Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 02 – Chapter 35

I was returning to the mansion with Yuria.

As we were returning her hand refused to move from the choker around her neck.

It was really adorable but when I went to touch it…

「Yuria…let me see your neck.」

I used a commanding tone of voice and when she heard…she moved her hand without the slightest of hesitation.

Her reaction spoke volumes, it was as if it was unthinkable that she would ever disobey.

I really focused on her choker…

It was the leather choker with a jewel that I’d made.
It seemed luxurious but it had been a normal choker.

However that wasn’t the case anymore…

「It’s stuck…no actually it’s——」

I reached out to touch it and see. There wasn’t a gap between her neck and the choker. It was as if it had integrated with her skin.

Assimilation…Absorption …those were the words that popped into my head.

「Is this okay? I mean does it hurt?」
「Not at all」

Yuria immediately replied.

「How can I take this thing off?」
「I do not think…you can.」
「Why do you think so?」
「Because I’m Master’s slave forever.」
「Is that so?」

If she says it like that…it almost seems plausible.

So basically after my declaration…Yuria accidentally heard it and became ecstatic…and this cause the evolution of the choker.

Evolution?…That’s right! That’s the word I’d been searching for! It evolved.

The 2,000,000 magic charge was good and the choker evolution was good.

The word evolution truly matches what has happened.

But I still have some doubts.

「There have been times when I told Risha and Mira that they would be mine forever…why was it only this time that this occurred?」

Yuria averted her eyes.

Her face faintly blushed…she looked bashful.

This…..this might be a clue.

「What happened? Tell me.」

Yuria answered while fixing her hand on her choker.

「I had heard what that man, Seiya, said to his slave.」
「Seiya? What did he say?」
「『Stupid slave, the next time you’re useless I’ll toss you aside』 or so he said」
「That does seem like him.」

Though I didn’t hear it myself, I could easily imagine him saying stuff like that.

He probably said it while hitting or kicking his slave.

So that was what Yuria saw.

「It is natural for a Master to discard his slave. The slave is the Master’s property. If they are abandoned the slave will act accordingly.」
「But if we’re tossed aside…we’ll be lost. If we were to serve our Master forever, it would be the best case scenario. That’s because we are Eternal Slaves.」

She said and gripped her choker even more firmly.

I think I get it now.

「I understand what you’re trying to say.」

Yuria nodded while tenderly stroking at her choker…it made her seem even more endearing.

「Welcome back!」

Risha and Mira called out and came to welcome us back.

My two slaves…the same race…Eternal Slaves.

Soon enough the sharp eyed Risha discovered something different about Yuria’s choker.

「Yuria that is?」
「That’s?——Ah it’s stuck! Why? Did Master do something?」
「He said that…He told me that I would be his forever.」

You really cut quite a bit out! Is that all you’re going to tell them!?

「I’m so jealous!」

It looks like they got the message anyways.

「To designate her as your eternal slave…Master is amazing.」
「Yep! Amazing! As expected of Master!」

They were praising me with all their might…Risha was shooting me furtive glances while Mira was straightforwardly staring at me with eyes that seemed to want to cling on and rely on me.

They were definitely begging me silently.

It seems that they want their chokers back, I’d taken them under the pretext of punishment.

I don’t really mind returning them but……I want to tease them a bit.

I took out the chokers and held them in front of Risha and Mira.

「It’s all well and good to return them…but if you don’t become like Yuria I’ll confiscate them again.」

I said.

I just wanted to tease them a bit and see my cute slaves troubled a bit…

So what will they do—–I thought when…

The two of them grabbed the chokers without hesitation and placed them around their necks.

After putting them on they both looked at me.

「Please let us be your slaves forever.」

They said.

The next moment their chokers began to shine.

It was the same light as the one from Yuria’s.

The light of the choker integrating with them.

As the light subsided, their chokers had assimilated with them just like Yuria.

「I did it!」

—Magic has been charged by 80,000,000—
—Magic has been charged by 120,000,000—

They looked unbelievably happy as they touched their chokers…the happiest I’d ever seen them. The numbers proved that as well.

Yuria slightly smiled as she watched them. I think that she’s pleased even though I don’t get anything unless she’s quite happy…but I don’t think I’m wrong.

The next moment my DORECA started shining in my pocket.

It should be a new card…this one is gold so I wonder if the next one will be platinum I thought as I watched.


After the light dimmed it hadn’t changed at all…it was still gold.

「It didn’t change」

Risha murmured.

She was the only one who’d been with me since the Normal Card days…she probably thought the same thing as me.

Why did it shine this time?

「Menu Open」

Holding my card I opened my menu and checked everything.

My card type remained as gold and the magic amount was still clearly there…the number of slaves didn’t change either.

Was it just a light show?

I looked more and more…when I found it.

In the Crafting list there was something new under the Eternal Slave section.

Slave Card (Normal).

Slave Card……Normal…

Is this like sharing a credit card account with your family?

「Well…I guess I’ll make it and see.」
「What are we making Master?」
「Please tell us to do anything!」
「We’ll do it.」

The three of them seemed to be raring to go.

I put the magic circles on the ground. I made enough for three Slave Cards (Normal).

The material was 「Slave DNA」

The arrow pointed at the three of them and their entire bodies began to shine.

「It’s us? What should we do Master?」
「…try some hair…a little bit…try it and see.」

I guessed based on the DNA requirement.

The three of them pulled out a strand of hair and put them in the magic circles.

It seems I was correct. The magic circle sucked in the hair, glowed with light, and left behind cards.

It was exactly the same as my DORECA and looked just like it did when I first got it.

「M-Menu Open」

As I thought…it was Risha who had been exposed to the cards the longest who timidly said that.

「I-I’ll try making…cloth clothing.」

She said and placed a magic circle on the ground.

It had the same function as my DORECA.

Then as the magic circle was placed, the magic in my DORECA decreased.

It’s exactly like a family credit card account…it draws from a common pool.

「This is Master’s power……」

Risha, Mira, and Yuria carried their cards as if they were their treasured possessions.

I’d received a new power.
Slave Card (Normal).

Unfortunately, they were unable to make things past what my first card could…
Still, it was a new power granted to my trusted slaves.

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