Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 02 – Chapter 31

I decided to simply name the money 「Yen」.

The different denominations were the same and I felt that it was easy to pronounce.

I stood in front of the mansion with a 1 yen coin and 1,000-yen bill lying on the ground in front of me.


I touched the red jewel and Risha was sucked into the sword. Eternal Slave Kai became a flame blade.

I gathered my magic….and swung!
The flame blade burned the coin and the bill.

The money burned—or so it seemed, but it was a more magical flame.

After the flames went out, both the 1 yen coin and the 1,000 yen bill were completely unharmed.

I picked them both up.

I tried to bend the coin and tear the money.

Not even mentioning the fact that I couldn’t bend the coin, I couldn’t even tear the paper money.

「Menu Open」

Next I grabbed my DORECA and chose the 「Disassemble」 option.

Both the coin and the money ended up destroyed by the magic.

After trying various things I understood.

The money made by the DORECA’s magic probably couldn’t be harmed by physical attacks but could be destroyed by someone with the same DORECA abilities.

Furthermore, it needed quite a bit of magic.

So, this money can’t be counterfeited and is very difficult to destroy.

「This is the most cheat-like thing I’ve encountered till now I think.」

I muttered to myself with a wry grin on my face.
「Master what will we be making today?」

The next morning Risha asked me the same question as always.

It was a familiar phrase that always seemed to help me work up my motivation.

The three slaves were all gathered with Mira and Yuria standing by her side.

「I want to make something for amusement and pleasure.」

Risha looked confused.

「Yeah. Somehow, I’ve worked out most of the food, clothing, and shelter issues…」

I said and looked out the window.

I saw some magic circles twinkling in the distance. They were magic circles for the townspeople to improve their livelihoods.

Circles for their homes, furniture, clothes, and food.

The townspeople only had to bring the materials to the circles and make the things they needed.

By the way, for people who gather the ingredients for public goods such as pushinee and the like, they get payed with the new currency.

Yuria proposed this and made it into a kind of public works.

This was also a good thing because we were able to disseminate the new currency little by little among the population.

「Sooner or later I wanted to make something for amusement.」
「As expected of Master.」
「What kind of thing will you make desu?」

Mira asked, her eyes glittering with excitement.

Mira is the one who seemed most predisposed to enjoy stuff like this.


I thought a bit.

I thought about various things, but my gaze unintentionally moved towards my three slaves.

Eternal Slave.

Blonde hair, long ears, and clearly more beautiful than normal people. Anyone you ask would say they look like elves.

As I looked at those beautiful girls…a lightbulb went off in my head.

「A bath-house.」

They said simultaneously. They seemed to have a look on their face as if confused by what I meant.

I looked in my menu and confirmed it.

There wasn’t a bath-house in it, but I could combine some things to make it.
I made it in the middle of town.

The biggest building I could make, the (Large) spring water, and the Lava Soul of a Lava Monster.

Combining all these together properly, I made a bath-house.

「Why did you make something like this?」

Risha said in front of the finished Bath-house while looking confused.

Of course…I had an answer prepared.

「This is a very important thing. It could be said to be an amusement facility, but it will also improve the town’s hygiene and help prevent illness. If you don’t wash yourself and become dirty, it’s easy to get sick.」

Mira answered energetically.

「That’s why we need something like this.」
「I see」
This time Yuria nodded.

I had convinced the other two.

Well, it is true after all.

Even back on Earth, Ancient Roman towns had at least one public bath.

There is no doubt that it is an important facility.

「As expected of Master!」
「You were thinking of the people in town as their Lord!」
「I can see a prosperous future for this town」

The three of them said.
They all seemed to be admiring me.

The admiration is all well and good, but there was another reason I did this.

「Risha, Mira, Yuria——undress」

They all exclaimed in surprise.

「I will follow Master’s command though…」

They all displayed somewhat doubtful expressions…I had a prepared answer for this as well.

「This is to test it before it’s open for public use. Of course, we can’t use the townspeople as test subjects, nor can I test it on myself. All that’s left are you three, right?」

All three of them let out a little 「Ah」.

「Or, would you prefer if your Master did the testing himself?」

When they heard that, all three of them yelled.

「That’s unthinkable!」
「Testing things for our Master is our job!」
「We will, do it ourselves.」

All three of them said and started to undress.

They took of the light dresses I’d made them and headed towards the bath.

—Magic has been charged by 3,000—
—Magic has been charged by 7,000—

That’s probably from Risha and Mira, but right now I couldn’t care less.

I stood by the doorway to make sure no one would come in and enjoyed their beautiful elf-like bodies.

Their smooth pure white skin was extremely gorgeous!!!

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