Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 02 – Chapter 29


Mansion, my room.

After a day filled with work I returned to my room and collapsed on my bed.

I used my magic, I used my physical strength.

Even now there are incomplete magic circles here and there waiting for someone to put the materials inside them.

Since I had finished what I needed to for the time being, I returned to rest.

*Knock*Knock* my door was being knocked on.

「Ughhh….who is it?」
「It’s Risha.」
「Mira desu」

It was the two of them huh…

「Come in.」

I said while still lying flat on the bed. The two of them entered my room.

「What’s up?」
「Umm, Master…」
「Would you like a massage?」
「Yes, we thought that Master would be tired.」
「and we’d like to relieve even a bit of it.」
「I see. Then give it a shot.」
「Yuria, we’ll leave the rest to you.」

Yuria entered the room and both Risha and Mira exited.

Yuria approached me as I was lying face down and started to massage me with her small hands.

「How is it Master?」
「Ahhh, it’s goooooood. More around the shoulder. Stronger…please do it more strongly.」
「I understand.」

Yuria’s as blunt as always…

But still…once that choker with a white gem was put around her neck, 2,000,000 magic was deposited inside of my DORECA.

Yuria’s small body whole-heartedly massaged me.

「Get up on my back and use your body weight.」
「……I understand.」

I heard a whispered 「Sorry」.

To begin with Yuria’s small build doesn’t have much power.

That being the case it should be just right to use her body weight.

「Why didn’t the two of them do this too? Do you know?」
「They didn’t ask.」
「I see……hm?」

I almost went along with the flow before I realized that the way she put it was odd.

「They didn’t ask?」
「What do you mean?」
「It is one of the principles of Eternal Slaves.」
「Teach me.」

Yuria pointed at her choker.

She seemed to be blushing lightly.

「I heard that the two of them had received collars as well.」
「Yeah…well they were confiscated though.」
「Master is a good Master.」

Suddenly I got told something that makes me a bit…itchy I guess…

「Master is a Master that makes us want to devote our lives to you. So when we see you tired, we want to heal it.」
「But as of now, if they did such a thing, it might seem like they were doing it solely to reclaim their collars. So they asked me to do so.」
「So they were worrying about that?」
「We’re slaves after all.」

More than because they’re slaves…it’s more because they’re Eternal Slaves.

As it is…I feel like they have a complex mental composition…

…….alright then.

「Risha! Mira!」

I called for them in a loud voice.
The two of them opened the door and entered seeming flustered.

「Did you call Master?」
「Yes, both of you massage me as well.」
「It’s an order.」

I said more firmly and slightly ill-tempered.

「To think that there’d be a slave that wouldn’t listen to their Master’s commands…..」
「That’s not it at all!」

They said and rushed to my side and began to massage me.

I glanced at their faces.

They were both smiling.

It looked as though they were happy to be ordered around by me.

—Magic has been charged by 1,000—
—Magic has been charged by 2,000—

My magic increased slightly.

Just like that, my entire body was loosened by their massage.

It was an incredibly good feeling.

Though their individual ability wasn’t too high…their combination was good and comfortable.

Honestly, I feel like Yuria’s massage improved when the two of them joined in.

And so as I was dozing off,


Someone’s stomach growled.

I raised my head and saw Mira’s face burning red.

「It was you huh?」
「I-I’m sorry!」
「Aw, Mira what are you doing?」

Mira was attacked by both of them and dropped her head despondent.

「Don’t worry about it, you got hungry from the massage.」
「I’m sorry…….」
「Is there anything you want to eat?」
「But we don’t have any food.」
Risha said.

I raised myself and sat cross legged on the bed.

I looked through my DORECA menu for things to eat.

After becoming a Gold Card, an ability was unlocked to allow me to create items from pure magic.

If I don’t have the materials, I’ll need to pay ten times the magic.

So, an originally 3,000 priced cake…will cost 30,000.

I thought I’d use it this time.

「I can make it even without ingredients.」
「Using what?」

Yuria asked while tilting her head in confusion.

She had an intellectual look in her eyes that didn’t fit with her small face.

It seems that she saw that there was a demerit to this method of creation almost immediately.

As I was thinking how clever she was, I patted her head because I thought she was so small and cute.

「Alright, what’d be good? Umm…I have—-」

I looked at my menu and started to read when,

*knock*knock*knock* a knocking.

It wasn’t the door to the room, it was from the front door I think.


Risha ran off excitedly.

She returned shortly.

「Master the townspeople want to meet with you.」
「They’re calling again…ok up we go…」
「No, they have brought quite a few things.」
「Brought things?」

I started wondering what was going on.

I got up, left my room, and headed outside.

The townspeople were standing outside with torches.

There were roughly twenty of them.

Just like Risha said they had a pile of things with them.

They have meat, fruit, and fish.

At a glance it all looks like food.

The amount was kind of ridiculous. It was enough for a family of four to eat for a month (if the food didn’t rot).

「This is?」

The people heard my question…Agafon stepped forward and spoke.

「These are taxes.」
「Yes, this are taxes for our Lord. We have received many things from Akito-san, but it’s no good if we only accept. So everyone discussed and came up with this small offering.」
「Is that so?」
「Please, accept it!」

Agafon said and everyone who had come, bowed.

「Woah….Amazing Master.」
「For them to beg you to accept this tax and bow…」
「They’re strange in the head…in a good way.」

My slaves are gossiping behind my back…

「I understand. I’ll gratefully accept.」
「Thank you very much!」

Agafon and the rest raised their heads and thanked me with great vigor.

They were all smiling and seemed 「happy that I’d accepted」.

「Yep, their heads are definitely strange…of course in a good way.」

Yuria said from behind me seeming amazed.

…that thought may have also passed through my mind.
Since taxes have become an issue…I’ll make something that closely relates to it!

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