Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 02 – Chapter 28

After Valeria left, the only ones in the room were me and the small slave.

She stood there gazing at me.

Compared to Risha and Mira, she was quite small in stature and gave off the feeling of being almost expressionless.

「Well…what’s your name?」

She answered in an unfriendly/blunt voice.

「Yuria huh? According to your appearance you should be an Eternal Slave right?」
「I see. Then let’s work together from now on.」

She said in a monotone with a flat expression.

The silence stretched on as Yuria and I stared at each other.

This silence felt painful somehow. I stood up and exited the room.

I walked further within the mansion and entered another room.

Inside of that room was a mountain of papers.

These were the request forms from the town of Ribek. They were requests for repairs, item creation, and other things I was asked to do.

In other words…this is my job as Lord.

I just stared at all those papers.

「Where should I even start?」
I mumbled.

One sheet was a merchant on the north side of town requesting that a wall that had been broken during the fighting be fixed.

Another sheet asked me to deal with the chronic shortage of water.

Then yet another sheet asked me to help cure a child’s illness.

Broken things, insufficient things, and even children’s illnesses.

All of them were things that I could clear up pretty quickly, but there were so many I had no idea where I should even start.


I groaned, when Yuria spoke up from beside me.

「Let me see.」
「Hm? Ok.」

I handed the sheet of paper to Yuria.

I watched Yuria as she received the paper then she looked at the remaining papers stacked in the room.

「Master can…」
「I heard you can do anything.」
「Yep, anything. Well, more accurately, as long as I have magic I can do anything.」
「I see.」

Yuria nodded and began to divide the papers.

She read them one by one and started to divide them up according to some sort of standard.

After finishing she looked at me.

「I’ve organized them based on difficulty.」

She said and handed me one bundle of papers.

I accepted them and looked through the requests. Then I grabbed another and looked through that one as well.

「Oh, you organized it well.」
「If it’s like this, you can do it more efficiently.」
「I see…..oh right I need to prepare 500 people’s worth of foodstuffs. Though I am making it with magic…where should I put the request?」
「In that case, here.」

Yuria pointed at another bundle of papers.

I put down the papers in my hand and grabbed those.

「Ok, let’s start from here.」

Yuria said bluntly and nodded.
Hmm…as I thought, I’m not getting any magic charge.
I took Yuria and went around town preforming my duties as Lord.

Thanks to her organizational skills, I was able to complete these tasks efficiently.

「Milord, I have a small request.」

The new request was also given to Yuria to organize.

She was very different from how Risha and Mira’s lively and noisy way of doing things.
Evening, back at the palace/mansion.

「Menu Open」

Type: Gold Card
Magic Level: 392,567
Number of Items Created: 51,922
Number of Slaves: 3
I had taken out my DORECA to check it.

The number of items I’d made had increased exponentially. This was due to the number of pushinees that I’d made for Valeria.

Furthermore, my magic power had been greatly reduced.

It had decreased so that it wasn’t anywhere near the counter-stop limit.

I need to recover some of the magic I lost, I thought and looked at Yuria.

「Good work」 (otsukare=you’ve become tired good job)
「I’m not even tired though.」 (tsukarete nai=I’m not tired)

As I thought, it’s another blunt response.

「No, you really did help. It’s thanks to you Yuria.」
「I’d like to thank you. Is there anything you’d like?」
「Not really.」

Yuria answered curtly.

I patted her head to see…

Then I made her a dress of light…

Then I paid quite a bit of magic to make her sweets…

Then I tried the opposite and gave her a chop to the forehead…

I tried lots of different things but my magic didn’t get charged at all.

Hmm…a tough foe.

「Master, we have returned!」

Risha came back. She had been working elsewhere, but when she saw the sweets on the table, I could see the desire in her eyes.

「…………you can eat some.」
「Thank you very much!」

—Magic has been charged by 3,000—

Yep, Risha’s honest.

Though I’m going in the red with this, I do know that I can gain some magic back by giving her the sweets like this.

But Yuria on the other hand, is as cold as ever.

I wonder what I need to do for her to be happy.

「Umm….if I ask, please don’t think of me as a shameless slave…」
「It’s about the choker…」
「Choker? Oh… this?」

I took the choker out of my pocket…the one I had confiscated as punishment. I see, this is what she was concerned about.

The main culprit was Mira…I could either return it or give her a 「slave medal reward」…so I don’t really mind giving it back.

Then as I was thinking which would be better…

*Gata*—I heard a clattering sound.

I turned to look and saw Yuria staring at me with her eyes wide open.

It was the first time I’d seen such a clear facial expression on her since we’d met.

Her gaze was fixed on……..the choker.

Does she want a choker…..yeah she probably does.

Why? She’s an eternal slave.

It’s practically natural that she wants one.

「I’m so dumb…I should’ve noticed earlier.」

I muttered self-deprecatingly as Risha looked confused.

「Menu Open. Yuria, what color do you prefer?」
「The choker, I’ll let you choose what color gem you’d like.」
「——-! R-really!?」
「Th-then white.」

I used the magic and laid down a circle.

「I’ll help!」

I stopped Risha before she dashed off from force of habit.

「What’s wrong Master?」
「I’ll gather the materials.」
「Master will?」
「Yes, it’s my slave’s collar, I’ll make it myself.」

Risha vigorously nodded.

—Magic has been charged by 1,000—

「You just wait here.」

Yuria looked as excited as a child on Christmas Morning. She seemed to be looking forward to it immensely.

Yuria seems like the type who doesn’t react to many little things, but will have one huge reaction all at once.

—Magic has been charged by 2,000,000—

The moment I handed her the choker, she gave me an earth-shatteringly cute smile.

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