Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 02 – Chapter 54

The town of Bisk, we had intercepted Maxim’s soldiers when they attacked.

Just like last time, we had lined up the nitoka and gradiks, firing arrows and rocks towards them.

The enemy soldiers were unable to enter past our firing range. They were shot and fell down with a clatter.

Once, twice, three times they attacked us uselessly. Maxim’s soldiers moved back and forth like the tides of the ocean.

Finally I spotted a man adorned in gold.

「He’s here…」


The king of the polyergus ants…the leader of the locusts.

He rode his golden horse and charged over single handedly.

Just to test we once again fired the nitoka and gradiks.

There were even more of them than last time and the projectiles fell like rain. Maxim didn’t pay it any mind and continued to charge.

「As I thought…it was useless. Well, that was within my expectations.」

I glanced back and saw my four slaves on standby.

「Let’s go.」


Four voices responded at the same time.

I touched all four of the gems on my sword and sucked them all in.

True Eternal Slave.

With my blade in hand I headed straight from Maxim and attacked him from the front.


We exchanged blows as we passed each other and a shockwave exploded outwards.

The flaming ice blade repelled Maxim’s sword.

「New powers huh!?」
「I got this power to defeat you.」

Maxim cried out with a happy look on his face as he charged at me again.

I read his movements using Yuria’s sensing abilities.

I sensed his attack and found a small opening that I took advantage of.

I struck with my blade.

All of this happened in an instant as I slashed and cut Maxim’s side.

It burned then froze.


Maxim pulled his horse to a stop and looked completely surprised.

It caused much more damage than it had before.

Before, even if I had power I couldn’t hit him, and when I was able to predict things and hit him, it didn’t damage him.

But this time is different. Now I had all my slaves within the sword. I could combine my damage dealing with foresight.

This was the power I’d use to overwhelm Maxim.


Maxim charged with his blade to attack once more.

(Desu no!)

I heard a voice and suddenly Maxim’s movements stopped.
Timewise it was less than a second.
It was only a moment.
But that was enough.

I swung my blade to rend him limb from limb.
However, Maxim desperately leapt down from his horse.

He dodged at the last moment and left his horse to be cut in two.

He was at a disadvantage and I could see his face becoming grim and serious.

I straightened my sword out to the side.

It was a signal.

From within Bisk a gong sounded.

From the distance two military forces appeared.

One side was comprised of Maya and the girls.
The other side was comprised of the warriors of Kazan.

Then the nitoka began to give them long range cover as they moved.

They moved in a pincer formation under the cover fire.

I continued to press the advantage and continued with my plan.

As Maxim saw what was happening his face twisted further.

「You really did it.」

「It’s not too late. You can stop here. We can work together to fix this wor——」

Maxim cried out and refused my proposal.

One of his subordinates approached with a replacement horse.

「I have no interest in your nonsense. There is one truth and one truth only. You take what you need by strength. That is truth.」
「…’re making a mistake」
「How can I make you believe…..」

He answered again and pulled his new horse.

Just like he had before he left on his horse.

He may be wounded but…he really didn’t seem worse for wear.

He smoothly avoided the nitoka firing, returned to his troops, regrouped, and finally calmly retreated.
「That’s all in the report.」

Inside of the office of the Lord’s Mansion.

I received the report from Yuria as I rubbed my forehead.

The battle with Maxim.

Material wise there weren’t many losses, but personally I was feeling a bit drained.

I had repelled Maxim again but once more I understood how strong he was.

「Maxim’s army will soon fall below 1,000. Once or twice more will be all it takes to make him unable to continue.」
「You’re wrong.」
「No matter how much we lower his troop numbers, it probably won’t make any difference. As long as Maxim remains he’ll be able to be like a locust and go elsewhere to steal the wealth and soldiers.」
「So essentially, if Maxim isn’t defeated, there’ll be no end?」
「…’s the same with Master.」

I’m grateful that she believes that I’m as strong. I’m certainly as influential and the cornerstone…

However, I’m not the same.

I’m only as strong if I’m included as a set with my slaves.

Even if everything I’ve made up until now is broken, as long as I have my slaves I can rebuild.

I will love and admire them and receive magic back in turn.

Of course I had no intention to break everything but…

「Then you’ll do that to Maxim?」

It seems like I didn’t have a choice.
Evening in the office.

My slaves were placing things into a magic circle.

The materials mixed to become a single medicine.

It was the first time I was making this…it had become possible with the platinum card.

The grade of ingredients didn’t differ too much from the panacea but…the magic needed was 10,000 for one…it was pretty expensive.

「What is this thing Master?」

Risha asked.

「I know what it does but…….is there anyone who wants to try it?」

I asked my slaves.

「Please give it to me.」
「I’ll do it!」
「Leave testing for poison to me.」
「Just leave it all to Lilia desu no!」

All four of them volunteered themselves.

They all said they’d do it then looked at each other.

Then they immediately looked at me with a silent appeal.

Let me do it.

I looked back at them.

Thinking of the medicine’s effect, Risha was the most suitable.

「Ok then, Risha you try it.」

Risha nodded with a big smile and accepted the medicine.

The other three seemed very jealous of Risha as they stared at her.

We all watched as Risha drank the medicine.

After a while her body began to change.

From an adult body with good style, she began to shrink until she resembled a five year old child.

Her dress became baggy on her and hung off of her small frame.

「W-what happend?」

Risha asked sounding like a child.

「It’s a potion that restores youth. If you drink it you’ll become young again…but it made you younger than I expected.」

I stared fixedly at Risha.
I didn’t know how young it made you so I let Risha try it…she was the most adult looking of all of them, but she’d changed both her appearance and how she spoke into that of a kindergartner.

She turned a bit too young, but my goal has been reached so this should be alright.

I wanted to use this to infiltrate Maxim’s army and defeat him.

If I didn’t defeat him, this wouldn’t end…and if we fought head on we’d have too many casualties.

For this purpose I thought to sneak up on him and assassinate him. For that purpose I thought to disguise myself as a youngster.

I took out my DORECA and placed one more magic circle.

「Mira, Yuria, Lilia. Bring more of the same.」
「Leave it too Lilia desuno!」

They leapt out of the room.

They happily went to accomplish their Master’s order.

The only one left was Risha.

「Um, Mashter?」
「Will I shtay like thish forever?」
「No, you’ll return after about a day.」

Risha looked relieved.

That along with her little girl appearance made her extremely cute.

「Yesh, what ish it?」

I beckoned and Risha tottered over.

I stretched out my hand and patted her head.

It was the same feeling as if I was patting a small child.


—Magic has been charged by 5,000—

her cheeks got red…I saw that and patted her again.

—Magic has been charged by 5,000—

She turned even redder so I patted her some more.

—Magic has been charged by 5,000—

I heard something or other from within my head but Risha was so unbearably cute that I patted her again.

—Magic has been charged by 5,000—
I continued to pet the little girl version of Risha and continued to adore her.

「Mashter….it’sh so ticklish……」

She was so adorable from head to toe that I kept patting her till she turned back.

—Magic has been charged by 5,000—

Before I noticed it, my magic had increased by one million.

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