Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 02 – Chapter 52

Choker fused with neck, green dress on body, and Slave Card (Bronze) in hand.

Lilia stood at the entrance of the forest filled with great happiness.

Looking at her I felt a certain sense of accomplishment.

I’d taken so much time to gather all these things for Risha, but I know had the ability to make everything immediately for my newest slave Lilia.

This was a feeling I’d only ever gotten from games.

「How is it? Does it feel uncomfortable?」

I said as I pointed at my own neck as an example.

「No discomfort at all. It fits so well, I almost feel as though I’d been born with it desu.」
「That well?」
「Yes desu!」

Lilia said with a smile spread across her face.

「Once again, please look after me desu.」

I nodded.

Well then, it’s about time to return to Ribek to do what needs to be done.


A familiar voice called out and Maya appeared.

The other girls were on standby and only Maya approached.

「What a coincidence, what are you doing here?」
「Just going around a bit. What about you?」
「We’re on patrol」

Maya said and looked at Lilia behind me.

「A new slave?」
「Yep, her name is Lilia.」
「Glad to meet you, I’m the Fourth Generation slave Lilia desu.」
「I am Maya. Me and the girls over there will eventually be having Akito’s children.」
「Nice to meet you desu.」

The two women smiled as they greeted each other.

I spoke to Maya.

「She has the same abilities as Risha and the rest, so if you need anything just tell her.」
「The same power?」

I nodded and Maya seemed surprised.

「Is that ok? She’s new isn’t she? I can see…that she has the choker and dress. Aren’t you trusting her a bit too much?」
「Is that so? I guess you’re not wrong.」

I looked at Lilia.

The eternal slave.

「But as my slave she deserves this degree of trust.」

Lilia seemed deeply moved and Maya seemed a bit dumbfounded.,

「As expected of Akito, always so Manly.」
「That so?」
「It is.」
「I see…」

I tilted my head to the side.
I never really thought about it like that.

I mean…she’s my slave…and she’s an Eternal Slave.

Since I’ve come to this world I’ve experienced how they would care for and not disobey their Masters.

They were even more loyal than service dogs in my previous world.
The Eternal Slave’s racial trait seems to be 100% loyalty or that’s how it seems.

Thanks to that…I don’t think that being 「Manly」 has anything to do with it.
「Master there’s trouble!」

The next morning I was sleeping when Risha dashed into my room.

「Hm…what’s wrong?」
「The nitoka…the nitoka have been stolen!」

My drowsiness was blown away in an instant.

「Yes! Please come!」

I nodded and changed then left the mansion.

Risha guided me to a location on the outskirts of the town.

「Here Master!」
「……It certainly has been stolen…」

This was the town’s defensive line, there should be around 20 nitoka here. However, around half of them were gone.

「This is a…thief right?」
「That……who could it be……」

Risha said but as I looked at the actual scene of the crime…it suddenly came to me.

The places that were missing nitoka were very clean.

The platform that was missing the nitoka had been left exactly as they were.

I took out my DORECA and 「lifted」 another of the nitoka.

The nitoka’s pedestal was exactly like the missing nitoka.

「The DORECA can lift items created by a DORECA while ignoring the weight…you know that right?」
「Y-yes, my slave card can do the same thing as well.」
「Compare how these look after I lift it.」
「Eh……they’re the same.」
「So you can guess the culprit right?」
「……It’s Seiya-san!?」

I nodded.
As of now, I know of 6 people with DORECA.

Me, my four slaves, and Seiya.

Seiya’s slave shouldn’t have a card as of now, so she’s exempt.

I trust my slaves. I do not believe it was them.

Then the only suspect left was Seiya.

「That imbecile……」
In the abundant, deserted wasteland.

Seiya and his slave were standing there.

They were looking at ten nitoka that were placed in front of them and Seiya was smirking.

「Fufufufufu, with this….with this power I can….」
「Humph but what about you? You’re useless. Why can his slave’s lift these things but you can’t?」
「I’m sorry.」
「Hmm, as I thought you’re defective. Well whatever. First off are these. With these I can——」
「You can what?」

I called out and appeared before Seiya.

「Akihito!? Why are you here!?」
「Luckily, Maya saw a suspicious man taking away some nitoka. Well, even if they didn’t I’d still be able to chase you.」

I took out my DORECA and placed down a magic circle.

A number of material arrows popped out and one of them was pointing at the nitoka here.

It was a magic circle for improved nitoka.


I watched Seiya groan and got even more fed up with him.

「Seiya……you’ve really fallen far…」
「What did you say!?」
「You’re rotten! Think about what you’ve done. You’re nothing more than a thief now, a thief! Furthermore you sneak in at night like a petty thief.」
「Shut up! That much is fine! You have so much! Give me some!」

I couldn’t think of what to say. I was thinking… ‘what the hell?’

Why is the robber getting angry at the victim?

「Anyways you’ll be giving these back and coming with me.」
「This matter has spread to the people of Ribek. If I don’t punish the perpetrator they won’t be satisfied.」
「What the hell are you saying you bastard, it’s your town so why do you have to satisfy them!?」

It seems like it won’t matter what I say.

I sighed and raised my hands.

「What’s that? Some kind of charm?」
「Look around you, you imbecile.」

Seiya looked around and the blood drained from his face.

Maya and the girls had surrounded the area and had nitoka on carts pointed at Seiya.

Seiya was at an overwhelming disadvantage as he ground his teeth and his body shook.
In the Ribek jail, we threw Seiya into an isolation cell.

「Bastard! Let me out!」

Seiya screamed, but I ignored him.

I spoke as the Lord to the jailer.

「Keep a close eye on him. He may act violently, but don’t open the cell no matter what.」
「And you see that woman there, the eternal slave?」

I pointed to the Seiya’s eternal slave who was in a different place.

「Let that girl do as she pleases other than opening the cell or breaking things. If you don’t have the things needed, ask Yuria.」

The jailer snapped a salute and began his duties.

I glanced at Seiya’s slave.

I pitied her for having such a master.

She had fresh bruises on her, but still seemed worried about her master.

She seemed the exemplary eternal slave.

Damn it…….how could he treat such a sweet girl so poorly?

Honestly, I was more angry about his than the robbery.

「Akihito!!! Let me out now! If you don’t, you’ll regret it! AKIHITOOOOO!」

A glanced at him with a scowl and said nothing.
Accompanied by the yells of Seiya, who’d fallen to the position of a prisoner, I left the prison.

You reap what you sow you fool.

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