Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 02 – Chapter 38

Mass production of cake…there were two ways to reach this goal.

First was to charge a ton of magic and make as many as I possibly can with my DORECA.

The one that costs the least, shortcake, is 3,000. I’d only be able to make it on the level of a few hundred.

If I were to spend all of it then I’d end up with 1,000 cakes at the most.

In other words this method isn’t even worth bringing up, I need to use the other method.

I opened my DORECA menu and stared at it.

I looked at the Crafting list from top to bottom.

「There it is….」

One item in particular drew my eyes.

Food Printer.

A thought popped into my head ‘this might work’.
I created the food printer magic circle and walked towards the wilderness where the materials were located.

I needed 50 of some sort of material called Madorika…so I went out to search for it.

I left everything in town to my slaves for now.

With my 100% loyal slaves now able to use Slave Cards (Normal) I could leave them to take care of things for a while.

I was guided by the arrow as I walked and walked. After about half a day of walking I finally arrived at a rocky mountain.

As I advanced further I saw a cave in the side of the mountain.

The arrow was pointing to the inside of that cave.

「It would’ve been great if I’d brought a torch or something…」

I may lose some time…but I took out my DORECA to make a torch anyways.

I then took it with me as I entered the cave.

Before long I’d reached a dead end.

「Is this as far as it goes? It couldn’t be…the arrow points further in…do I have to dig?」

I took out Eternal Slave Kai and struck at the wall.

The soil crumbled away as stones rolled and dropped out of the wall.

The magic arrows pointed to the rocks so I picked them up.

If I were to describe it…it’d be a crystal with a shiny colorful gem inside of it.

This is what the arrow was pointing at, and it was glowing indicating it was a material.

「Do I seriously have to excavate?」

I muttered and thought that this was a bit out of my expectations.

I really thought that I’d have to fight another strong monster or something.

Like a dragon, or a toroi, or a raba…or something I’d never met before like a demon or an angel. If I was unlucky I thought I’d have to go deal with something related to the Evil God.

That was the pattern up til now. Defeat a strong monster, get an item…sometimes defeat them many times because of a low drop rate.

I’d come out here prepared for something like that…but I really didn’t expect to engage in mining.

「I’ll do it anyways though…….」

It was unexpected but I’ll still do it.

I once again gripped my slave sword and swung it at the wall.

*Clang* *Crumble*
*Clang* *Crumble*

I continued to attack the soil wall with my sword.

「This is…a pain.」

I was getting irritated. It was really inefficient to mine with a sword.

「Menu Open…….pickaxe…pickaxe….there it is」

I was wasting daylight but I thought it’d be better to continue with the proper tools.

But when I made the magic circle for it, there were a lot of arrows that came out.

Around twenty of them popped out…it was the most I’d ever seen.

After checking the menu I confirmed that it required about 20 materials.

I could gather them if I walked all around the entire area.

「But that’s way too much trouble…..I guess I’ll just do it with the sword.」

Instead of gathering every single little material for it, I decided that it’d be faster just to continue with my sword.

I continued to swing.

*Clang* *Crumble*
*Clang* *Crumble*

If there was one saving grace, it was that the material was pretty easy to find.
On average, I’d find about one piece of madorika every three minutes.

*Clang* *Crumble*
*Clang* *Crumble*

「Number 15…………………………………………..Number 16………………………………………………………Number 17…—-Ugggghhh!」

I take it all back, it’s not easy to find!

I keep digging and digging but it only comes out sometimes by chance.

As I dug with my sword, the irritation continued to pile up.

I sent a fleeting glance towards the magic circle for the pickaxe I’d made before…should I make it?

「………..Ugh, let’s just continue.」

I decided to keep going as I had been.

For now I’ll keep digging. If I was to go out to find the materials for the pickaxe, then couldn’t find one easily…I’d probably be even more irritated.

I decided to just honestly keep mining. I made the decision.
Honestly mining, honestly mining…


Every so often I exploded and put magic into my sword for an all out strike but…

「The madorika…broke…」

The material had been crushed, so I had to continue mining honestly.

*Clang* *Crumble*
*Clang* *Crumble*


The smiley emoticon ran through my mind. (TN: this is correct)

From beginning to end this mining operation took me five hours…finally I’d reached the end.

I’d be unbelievably angry if I got back and I’d counted incorrectly so I decided to recount.

「Yep, 50 in all.」

After heaving a deep sigh of relief, I took all the madorika into my bag and left the cave.

It was already nighttime.

I followed the arrow as I started walking back to my town.

As I came down the mountain I encountered a dragon.

It was the same dragon that I had hunted to make paper money.

The dragon was sleeping a distance away and hadn’t noticed me.


I dropped the madorika to the ground.

I made sure that they wouldn’t roll away.

Then, I firmly grasped my eternal slave kai and approached the dragon.

It woke up as I approached. It looked at me the roared at the sky.


I put magic in my sword —about 100,000 worth—and jumped straight at the dragon. I swung down and arbitrarily split it in half.

「Fuu…so refreshing.」

After relieving myself of my seething rage, I grabbed the madorika and returned to Ribek.

I had already placed the other materials inside of the circle, so once I put the madorika in…it was finished.

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