
「Yeah, to be honest, our town’s most recent hunting expeditions have been…unsatisfactory. Our way of living has gotten harsher and harsher—on top of that the amount that we had to pay Marato…has gotten higher and higher. We can no longer hold out.」

I understood and nodded.

However, isn’t this basically the way an agrarian revolt starts?
These guys have really been holding on well.

Normally, this Marato guy should’ve already been revolted against.

The people’s food shortage should’ve already become the fuse to begin a rebellion.


Gerashim once again bowed his head and begged.

He might’ve interpreted my pause in speech as a refusal.

「Alright…I suppose we could do so.」
「Is that true!?」
「As long as you’re alright with this…I can’t guarantee the taste, but it will feed you.」
「Are you talking about that?」
Agafon asked as he knew about the pushinee.

「Yeah. I’ll leave that to you Agafon. I’ll stay here and continue production, so you take the necessary amount to the other town.」
「I understand! ….thank you.」

Not just Gerashim, but Agafon also thanked me.
However, the next time I saw Agafon…was him fleeing here covered in wounds.

Everyone ran to the entrance of the town in a great fuss and saw him lying on the ground covered in blood.

They had surrounded him, so I pushed my way through to the center.


Risha took out the panacea from the bag. Recently the two girls had started carrying it around regularly.

I grabbed the panacea and used it on Agafon.

As we watched, Agafon’s wounds began to heal.


The surrounding people let out sounds of joy and relief.

「Th-this is……?」

Agafon rose and looked at his hands.

「Leave that aside, tell me why you were injured.」
「That’s right! It’s Marato!」
「Yeah. As I was transporting the goods to Gerashim’s town, we were attacked by Marato’s subordinates. They burned the food, but I was able to escape.」
「After that I was attacked until I reached the Nitoka around Bisk…with that I drove them away.」

So, they’ve already begun to attack.

Well, I did kill Marato’s younger brother Rukichi, so if he didn’t do anything it’d be weird.

「What should we do?」
「It was fine as long as Marato didn’t attack, but if we can’t leave the town, it won’t be long until the town itself withers away.」
「If we don’t do something…」
「What can we even do?」

The townspeople all started to talk amongst themselves.
They all seemed flustered.

「Do as you said. Go to deliver the pushinee to Gerashim’s town.」
「I will accompany you.」

I brandished eternal slave kai.
Agafon seemed taken aback, but soon started to move.
Night, the wilderness outside of Bisk.

I had joined the cart that would deliver the pushinee.

Agafon and some other men were pushing it.


I heard Agafon’s frightened voice.

Tracing his line of sight, I saw about ten people approaching.

Each of them seemed to be riding some type of creature. At a glance it looked like something that ran on two legs…but looking more closely it resembled a horse.

They were two-legged horses. They were charging us.

「Seems like ya’ didn’t learn yer lesson~!」
「Burn burn buuuurrnnnnn!!!」

They give off an ‘end of the century’ (TN: Fist of the North Star) feeling.

They were all riding a horse(?) and carrying long spears except for one which carried a burning torch.

It seems like they intend to attack and burn everything to ashes.

「Wh-whwh-whwhat should we do?」

Agafon seemed to be traumatized after his attack and asked me terrified.

「Just keep pushing, you don’t have to do anything.」
「Keep going.」

I said and faced those ‘end of the century’ guys.

—these guys…

「Which one of us will you use?」
「I want to burn them to nothing…so Risha.」
「I understand.」

I took Risha into eternal slave kai.

—guys like this…

I moved forward to intercept their charge.

「Move move move! We’ll run ya over ze!」

And those were his last words.
His body was cut in half.

At the moment we passed by each other I slashed sideways once.

The blade of flame cut him in two pieces in but a moment.


The surprised man’s upper half and lower half bid a sudden and tearful farewell to each other…until the next moment when they were burnt to ashes.


He screamed and died without any fanfare.

Just for a moment he let out a horrible scream before he was consumed by the flames and disappeared.

He had been cremated…the others pulled back on their horses in fear and gazed at me in fright.

「Wh-what are you——」

One of them asked, but I didn’t say anything.

I cut him down like the other and turned him to ashes.

—they’re only things like this…

(Master….are you angry?)

Risha whispered curiously from within the sword.

I began to calm down a bit. I was a bit too high strung and she had noticed it.

The pushinee from before had been burnt to ashes….the magic that they had given me had become nothing so I had gotten a bit too angry…I’m a little embarrassed.

I worked to calm myself down as I burnt every single one of the remaining eight to ashes.


—Magic has been charged by 20,000—
—Magic has been charged by 20,000—
It seemed like they realized the cause anyways.

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