Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 02 – Chapter 30

When I woke up the next morning, more things had been delivered.

「Good morning Akito-san.」

This time it was Gerashim. He had come to deliver things from Magatan.

There was quite a large amount of goods, the people of Magatan that had carried them here were exhausted.

「This can’t be…」
「This is what everyone from Magatan has brought in place of taxes. Please accept.」
「I got it. Risha, Mira, Yuria carry these to the storehouse.」

I ordered the three of them and they carried the goods.

They carried them into the wooden house that I’d converted to a storehouse last night.

「Thank you very much Akito-san.」
「This is all well and good, but did you carry this all the way from Magatan?」
「….that must’ve been difficult.」
「No, it’s thanks to Akito-san that everyone’s been saved.」
「…..I see.」

I thought to myself.

It’s all well to accept taxes and be the Lord.

However, the situation right now is inefficient.

「Hey Gerashim.」
「Yes, what is it?」
「What happened to money?」
「Money you say?」
「Yeah, what’s the currency in this world.」
「Umm…..that’s right.」

Gerashim thought for a moment and said.

「Currently there is none. We have some of the old coinage that was used, but once the world was ruined everyone was desperate and the currency fell into disuse.」
「As I thought.」

It had been on my mind. Ever since I’d come to this world, no one had brought up money even once.

It had continued up until this day.

It’s fine if they give me taxes via materials, but the world has reverted to a barter economy.

I was given the mission to revitalize this world by the Goddess. In order to accomplish this, I’ll need to take care of the currency issue.

Also there’s one other thing—I’ll need to do.
After Gerashim left, I grabbed my DORECA and opened the menu.

I want to make money and coinage.

I thought and looked through the greatly expanded Gold Card Creation List.

「Ahh, there it is.」

Among the creatable items was paper money and coins.

There were six denominations of coins. They were 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, and 500.

There were three denominations of paper money. They were 1,000, 5,000, and 10,000.

At first I wanted to make a lot of them all at once, but when I saw what it needed I realized something.

Perhaps I should’ve realized as this followed the same pattern as the Japanese Yen.

I confirmed the necessary items.

「………I feel like this is difficult to forge in more than one way…」
I smiled wryly.
I formed the magic circle and followed the arrows that pointed out the materials.

The one who was with me was Yuria. Risha and Mira were gathering the large amount of iron ore for the coins.

「Master you seem kind of tense.」

Yuria said as she looked at me diagonally.

「Is that so?」
「Mm, you seem nervous or tense. Furthermore, you have a lot of medicine.」

Just like she said, I had brought a lot of panacea with me.

Probably the most I’d ever brought with me.

「What is the material that we are going to get?」

As I began to speak I saw it.

A gigantic figure that was lying on the ruined earth. It had dark brown skin and looked like a hill from a distance.

「It’s that.」
「—–a dragon.」

Yuria gulped.

Yes, a dragon.

One of the ingredients for the paper money was 「Dragon’s Blood」.

I have no idea why paper money would need dragon’s blood, but the difficulty of making things has certainly sky rocketed.

At any rate, I need to subjugate it…this dragon.

「Let’s go Yuria.」

Yuria’s voice was stiff. Looking closely her facial expression was no different from usual, however there was a cold sweat on her brow.

I think she’s frightened of it.

「Be at ease and follow me.」

Yuria opened her eyes wide.

I touched the white jewel that was attached to my Eternal Slave Kai.

When I made the choker I took the opportunity to have her make a slave’s oath like Risha and Mira.

Yuria was sucked inside and eternal slave kai began to shine with a white light.

Unlike Mira and Risha, the blade maintained its original shape and only shed light.

While wondering about what abilities it would have, I took the eternal slave kai that was connected with Yuria’s soul and approached the dragon.


The dragon noticed me and raised itself.

It looked at me as it’s face eventually morphed into a face of anger.


It looked to the sky and roared.

(The dragon’s magic is gathering.)

Yuria said. Then the next instant the dragon’s chest expanded then contracted as it let out a stream of flame.

As I was warned beforehand I took the opportunity to dodge to the side.

「Nice job Yuria.」
「You can perceive that?」
(I can)
She responded quietly but firmly.

「Alright, then do your best as my radar.」

After I said that something flowed from Yuria to me.

It wasn’t words, it was as if a more direct warning had sounded in my head.

At that moment the dragon spat more flames towards me.

In actual use, the warning was about one second before the danger.

That being so, I could easily dodge.

「That’s good, keep it up.」

Using Yuria Radar I was able to dodge the dragon’s attacks.

Dodge…and attack.

The Eternal Slave Kai with Yuria inside of it had mostly unchanged attack power.

Risha and Mira were a pure power enhancement with an additional attribute modification.

In Yuria’s case, it was more like a high accuracy radar attachment.

Though your attack power wouldn’t increase, you wouldn’t receive enemy attacks either.

Dodge, cut.

Dodge, cut.

Dodge, cut.

I chopped up the dragon’s tough body.

「That huge amount of medicine I brought has become useless.」
(I’m very sorry.)
「That was a compliment.」
(……Thank you very much.)

A feeling of delight was transferred to me.

I continued to fight the dragon along with Yuria.
Dragging the dragon’s corpse behind me, I returned to the town of Ribek.

「Is that a dragon?」
「It can’t be….a real one?」
「The Lord apparently took it down himself.」

Leaving the noisy crowd behind I dragged the dragon to the magic circle.

The magic circle had all the other ingredients inside of it. All it was waiting for was the dragon’s blood.

I used eternal slave kai to cut the dragon and poured the blood into the circle.

With the materials all gathered, the completed magic circle shined with light.

What appeared was a roll of banknotes. The pattern stood out lightly and shone slightly with the light of magic.


A shout went out from the gathered townspeople.

It was money made by the DORECA…money that you couldn’t make without defeating a dragon.

This is currency that’s difficult to forge in more ways than one. This is the dawn of a new currency in this world.

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