Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 02 – Chapter 51

「Alright first off we need to get you a choker, dress, and a Slave Card too.」

I said while looking at Lilia. We were inside the manor’s office.

「Dress desu?」
「Yeah, the green dresses that Risha and them were wearing. I made those.」
「Ehhh, Onii-chan is good at sewing?」
「No! it’s this, this!」
I said and pulled out my DORECA while creating a magic circle.

I put the paper that I had in my hand and put it in the circle, creating a paper cup.

「I can make things like this with magic.」
「That’s amazing, what else can you make desu?」
「Houses desu!? Then did Onii-chan make this mansion too desu?」
「That’s right.」
「Haa……amazing desu」

Lilia seems quite excited.

「Moving on, you’ll need a choker, a dress, and a slave card. These three things.」

I used my DORECA to make three magic circles.

The arrows all pointed in different directions.

I took Lilia with me to look for materials.
In the deserted wasteland, I split the scorpion in two.

「Amazing desu. I remember these scorpions being strong, but you defeated it so easily desu.」
「The first time I fought one was pretty close.」

I picked up the scorpion’s corpse and looked at it seriously.

The first time I fought one I’d used dozens of panaceas before I finally defeated it, but now I could do so in one strike.

I was able to feel how I’d grown.

「What do we do now desu?」
「Menu open」

I set another magic circle.

I set another magic circle for the same item so I could use it as a radar. I wanted to find the materials and make the items as fast as possible so I simply made a new circle.

I placed the materials in the circle and created the dress.

It was the same as the others’. It was an elven green dress.

I handed it to Lilia.

「Thank you very much desu!」

Lilia changed into the dress.

「Tadaaaaa. How is it desu? How is it?」

Lilia said as she spun around in front of me showing off the dress.

「It suits you.」
「Thank you very much desu……but…」

Lilia’s tension suddenly fell, I wonder what’s wrong?

「This dress is amazing desu. It’s as if I was born to wear it desu.」

You like it that much?

「But my neck is lonely.」
Lilia said as she touched her neck.

「It’s sad that it’s lonely desu~ Onii-chan please let me have a choker desu~」

She started begging.

It was a bit fresh.

Risha, Mira, Yuria…

I’d never received such straightforward requests or begging up till now.

The most impulsive and frank of them, Mira, had a more reserved feeling.

Lilia was different, it seemed like she was pushing.

A slave who would beg for what they desired without holding back.

This was fresh.

But this kind of thing doesn’t feel bad either.

「Hurry let’s gather them desu~ I want to be acknowledged as Onii-chan’s desu」
「Alright, let’s go for the next one」
「Ok desu~」

I took Lilia and headed off towards the next material.
We returned to Ribek.
The next materials were within Ribek and to the other side from where we were.

After we entered town, my three slaves immediately ran up.

「What’s wrong?」
「Master, someone destroyed the nitoka outside of town.」
「Master the people of Pelmi want to work!」
「Gerashim said that some people want to move to Ribek.」

Risha, Mira, and Yuria reported each in turn.

I listened and then gave out my orders.

「Fix the nitoka. That’s the highest priority. The people in town have been wanting to plant trees and make a park, so have the people of Pelmi make arrangements. Go find out why those people want to move to Ribek and report back.」

The three of them nodded and set off running.

Lilia watched them as they went.

「What is it?」
「What was all that desu?」
「That was work. There’s a lot to do so we’re busy, so I gave them some work.」
「Work desu!?」

Lilia shouted in a big fuss.

「I’m jealous desu~ Give Lilia some work too desu!~」
「You want some work huh?」
「Yes desu. Give The Fourth Generation slave Lilia some work desu!」

Lilia insisted with clenched fists.

「Why are you calling yourself The Fourth Generation?」
「Huh? Does Onii-chan have another slave desu? Did Lilia not know and is actually The Fifth Generation slave desu?」
「No…you are The Fourth…but why are you saying it like that?」

The way she’s saying it is as if she’s my fourth disciple.

The First Generation Risha.
The Second Generation Mira.
The Third Generation Yuria.
The Fourth Generation Lilia.

……yep it definitely sounds like their my disciples.

「Is there no work that Lilia can do desu?」
「No, it’s just that first you need a choker and a slave car——」

A citizen approached me. He was a middle aged man.

His face was somehow scratched.

「What’s wrong?」
「Honestly…my house has been wrecked…I um…was fighting with my wife. I was hoping that milord could fix it once again.」
「I understand, Risha could——」
「Lilia will do it desu!」

Lilia volunteered.

「You are……an eternal slave. You’re the Lord’s new slave?」
「That’s right desu! I’m The Fourth Generation Lilia desu!」
「I see, then I’ll leave it to you.」
「Yes leave it to me, let’s go desu!」

She grabbed his arm and dashed away while dragging him along.

She stopped, looked back, and yelled.

「I’ll work hard for Onii-chan desu~! Just watch~!」

Then she continued to dash away.

I couldn’t help but laugh.

She was the most active of the four of them, but their intentions were one and the same.

They wanted to work for my sake.

「What a cute little thing.」

I murmured and waited there.

After a short while, I saw Lilia return to me downhearted.

「Welcome back, what happened?」
「……I don’t know how to fix it desu…」

Seeing her dejected appearance, I couldn’t hold in my laughter.

「Haaa, I’ll teach you, come with me.」
「Ok desu~!」

I took my magic charging happy Fourth Generation slave with me to find the materials for her choker and slave card.

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