Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 01 – Chapter 26

The golden residence, Ribek.

Madway, Agafon, and Gerashim were gathered in the conference room.

The four of us were seated at a round table.

Risha and Mira distributed paper in turn.

The pages were filled with words, but the three of them signed it almost without reading it.

「Oioi, that’s a contract. Is it ok not to read what’s in it?」
「Well it’s something that Akito-san made.」

Madway answered, being the one who had known me the longest.

「So there’s no problem.」

I wanted to retort but Agafon and Gerashim said something similar.

「I’m of the same opinion. If Akito-san wanted to trick us, he could’ve long ago.」
「That’s true. He wouldn’t have had to go around doing meaningless things like this.」

Hearing what the two of them said, Madway folded his arms and nodded sagely.

They trust me almost to a surprising extent.

「Well then, all that’s left is Akito-san.」

Gerashim said, and the two others looked at me.

All that’s left is for me to sign.

I looked at the parchment in my hand and signed.

The parchment that I had made with my DORECA began to shine with light.

Contract complete. I have become the Lord of this community of four towns.
I exited the gold mansion and looked up at the sky.

Risha walked up next to me.

「Master, I have confirmed it. There is no one else left inside.」
「I see.」
「Since you had everyone leave, are you going to do something?」
「Yeah. Menu Open.」

Holding my DORECA I opened my menu.

I chose one of the new functions that had appeared when it turned into a silver card.


I chose that, then designated the golden mansion.

「Oioi, this costs 500,000 magic?」

I unknowingly spoke out in my amazement.

Dismantling is used to break things down into their base parts.

You can break down things like structures or tools, but you need to pay a suitable fee of magic.

When I selected Marato’s golden mansion, the cost was a ridiculous 500,000.

「Master are you going to fix this building?」

Risha asked. She didn’t understand because this was the first time I’d used Dismantling.

「No, it’s the opposite. I’m going to destroy it.」
「Destroy it?」
「Yeah. If there’s something like this in town, no one’s going to be happy.」

This golden mansion was a symbol of Marato’s tyrannical reign. From what I’d heard, most of the 「Protection fee」 from Ribek and Bisk were used to build this mansion.

So it is essentially a symbol of tyranny.

「I understand.」
Risha nodded.

At that moment Mira appeared.

She returned to us with a smile on her face.

「What’s up Mira? Did you find something good?」
「Yes! Please look Master!」

Mira showed me and Risha what she found.

「What’s this?」
「It’s a bow ornament desu」

Mira said with a big smile.

「Just a bit ago I was at a shop and I said it looked good so they gave it to me. They also gave me one for Risha-san」

She said and held out another to Risha.

「That’s right, they said to send their regards to Master.」

Not very good I thought but,

「What’s wrong Master?」

Mira doesn’t seem to understand.

Risha looked as though she did. The slave senpai knit her eyebrows in displeasure at her kouhai.

「Mira, do you know what you just did?」
「Eh? D-did I do something bad?」
「You….this is almost the same as Master using his power to extort people. Most of the people in this town know that Mira is Master’s, and now they are unable to go against him.」

Mira’s face paled.

「I-I’m sorry! I’ll go return it!」

Mira disappeared in moments…then came back just as fast.

「I’m sorry Master! I didn’t understand what was happening!」
「Well, as long as you returned it——」
「Mira we are Master’s slaves. If we were to do something to cause problems as Master’s slaves, wouldn’t we be staining Master’s good name? Isn’t that right?」

At Risha’s words, Mira got paler and paler.
By the end she was shaking.

She seemed like the world was going to end tomorrow.

「I-I’m so sorry Master! I didn’t mean it desu!」

Well, this is Mira we’re talking about, she’s pretty naïve. This came about because of the other side’s unnecessary consideration.

If this is as far as it goes then I don’t really mind. As long as she returned it properly.

「It’s alright.」

For some reason, Mira looked as if she was about to cry.

I forgave her, but why does she look like that.


Risha spoke to me from the side.

「I’m sorry for causing you trouble. However, she made such a large error as a slave, I believe that a punishment should be administered.」

Administer punishment. That sounds a bit cruel.

But the moment Risha said that, Mira nodded vigorously.

It was a reaction that practically screamed ‘Please do so Master’.

Is this——something I should be doing?

But I have a policy of loving and admiring my slaves…so I don’t want to hurt them.

「………then take off that choker.」
「Eh? Wha-yes.」

Mira took off her choker.

It was identical to Risha’s with a jewel in it. If I remember correctly, she was quite happy when I gave it to her.

「For now you are not worthy to wear this, so I will confiscate it.」

Since it’s a punishment, I feel it would be best to be a little stricter than I would be otherwise.

For the choker…..once things cool down I’ll return it eventually.

I thought and once again turned around to begin disassembling the mansion when,

—Magic has been charged by 3,000—


I froze when I received that completely unexpected magical charge.

Whenever my slaves are happy I receive a large charge to my DORECA.

I don’t use Seiya’s method…so this 3,000 is without a doubt from 「happiness」.

I looked at Risha and Mira.

It couldn’t be…or so I thought.

I looked at Risha and said.

「Risha, you take off your choker too.」
「It’s collective responsibility. You are also responsible for your kouhai’s blunder. As punishment I will temporarily confiscate yours as well.」

Risha took off her choker and handed it to me.

—Magic has been charged by 6,000—

I got more than I had from Mira.

It seems like they also get happy from 「being punished for failures/blunders」.

I get that kind of feeling from their faces.

Eternal slaves…one’s who have natural servile tendencies.

Most likely something like that is 「good」 for them.

This is fine and 「good」 but if it goes too far and they begin failing on purpose it won’t be good. I’ll have to look out for that.

I thought this and placed the magic circle to disassemble the golden mansion.

The golden mansion was wrapped up in magic and slowly dissolved.

The townspeople saw that and gathered.

They all looked on joyfully as the symbol of Marato’s power was destroyed.

After a while the golden mansion was no more. It had become a brand new plot of land.

The townspeople all knelt and bowed down before me.

「Thank you very much Akito-sama!」

Someone said, and that started them all calling out 「Akito-sama」.

It gave a bit of a ‘Lord’ feeling.

And so, without my noticing it, the DORECA began to glow.

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