Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 02 – Chapter 33

Inside a mountain some distance from the town of Akito.

The monster before me was a lava monster named simply (raba) Lava.

When it was defeated it would drop its Lava Soul which was a common ingredient for items 「that use heat」.

Like a portable stove or kettle.

It was a convenient item that seemed to give off heat indefinitely, but the difficulty in obtaining it was correspondingly high.

Well, for me it wasn’t too dangerous with eternal slave kai, it was dangerous for——

「Oria group go right, Raisa group go left. Attack using a pincer formation.」
「Leave it to me~」

The ones facing the (Lava is too generic I’m changing it to Raba) Raba was a group of women.

The women were being led by Maya to fight the Raba.

「Ku, it’s too hard!」
「What do we do Nee-san!?」
「…..Oria work with me to stop it. Raisa take your group and dig a hole further away.」
「A hole?」
「Yes, we’ll drop this thing into that hole」
「I understand!」

The woman named Raisa took the other women and started digging a pitfall.

At the same time Maya and the other women started drawing it with attacks.

「Nee-san there’s a big rock there」
「——! Move over there and prepare to drop it at any time.」

This time Oria took a few and went to the big rock on a rise.

Maya continued to fight while guiding the Raba to the location where the rock would fall.

Dropping a rock on it and digging a pitfall…

Under Maya’s commands the women did various things to fight the Raba.
「Is this alright?」

Maya brought me the Lava Soul.

The women had defeated the Raba without me lifting a finger.

I hadn’t done anything, and yet this was a big step forward for me.

Up until now I’ve had to get any rare materials myself.

Even though it was a fierce battle, there is great significance in the fact that they were able to defeat such a monster themselves.

「Yes, this is great. Good job.」
「This much is nothing special. Anyways, please keep your agreemen—-」
「I’ll keep the agreement, don’t worry. In fact…」
「In fact?」
「I’m thinking that it would be a sin to not make you guys good weapons.」
「Change our weapons?」
Maya seemed surprised.

「Yeah, those weapons your using are practically worn down to nothing.」

I said and Maya looked at her people’s weapons.

Just like I’d said, their weapons were all worn out.

「I’ll make some, so what would you like?」
「Can we have anything?」
Maya’s eyes sparkled.

I nodded.

Maya exchanged looks with the other women and they all nodded.
Giant’s Strong Arm-Toroi
The material I needed to make a battery…a Nitoka.

That was what Maya and the others requested.

It seemed like they’d seen them set up in the town and that had given birth to a desire to have such a weapon.

I said I’d make them anything so that’s how I ended up bringing them with me to the toroi’s area.

Just like the time with the Raba, the women fought against the toroi under Maya’s orders.

And so it was a close fight.

「Nee-san! Riana is!」
「Retreat and treat her! Tania and Tatiana provide covering fire!」

It was a hard fight, but they were doing fighting well under Maya.

I approached Riana at the rear of the group and used the panacea on her.

Riana’s wounds were healed.

「Th-thank you…….」
「If you’re going out again be careful, getting into a competition of strength with that thing is a fool’s errand.」
「I understand.」
「I’ll leave some medicine here, use it reasonably.」

I said and left some panacea.

Maya was firmly grasping the movements and orders of the vanguard, rearguard, and support of all her troops.

A woman of the support group picked up the panacea that I had left.

Under Maya’s commands the toroi was slowly weakened and finally defeated.
「I see so this is how you do it.」

I saw what was going on and understood.

After I had made the nitoka with the toroi’s arm, Maya brought out a pushcar like thing.

It was made without special materials, but they put the nitoka on top of it.

It seems like it’s turned into a mobile battery.

「Yes, when I saw these in town I thought of it. If we have these then…you know.」
「I see.」

The women noisily surrounded the mobile nitoka.

I saw this and asked Maya.

「How many are needed for this?」
「For a mobile battery division, how many do you need?」

Maya glanced at her companions.

「If there were four more, it’d be good.」
「I see.」

I took out my DORECA and made four nitoka magic circles.

I took out my eternal slave kai.

Yuria was still within it making it a glowing white blade.

「Just wait for a bit.」

I said and began walking in the direction of the arrows.

After watching Maya and the rest fight, I’d gotten a bit fired up.

I went looking for toroi as Maya and the rest followed after me.

I brought the girls along and pretty soon found some toroi.

There were five of them. There was enough for all the nitoka plus one more.

Yuria answered inside my head.

I glanced behind me and said.

「I’m going to show them something good, lend me your strength.」
(I understand)

I charged towards the toroi and the first one swung its huge arm at me.

I put magic power into my slave sword and swung—sending the arm flying.

One against five toroi.

The toroi were cut down one after another——and the battle soon ended.

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