Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 02 – Chapter 50

Town of Ribek, Lord’s Manor.

Leaving the unconscious eternal slave sleeping in another room, I entered my office.

I sat down and received reports from Yuria.

「First off, the slave beasts that turned back into people.」
「According to Mira’s report, they should be assigned to the town of Bisk.」
「I’ll leave that to you. What’s happening with the people of Pelmi?」
「They’ve calmed down and Risha is hunting for places for them to live. She is also making clothes and things for them. The people of Ribek are also aiding them.」
「Are the people who are helping being appropriately rewarded?」

Yuria nodded.

She wouldn’t make an error in this kind of matter, but it’s always better to make sure.

「What about Pelmi’s surroundings?」
「I have sent Maya to patrol. She should report back by tonight.」
「I see.」

I nodded.

I thought to myself that I needed to establish a highway system and communication network.

Then I organized the information I’d received from Yuria inside my head.

「Allow the citizens of Pelmi to reside here in Ribek for a while. Once the Maxim matter is finished tell them I will rebuild Pelmi. You’ve got a Bronze Card right? Then put on a stage show of its repair capabilities.」
「Until we deal with Maxim, we shall treat them…」
「In the same way as usual.」

Yuria said, predicting what I was about to say.

「Provide them with pushinee and guarantee food, water, shelter, and clothing, then let them do as they please.」
「Yes, that’s good.」
「Will you invite them to your side?」
「Ask them to join? I’ll leave that for afterwards. The problems with Maxim take priority.」

After that, Yuria reported several things to me and then left the office.

「……alright then.」

I was free for now, so I stood up vigorously.

I left the office and set off towards the sleeping eternal slave’s room.

I was worried about the people of Pelmi and Maxim, but what I was most concerned with was this eternal slave.

I carefully opened the door and entered the room.

「Are you awake?」

I whispered into the room.

There wasn’t any reaction, I think she’s still sleeping.

I stood next to the bed and looked down at her.

Her elf-like appearance.

No matter how I look at it, she is an eternal slave.

It would be good……if this girl would become mine smoothly.

As I thought various things, her eyes slowly opened.

Her eyes opened and stared at the ceiling.

She blinked her eyes open and shut, then looked at me.

She sat up, staring at me all the while.

Well then how should I start…

「Onii-chan is Lilia’s Master?」
「That was way too fast! What are you!? A little chick that acknowledges the first thing she sees as her parent!?」

I unintentionally retorted.

I was hoping for this, but I never even dreamed it would happen so fast, I ended up responding like that.

「Am I wrong?」
「No…maybe…well anyways why did you make me into your Master all of a sudden? It can’t really be that you imprint on someone like a little chick?」

Lilia leaned forward and sniffed at the nape of my neck.

「Onii-chan’s body has the smell of slaves.」
「Smell of slaves?」

I held my clothes up to my nose and sniffed…I didn’t get it.

「Un, the smell of slaves. It’s very strong. Two of them…no three of them?」

I was surprised at how accurate she was.

「You are a man who has many slaves so Lilia thought that it would be good to join as well.」
「That’s what you thought huh…」

I pulled up a chair and sat next to her.

I pulled out Eternal Slave Kai and showed her the three jewels in the hilt.

「You were right, I have three slaves. I’ll explain later, but these three jewels are the proof of that.」
「I see desu」
「And so, I am in a position where I need to increase the number of my slaves. If you wouldn’t mind, would you——」
「Yes, I will.」
「—–stop moving so fast! Just listen to me until the end ok?」
「Well, Onii-chan is a man who knows how to be a Master already. Onii-chan has three slaves…a Super Master. To be the slave of such a man is more than I deserve.」

More than you deserve……you really know how to talk.

Lilia seemed to be in high spirits. It seemed like all I had to do was agree and she would be my slave.

This may have progressed way to fast, but it didn’t change what I needed to do.

「Would you be my slave——no, you are mine from now on.」

After I corrected myself, Lilia seemed very happy.

It seemed like she had a maiden-like passion and love-like feeling towards becoming my slave.

「Master, the people from Pelmi have settled in.」
「Master! I’ve delivered the slave beast people to Bisk!」
「Master, a message from Maya. There’s no problems.」

The door opened and my slaves entered one after another to report.

I listened to them and got ahold of the situation.

For now it appeared that there weren’t any problems, so I could give Lilia my undivided attention.

I thought and turned——to see Lilia’s eyes sparkling.

「Y-yeah. What?」
「Lilia wants a choker! I want proof of ownership!」

She drew closer to Risha then looked at me and the girls’ chokers.

I see a choker huh…

「Hey wait, you’re a slave and you’re begging Mater like th——」

Risha began to rebuke her when I stopped her with my hand.

I looked at Lilia and said.

「I can give you a choker, but I will have you work hard for me.」
「Of course desu~ Lilia is an eternal slave desu. I’ll work with all my might for Master desu~」

I was a little worried about Lilia getting carried away, but I’ll ignore it for now.

And so I made another choker and gave it to Lilia.

「Thank you so much desuno~!」

—Magic has been charged by 5,000—

After officially becoming my slave, it was little, but she gave me a magic charge.

I looked at Lilia’s high tension, Risha’s knit eyebrows, and Mira’s honestly happy expression.

Then Yuria…

「My slave junior (kouhai)」
She murmured.

—Magic has been charged by 2,000,000—

She was secretly over the moon. (TN: means incredibly happy in case you didn’t know the idiom.)

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