Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 02 – Chapter 34

Today was topsy-turvy from the start.

In the first place, the restoration of the town’s walls was completed so I moved with Yuria.

「Where to next?」 (Akito)
「To the south…outside of town a bit.」(Yuria)
「The people want to farm a field, so there’s a request for a watering hole.」
「A watering hole…I wonder if spring water (large) would be good?」
「I have already asked Risha-san and Mira-san to bring the materials.」
「I see. Good work.」

I complimented Yuria and patted her head.

She didn’t dislike it but it didn’t look like it made her happy either.

Compared to Risha and Mira she didn’t get happy or charge me as often…I was a bit worried.

「What’s after this?」
「The entire town requested that you make another bath house.」
「Male and Female.」
「……oh, that’s right I never split it based on gender.」

I originally made it so I could gaze upon my beautiful slaves, so I completely forgot about it.

「I got, I’ll make it. Ummm…Lava soul is——」
「I asked Maya-san and her group.」
「You’re really good at this.」

I didn’t just say this to make her happy, it was my honest opinion.

I truly thought that, though she may be a slave, Yuria was an extremely capable secretary.
Afternoon, I was taking a break in my mansion.

I was getting a luxurious lap pillow from my first slave Risha.

「Good work Master.」
「I’m tired……I had to go to Timbuctoo and back today…」
「Is this because of Yuria?」
「If it wasn’t for her I think it would’ve been even worse.」

The difficulty of this work probably would’ve increased by a few times.

I imagined how Risha, Mira, and I would be running ourselves ragged.

「Yuria is making herself useful huh?」

Risha quieted down.

She remained silent and started lightly fanning me.

Her thighs are soft and the wind is cool…it feels soooo good.

Having my wonderful slave do this makes the fatigue just melt away.

It felt so good I started to drift off.


I heard a voice. It seems like Yuria came in but Risha quieted her down.

「Master is finally resting. What’s the big commotion?」
Risha asked.

If it wasn’t anything important I want to continue to enjoy this paradise.

「Report from Maya-san. A group has attacked the town. They were defeated and all captured.」
「So they were looking for Master’s judgement?」
「Their leader is a man with a slave…his name is Seiya apparently.」

Hm? Seiya?

Seiya attacked Ribek?

I opened my eyes halfway and saw Risha brooding while Yuria watched.

Technically I’ve known Seiya for about as long as I’ve known Risha.

What will she decide…I’ll watch for now.

「Yuria, just release those people. The one with the slave may fly into a rage, but ignore it and send him on his way.」
「Is that ok? They came to attack us?」
「I think that Master would do the same thing.」

She said as she looked towards me.
I closed my eyes quickly before she saw they were open.

Yep, as Risha said.

Since the time we parted with the Goddess this was the fourth time I’d encountered Seiya.

More recently our interactions have been like those between enemies, and when we meet he has gotten more enraged.

Even though we captured him I would’ve eventually released him. I have no grudge with the man personally.

As expected of the slave that’s been with me the longest. She knows what I’d do.

After a little while, Yuria left.

I continued to enjoy my paradise.

If it’s like this then I can leave everything to her when it’s my break time.

I closed my eyes and fell asleep on her lap pillow.
Night, I left my mansion.

The majority of the townspeople had gone home and there weren’t any people on the street.

I took a walk for one reason or another.

Ribek was a town that was under Marato’s control until a little while ago.

Compared to that time, the houses were fixed like new and the streets were well organized.

There were things that I fixed and things that I made from scratch.

The town that I made…the town that I Lorded over.

「Ahaha, oh Dad you silly~」
「No it’s true this is from——a big shot that I took down.」
「Ok ok, make sure to bring home your catch before you start joking around.」

I heard happy voices coming from inside a house.
They were voices that made me think of a happy family.

Here, the people are laughing happily.

「This is good.」

Someone called me from behind.

It was a middle-aged man who’s face I didn’t really know.

「You are?」
「My name’s Denis.」

Yep that’s the first time I’ve heard this name.

Thinking back I felt like I hadn’t really seen him among the people working to bring materials to the magic circles.

I was wondering what he wanted when,

「Milord, it’d be best if you took care.」

My expression turned serious as it seemed that Denis had something important to say.

「Take care?」
「Yes. The little one is your slave right Milord?」
「Yes. You’d best beware of that small one. It’s been going around using Milord’s name all over town.」
「What’s the basis of this?」
「There is evidence. Like today, she decided to release those guys that attacked us.」

Hmm…Seiya you mean huh…
That was——

「She randomly decided it while Milord was resting. I think such a thing is dangerous. You’d best take care of this kind of thing quickly…like dismissing her or something…」
「I see.」

I said and he seemed to smirk.

Somehow he felt like a patsy, like he was doing this because of another person’s orders…at least that was the expression and impression he was making.

Just looking at his expression made me feel quite bad.

「Thank you for the warning. From now on tell me if you notice anything else wrong.」
「Yes, then I will do——」
「Anything else wrong with anything besides my slaves.」

I said and Denis froze.

His face hardened as if it was made of stone.

「Yuria is my slave.」
「Well, but…」
「Even if I was betrayed I will never get rid of her. She is my eternal slave.」

I said frankly and Denis made an 「Urgh」 sound.
Then the next moment.

—Magic has been charged by 2,000,000—

I heard that familiar sound when a light exploded into being behind me.

I turned and saw Yuria standing there with her choker shining with light.

Her expression——I didn’t even need to look to understand what it was.

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