Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 02 – Chapter 53

Nighttime in the Lord’s Mansion.

They were all arranged before me.

The First Generation Slave Risha.
The Second Generation Slave Mira.
The Third Generation Slave Yuria.
The Fourth Generation Slave Lilia.

The four of them with their integrated chokers stood in front of me.

Now we would begin the evolution of my weapon to True Eternal Slave.

「Menu Open」

I took out my DORECA and chose 「Slave Heart」 from the creation list.

I lay down four of those magic circles.

They were the same magic circles but each of the material arrows pointed to a different slave.

They all began to glow. Red light to Risha, the blue light to Mira, the white light to Yuria, and the black light to Lilia.

「One for each……all of you have one huh?」
「This is……what should we put in here Master?」

Risha asked.

「Umm……this means that Lilia is supposed to be a material?」
「That’s right.」
「Is that no good?」

Mira asked Lilia. Risha and Yuria looked at Lilia.

Lilia looked unwilling. Mira and Yuria looked at her in displeasure.

「That would be a bit troubling desu. Lilia wants to work as Onii-chan’s slave forever. If I become a material and disappear it’d be a problem.」

That was Lilia’s reasoning.

「Isn’t that something honorable? To become something of Master’s?」

Risha said. That was just like her. It was reasonable considering she thought overwork was an honor.

「I would like to refuse if I could desu. I’d like to continue living and working as Onii-chan’s slave desu.」
「I can, understand both」

Mira and Yuria agreed to both.

In the end, both Risha and Lilia were saying what they thought would be best as 「my slaves」.

「Anyways I want to be useful to Master!」

Risha said and entered the magic circle.

She did it without hesitation.


But despite her enthusiasm, nothing happened.

All that happened was Risha being further covered in red light, but nothing else.

「What……I wonder why?」
「Is it no good unless you all enter?」

I thought a bit and said.

「That may be the case」

Yuria said and entered her magic circle.

Just like Risha, her white colored light enveloped her.

There was no other change.

「I’ll go in and see too.」

Mira said and entered the magic circle.

The same happened to her with blue light.

Risha, Mira, Yuria.

The three of them looked at Lilia from within the magic circles.

「Uuu……what’s with those looks. Are you blaming Lilia desuno?」

The three of them didn’t respond, they just stared at her.

The look in their eyes seemed to say “It’s your turn next”.

The three of them understood the situation better than Lilia. Mira and Yuria 「understood」…their thoughts were closer to those of Risha.

That being the case, they entered the magic circles.

However, even though they were coaxing Lilia…her thoughts of 「living and being useful」 outweighed that.

At the very least she would not be entering of her own volition.

「Wh-what is it Onii-chan…?」
「Please enter.」

I said as I looked straight at Lilia.

It wasn’t an order, but it was very close to being one.

I asked her to entered.


Lilia groaned.

Since her Master said so, she couldn’t very well refuse…that’s what her face said.

「I need thi……no」

I changed what I was about to say.

I may indeed need this but even more so…

「This is what I desire.」

Indeed…this is what I wanted.

I had a prediction.

When it became Eternal Slave Kai it allowed me to take one slave into the sword.
This would strongly connect me to the slave, a feeling of extreme closeness.

The next one was 「True Eternal Slave」.

First was 「Kai」 now it’s 「True」.

I felt this new level would connect us even more closely.

I wanted to be further connected to them, to feel closer to them.

I wanted……to make my slaves happier.

Much, much, much, much, much, much, much happier.

I wanted to be closer to these lovable things and love them more.

This was the way to do so.

This would surely grant my wish.

I was confident in that.

And so I looked at her.

I continued to gaze at her.

「……I understand desuno」

At first she groaned, but gradually Lilia’s face changed.

She calmed down……it looked as though she’d resolved herself.

「If my Master goes as far as to say that……then I can do nothing but obey desu.」
「Thank you.」
「Onii-chan is too super desu.」

Lilia said and entered her magic circle.

The black light enveloped her.

Red, blue, white, and black.

The four lights came from their bodies and began to mix together.

My Eternal Slave kai also began emitting light.

The slaves’ light and the slave sword’s light.

The lights resonated, expanded, and mixed.

And finally—–enveloped everything.
When I came to my senses I was in an unknown place.

It was an impossible space…a blank space.

If I had to compare it to something, it was like the space I first entered with the Goddess when I was brought to this world.

I was also completely naked.


I was questioning what happened when I heard a voice from behind me.

I turned and saw my slaves.

Risha, Mira, Yuria, and Lilia.

Each and every one of them naked as the day they were born.

Their green dresses were gone and all they were left with was the chokers integrated with their necks.

Naked slaves with chokers on.

When I saw them, I suddenly understood.

Ahh, it was this kind of place.

I silently approached them.

I stretched out my hand and touched their chokers.

Risha’s red jewel.
Mira’s blue jewel.
Yuria’s white jewel.
Lilia’s black jewel.

I touched them each in order.

I patted their heads and I felt satisfied.

I stroked each in order and a light just like before overflowed and enveloped us.
When the light subsided, there was no one in the room.
No one was here, my slaves were nowhere to be seen.

But I didn’t look for them.

Because I knew where they were.

I drew my sword.

My Slave Sword. The guard had 4 jewels on it and they were all sparkling.

All four of them at once.

(Yes Master)
(I’m here)
(Yes desuno)

I called out to each and they responded.

They were all within my sword.

This was True Eternal Slave.

I took my sword and left the lord’s manor.

I thought of flame and the blade glowed with fire, I thought of ice and the blade froze, I thought of light and I was able to feel the surroundings strongly, I thought of darkness and……

「Oh that’s right…what is Lilia’s power?」
(Lilia doesn’t know either desu)
「I see. Well whatever, we’ll find out. Anyways……」

I thought of all of them and…

The four jewels glittered and I checked that I was able to use all of them.

This test proved it.

The True slave sword overflowed with both ice and flames while I could sense the surrounding area.

It had evolved into a sword that allowed me to use all my slaves’ powers.

「Like this……I could defeat Maxim.」

I had confidence that I could win.

I returned the four of them.

The jewels stopped shining and the sword did as well. The four of them returned to their original forms.

「Ah, we’re back.」
「I’m glad we could turn back desu.」

Mira and Lilia said.

「That felt strange」
「Un, but now we can be more useful to Master.」

Yuria and Risha said and nodded.

I felt newfound confidence, but I felt something else from my slaves who’d been sucked into the sword.

What I felt most strongly was——

「Onii-chan one more time desu!」
「One more time?」
「Yes desu! Let us have another turn being a sword desu!」
「Didn’t you hate it before?」
「No I didn’t desu. I want to be with Onii-chan like that, I want that feeling of being useful desu!」

Lilia said.

She sounded so womanly, her coaxing was very ladylike.

The other three didn’t say anything, but they all looked at me.

It seemed like they were of the same opinion.

「Ok then」

I gripped True Eternal slave and touched the four gems.

The four slaves shone with light and were sucked in.

It gave me a strong feeling of being whole once more.


I heard the voices of my slaves.

It was as if I was listening to their hearts and hopes.

At the same time my wish could be felt.

My wish to make my slaves happy.

「Let’s sleep like this tonight.」

—Magic has been charged by 1,000,000—
—Magic has been charged by 1,000,000—
—Magic has been charged by 1,000,000—
—Magic has been charged by 1,000,000—

And so late at night, we shared our hearts and minds.

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